Monster Refining System – Chapter 4

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Translated by: xiannie
Edited by:msi38

Chapter 4 – Revenge of the Baiyun Mountain Sect

Within the blink of an eye, Mu Bai was nowhere to be seen.

He left without a trace, making Xia Fukun think that he was dreaming about seeing him for a second.

He might’ve still thought that if not for the pool of blood on the ground.

Xia Fukun turned to look at Xia Kuangyun, who had a grim expression on his face ever since he heard Mu Bai’s name.

Mu Bai, Mu Yun…

Both of them have the same surname. Could he be the direct disciple of the Baiyun Mountain Sect? Or the Sect Leader, Mu Yun’s, descendant?

Xia Kuangyun shook his thoughts away. There’s no point crying over spilt milk. The Baiyun Mountain Sect might be strong, but what can they do? Slaughter Summer City?

“Mayor Xia, you’re too impulsive!”

Master Ni Gu came up to Xia Kuangyun, sighing.

“That teenager that left is Mu Yun’s grandson!”


Xia Kuangyun took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

He turned to Xia Fukun, who was on his right, plastering a smile on his face.

“No matter who he is, this is Summer City, not a place where he can act as he likes.”

Hearing Xia Kuangyun, Master Ni Gu smiled bitterly and left. He had already rendered all the help he could. The future of the Xia family lay in Xia Kuangyun’s hands now.

Everything else went smoothly afterward. Due to the huge crowd that was present, Xia Fukun did not put the Flame Bear into the Monster Refining System immediately. He called for the guards to bring it to him as usual.

“Kun’er, I’ll get someone to send it to you. You should go back and take a rest.”

Xiang Kuangyun spoke to him normally, as if nothing had happened, but Xia Fukun was aware of the storm that was brewing.

He nodded and gave Xia Kuangyun an innocent smile as if he was ignorant of the situation. He crept to the mayor’s residence after Xia Kuangyun had gone back.

He could hear Xia Fuqian’s voice travelling from the mayor’s residence.

“Father, what’s wrong? Why did you call me over in such a hurry?”

Xia Fuqian was confused by Xia Kuangyun’s action. He could not understand why his father had called him over in such a hurry as soon as he returned from the auction with his younger brother.

“I have registered you and Kun’er into Odin Academy, a college that’s next to the Yaslan Empire. School’s going to start soon, so start packing and get ready to leave with Kun’er within the next two days.”


Xia Fuqian raised an eyebrow.

“Father, did something happen at the auction today?”

“Of course not, what could have happened? I just realized that Kun’er’s been acting more cheerful recently, so I hope that he can learn new things and improve. Odin Academy is no weaker than the Yaslan Empire. It will be a good place for you two to learn….” Xia Kuangyun said and blew his nose.

“When you return, Father will be happy to see both of you doing well.”

Xia Fuqian did not get Xia Kuangyun’s hidden message, but Xia Fukun did. He knew that Xia Kuangyun was trying to send him and Xia Fuqian away so they would be able to hide from the Baiyun Mountain Sect’s attack.

When he returned to his room, the Flame Bear’s corpse was already inside.

Xia Fukun took off the black cloth and saw that the Flame Bear was indeed in good condition. Other than the stab wounds in its chest, it was perfectly fine.

He waved his hand, and the Flame Bear was gone.

“Ding dong! The Monster Refining System is starting….

“Getting ready to create the Super Strength Ape. Duration: ten hours.”

Hearing the Monster Refining System, Xia Fukun heaved a sigh of relief.

The Super Strength Ape that was going to be created would have the power of a Profound Realm martial artist, which was equivalent to a fourth-grade beast. It might’ve seemed to be a powerful beast, and yet only ten hours would be needed to create it. Even though it’s quite bothersome to collect the beasts, this Monster Refining System is great.

So, if I put a tomato and an egg in this system, will it produce tomato scrambled eggs? Let’s try it when I have time….

Ten hours, enough for me to have a good sleep.

However, life was full of surprises.

Never would Xia Fukun have dreamt that the Baiyun Mountain Sect would arrive this fast.

As soon the sun rose up to the sky, the mayor’s residence was in a mess.

“What’s going on?”

Xia Fukun jumped up from the bed and rushed out of the room.

“Kun’er, stay in your room!”

As soon as he exited the room, Xia Kuangyun, who was already well prepared to face the Baiyun Mountain Sect, pushed him back in.

“Father, is the Baiyun Mountain Sect here?”

Other than them, who would be able to put Xia Kuangyun on the edge of his seat? But…

Baiyun Mountain is not located anywhere near Summer City! How could they have arrived already?

“Don’t ask and stay inside the room. Your brother will be here to pick you up soon. Escape from the back door and go to Odin Academy. You will be safe there. Odin Academy is not a place the Baiyun Mountain Sect can offend.”

Before Xia Fukun could ask anything more, Xia Kuangyun slammed the door in his face.

“What on earth!?”

Xia Fukun cursed. Why do the people in this world act so fast? According to most novels I have read, it should take them at least half a month to get here!

He took a glance at the Monster Refining System. Half an hour left.

“Brother, let’s go!”

Xia Fuqian broke into his room hurriedly. He brought along all their luggage and pulled Xia Fukun off his bed.

“Brother, where are we going?”

Xia Fuqian sighed.

“Father said it’s better for us to leave.

“The Baiyun Mountain Sect is not somebody we can compete against since their sect leader, Mu Yun, is going to break through to the Supreme Realm soon. We should leave now to improve, then we can take revenge in the future!”

“Is Mu Yun here?” Xia Fukun asked.

“No. Why do you ask?”

Xia Fuqian was utterly confused. Why would he ask that?

“Who’s the strongest enemy?”

“Excluding Mu Bai, three people came. All are in the Profound Realm. It will be difficult for Father to take them down.”


Three Profound Realm martial artists? Xia Kuangyun can tackle one, while the other two will be settled when my Super Strength Ape is out.

Xia Fukun dashed out of his room without hesitation, leaving Xia Fuqian rooted to the ground.

“Brother, are you mad!?”

What the heck is he doing? We are supposed to run!

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