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Monster Refining System – Chapter 38 - Zenith Novels

Monster Refining System – Chapter 38

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Chapter 38 – The Xia Family Must Never Be at a Disadvantage

“Younger Brother, this is somehow hurtful….” Xia Fuqian pulled Xia Fukun to the side and whispered.

“What’s wrong, Elder Brother?” Xia Fukun asked.

“No, look, you only gave me one piece of armor while you gave Father an entire storage ring. I’m sure it’s filled with treasure. Look, Elder Brother let you have the Flame Bear. Now that you’re rich, I’m sure you have something better for me, right?”

Seeing Xia Fuqian rubbing his fingers in front of him, Xia Fukun was in utter disbelief.

Don’t tell me…

The entire family is made up of money grubbers?

“Elder Brother, I would have done so if I could, but all I have is the one storage ring, which I have given to Father. Why don’t you just ask Father to spare you some items for his son?”

Xia Fuqian’s face fell immediately.

Xia Fukun, you’re indeed not my brother!

Xia Kuangyun’s a money grubber! What would he give me?


Xia Fukun initially thought that Xia Fuqian was a generous person since he offered to give him the Flame Bear, but he was wrong. If I did not isolate myself for an entire year, forget about a thousand gold coins, he would not even give me a single cent!

I pity Elder Brother! Now I understand why they say the elder sibling knows the parents the best!

Xia Fukun shrugged. Suddenly, something crossed his mind.

“Oh yeah!” He patted Xia Fuqian on his shoulder. “Elder Brother, do not say that I treat you badly. I have something else, but it’s up to you if it turns into a treasure.”

The word “treasure” made Xia Fuqian’s eyes light up.

Xia Fukun is now in the Warrior Realm, so the gift he takes out will surely be good.

“Here,” Xia Fukun said, and a thought crossed his mind.

“Ding dong! Host has exchanged for a magical egg for ten refinement points. A magical egg gives you a chance of hatching a rare beast.”

Hearing the notification, Xia Fukun squinted his eyes.

He had seen this magical egg long ago, but he never exchanged for it since he did not have the time to hatch it. I can’t be hugging it in my hands whenever I’m with Ye Qingwan and the rest, right?

But Xia Fuqian is a different story….

In Xia Fukun’s mind, Xia Fuqian was the ideal person. Someone like him and such a weird egg was the perfect combination! They suited each other perfectly!

And what was more important was that the beast from the magical egg did not need Xia Fukun to parent it. Anyone who hatched it could be its master.

“What’s that? Younger Brother? Is this the treasure you’re talking about? This salted egg?”

Looking at the egg Xia Fukun took out, Xia Fuqian was at a loss for words. Similarly, Xia Fukun was at a loss for words after hearing Xia Fuqian.

Hello? Why would a salted egg be so huge? This magical egg is the size of an ostrich egg!

Looking at Xia Fuqian fiddling with the egg, Xia Fukun coughed.

“This is not an ordinary egg, it’s a special type of egg!”

Before Xia Fukun could finish his words, Xia Fuqian cracked the egg.


A crack could be seen in the egg.

And Xia Fukun witnessed Xia Fuqian taking out the egg yolk and putting it into his mouth….

“Younger Brother, you say it’s not a salted egg, but it tastes just like one.”

Xia Fukun: “…”

He was bleeding in his heart. Qingmu Duan said that I have the talent to make others angry, but now I understand why! I am sure it’s a genetic problem! I have the urge to kill Xia Fuqian right now!

“Let me get you another.” Xia Fukun sighed and exchanged for another egg as he felt his heartbreak. This time around, he hid it behind his back.

“Elder Brother, listen to me. I found this magical egg during my learning journey, it’s the egg of a precious beast. With the help of the regent, the beast that hatches will recognize the hatcher as its master. It will then become your pet, and it will certainly be loyal to you.”

After Xia Fukun finished his words, he handed the egg to Xia Fukun.

Looking at the empty eggshell in his hands and the new egg that Xia Fukun handed him, Xia Fuqian felt his stomach growling.

“But why are there two eggs?”

Hearing Xia Fuqian’s question, Xia Fukun’s eyelid twitched. He sighed and turned around.

“Father, I just remember I have something on, I need to make a trip.”

“Okay, just remember to make a trip to the Red Maple Chamber of Commerce. Master Ni Gu wants to see you.”

Why would Xia Kuangyun, who was fiddling with the storage ring, care about Xia Fukun?

“Master Ni Gu?” Xia Fukun squinted his eyes.

He was no longer afraid of someone like Master Ni Gu now, but due to the power of the Red Maple Chamber of Commerce, Xia Fukun had no choice but to pay attention to him. He had heard from Qingmu Duan that the Red Maple Chamber of Commerce was one of the three biggest organizations in the Scarlet Water province, and even the Yaslan Empire was no competition for them. Xia Fukun might even have to get the ingredients for making monsters from them at some point.

Thinking about this, Xia Fukun went to the Red Maple Chamber of Commerce.

Don’t tell me, did Xia Fuqian eat the second egg too? I spent twenty refinement points, which can rent two eighth-grade beasts! If he wasn’t my elder brother, I would not have done so!

He is a Xia family member, after all. We must never be at a disadvantage!

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