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Monster Refining System – Chapter 39 - Zenith Novels

Monster Refining System – Chapter 39

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Chapter 39 – Sexy Girl Group

Xia Fukun arrived at where the Red Maple Chamber of Commerce was originally located and was taken aback by the scene. Not only did they not move out after the Baiyun Mountain incident, they had even expanded. The shops next to them were now theirs.

“Wow, are they intending to become the masters of Summer City?” Xia Fukun sneered and walked in.

After upgrading his power to the Profound Realm and then to the Warrior Realm, there was an obvious difference in his appearance, but in a good way. Now, he was no longer the weakling that he used to be.

However, he was currently being stopped at the door of the Red Maple Chamber of Commerce.

Even though this would be a normal situation for him on Earth…

This is the Nine Spiritual Mainland!

And the Yaslan Empire! And Summer City! My father’s the mayor of this city!

Moreover, I’m now a Warrior Realm martial artist! It’s so embarrassing to be stopped!

This thought made Xia Fukun extremely unhappy. He stared at the young guard who held him up and smiled thinly.

“Young kid, do you know who I am?”

Hearing Xia Fukun, the guard snickered.

“I don’t care who you are, but this is the Red Maple Chamber of Commerce! Other than Mayor Xia and the two Young Master Xias, everyone else needs an entry ticket in order to enter.”

Hearing the guard, Xia Fukun was full of smiles.

“Brother, I’m quite sure that I’m the Young Master Xia you’re talking about.”

“You mean that you’re Young Master Xia Fukun?” The guard scanned Xia Fukun.

“Of course. I’m the Xia Fukun you’re talking about.”

Xia Fukun felt that he should be holding a fan right now. It would suit this situation perfectly!

However, Xia Fukun never would have dreamt that the guard would start laughing at his words.

“Recently, Young Master Xia Fukun defeated the sect leader of Baiyun Mountain, Mu Yun. He even followed the regent to the capital. When this news broke out, many swindlers pretended to be Young Master Xia Fukun. Young lad, you’re young and good looking, you’re not making a good choice. I am afraid you’ll get beaten up.”

Xia Fukun was utterly confused.

What the hell, since when am I so famous that people have started impersonating me?

Even though he has stopped me, I can’t blame it on him!

“Why not go get Master Ni Gu and tell him that I, Xia Fukun, am back and have him come out to take a look?”

“No…” The guard held back the urge to roll his eyes. Does he not understand human language? “You’re dying to receive a beating, huh?”

“I’m really Xia Fukun….” Xia Fukun said, not knowing what to do next. “Master Ni Gu told my father to have me take a trip here when I return.”

The guard hummed after hearing him.

“Okay, I’ll go call Master Ni Gu for you, just because you’re better at acting than the rest. But If you’re not Xia Fukun, I am unable to help you when Master Ni Gu blames it on you!”

Xia Fukun: “…”

Luckily, the guard left without saying much, or Xia Fukun would not have been able to guarantee that he would not give him a punch in the face!

Within no time, Master Ni Gu rushed out, looking a total mess.

He was mumbling as he ran down.

“Which idiot is it again? Why do they keep impersonating Young Master Kun? Damn it. This is the sixth time this month….”

But before he could finish his words, he saw Xia Fukun leaning against the door with a horsetail in his mouth.

“Young Master Kun! It’s really you!”

Master Ni Gu was more than agitated to see Xia Fukun. He never would have thought that the good-for-nothing kid he knew that day would actually be such a powerful person!

He never expected him to hide his power so well!

And he never expected him to be more than a beast trainer! Who would have thought that Xia Fukun was a martial artist too?

Not only did the regent take Xia Fukun under his wings and teach him personally, even the Red Maple Chamber of Commerce had their eyes on Xia Fukun!

Thus, Master Ni Gu received the command to get Xia Fukun over to their side as soon as he got back to Summer City. This was the reason why he was back at Summer City after that incident.

“Hehe, Master Ni Gu, I heard from my father that you wish to see me?” Xia Fukun spat the horsetail out and asked Master Ni Gu.

“Hehe, Young Master Kun, this is not the place to talk. Let’s go in?”

Master Ni Gu welcomed Xia Fukun in. Thus, Xia Fukun followed behind Master Ni Gu into the building.

When he passed by the guard, Xia Fukun tidied his clothes and gave him a wide smile.

“Remember, Xia Fukun looks like this.”

Xia Fukun’s words made the guard’s legs turn to jelly, and he fell to the ground with a thud.

Xia Fukun did not continue giving the other party a hard time. He followed Master Ni Gu into the Red Maple Chamber of Commerce.

Master Ni Gu was polite too. He had prepared a room and gotten a few women in revealing clothes to stand inside too.

“Master Ni Gu, what are you doing?” Xia Fukun furrowed his brows and turned to Master Ni Gu.

“Hehe, Young Master Kun, these are the elite dancers of the Red Maple Chamber of Commerce. I brought them over just for you, Young Master Kun.”

“Martial artists?” Xia Fukun was slightly taken aback. (Translator note: dancer is “Wu Zhe” in Chinese, which sounds like Martial Artist.)

“No… I mean dancer, not martial artist….” Master Ni Gu laughed awkwardly and explained.

“Oh, so what dance do they do?”

“A tribal dance,” Master Ni Gu joked.

Xia Fukun shook his head. “What’s good about a tribal dance?”

Master Ni Gu: “…”

After a short pause, Master Ni Gu replied slowly, “The shirtless kind.”

Xia Fukun blinked his eyes in confusion.

“That’s crazy! How the hell am I supposed to know what tribe they’re from if they don’t even have clothes?”

Hehe, what you say makes sense!

Master Ni Gu did not want to continue speaking about this to Xia Fukun, thus he changed the topic.

“We actually hope that Young Master Kun can name the dance team.”

“Dance team?” Xia Fukun was slightly taken aback. The Nine Spiritual Mainland is that trendy?

“Sexy Girl Group, then.”

Master Ni Gu: “???”

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