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Monster Refining System – Chapter 40 - Zenith Novels

Monster Refining System – Chapter 40

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Chapter 40 – Gourmet Chang Yuxuan

“It’s fine, Master Ni Gu, just cut straight to the point. Why did you call me here? I’m only going to be here for a short period of time since I have to return to the capital soon.”

Master Ni Gu burst into laughter and sent the group of ladies off.

Why do you need to send them off? Xia Fukun pouted slightly. They are not affecting me!

“Young Master Kun, you will be heading to Odin Academy, right?”

“Eh?” Xia Fukun raised his brows. “The rumors you heard are quite accurate, huh?”

“Hehe, Young Master Kun is good at jokes.” Master Ni Gu said. He was full of smiles.

“The reason why I called Young Master Kun over is because our executive is interested in getting to know Young Master Kun. We have a branch near Odin Academy, and I hope that Young Master Kun will forgive us for the previous incident. Before Young Master Kun returned, I already apologized to Mayor Xia on the behalf of the Red Maple Chamber of Commerce.”

Xia Fukun nodded. They were humans after all, and the relationship between the Xia family and the Red Maple Chamber of Commerce was nothing more than business. During the Baiyun Mountain incident, Xia Fukun was sure he would do the same if he were in Master Ni Gu’s shoes. However, he never expected that the Red Maple Chamber of Commerce’s executive was interested in meeting him.

“I will make a trip to the branch near Odin Academy if I have a chance then.”

Master Ni Gu heaved a sigh of relief. He received the command to leave a good impression of the Red Maple Chamber of Commerce on Xia Fukun. If he failed to do so, he might lose his status as head of this branch.

“Putting that aside, I have another matter….” Master Ni Gu said, slightly embarrassed.

“What?” Xia Fukun frowned.

Bro, this is too much! Aren’t you getting too much screen time right now?

“So, it’s this,” Master Ni Gu said and clapped. “Chang Yuxuan, come out.”

And Xia Fukun saw a person walk in immediately.

It was a youth around his age. However, he was slightly plump, and he seemed to be chewing something, which should be food.

“Uncle.” Chang Yuxuan greeted Master Ni Gu and flashed Xia Fukun a smile before plopping down onto a seat.

Master Ni Gu flashed Xia Fukun an awkward smile.

“Young Master Kun, I am so sorry that you have to see this. He’s my nephew, Chang Yuxuan, and the Red Maple Chamber of Commerce’s vice-chairman’s son. Not only that, he’s also a fourth-grade beast trainer who will be making a trip to Odin Academy soon. I hope that you can look out for him for me in Odin Academy….”

Xia Fukun blinked his eyes in confusion.

Beast trainer? Another beast trainer?

Didn’t they say beast trainers are rare? And there are less than ten beast trainers in the Yaslan Empire?

Other than myself, this is the third beast trainer I’ve met within two months!

“You’re a fourth-grade beast trainer?” Xia Fukun turned to Chang Yuxuan in a daze.

“Yes, Young Master Kun.” Chang Yuxuan nodded while munching on his food.

Xia Fukun took a glance at Master Ni Gu and coughed.

“Where’s your pet? Can you summon it out for me?”

“I do not have one,” Chang Yuxuan said while munching on his food.

Xia Fukun: “???”

How are you a beast trainer if you do not have a pet?

“Cough, erm, Young Master Kun, the thing is…” Master Ni Gu on the side smiled awkwardly and started to explain. “My nephew is much more special. He might be a beast trainer, but he does not summon beasts.”

“Oh, then plants?”

In certain novels, Xia Fukun had read plots where some people had the ability to summon a plant-based pet.

“Oh, not that.”

“Then what?” Xia Fukun stared at them, confusion written all over his face.

“My nephew here can summon food….”


Xia Fukun nearly vomited blood.

What the hell, summon food?! Could you get any weirder?

“So… you’re planning to let him go with me?” Xia Fukun took a breath and asked Master Ni Gu.


Master Ni Gu knew that this request was overboard.

The Red Maple Chamber of Commerce was on cloud nine when they learned that Chang Yuxuan was a beast trainer. Chan Yuxuan’s father even set up a banquet and invited his relatives and friends over for a celebration.

However, when he summoned…

A drumstick.

A set of barbequed meat.

And a sausage.

Chang Yuxuan was brought back home by his father and got a serious beating for the rest of the week.

This is so infuriating!


So you’re telling me you’re a beast trainer who awakened… to summon food?

Then why don’t you go back to sleep!?

Because of this, the Red Maple Chamber of Commerce never announced to the world that Chang Yuxuan was a beast trainer.

Because this piece of news was somehow… embarrassing.

“So, you want him to come with me, to be our food supplier?”

Xia Fukun was at a loss for words.

This Nine Spiritual Mainland is even weirder than I thought!

“Well, if Young Master Kun doesn’t mind, we could do that too. But I must say, the food Yuxuan summons tastes more than delicious.

“Yuxuan, come, summon a Mala barbequed sausage for Young Master Kun.” (Translator note: 麻辣(mala), a Chinese seasoning.)

“Okay!” Chang Yuxuan drew a seal, and with a thud, a Mala sausage appeared out of the blue. Chang Yuxuan handed it to Xia Fukun, smiling widely.

Xia Fukun: “…-”

To be honest, he was dying to reject Master Ni Gu, but he had to maintain a good relationship with the Red Maple Chamber of Commerce, and Chang Yuxuan was the son of the vice-chairman, so he would certainly have status in the Red Maple Chamber of Commerce.

After some thought, Xia Fukun nodded his head, slightly unwillingly.

“Okay, then he shall come with me. But it’s all up to him when we reach Odin Academy. I can’t do anything if he does not end up in the inner school.”

“Of course, of course….” Master Ni Gu sighed in relief.

“Chang Yuxuan, hurry up and pack. Get ready to go with Young Master Kun!”

Wow, so fast and straightforward. I don’t even get to take it back?

Xia Fukun did not know how to feel.

Chang Yuxuan was even more straightforward.

“Uncle, I do not have anything to bring, and I can just summon what I want to eat.”

Hehe, what you say makes sense!

Xia Fukun felt like he had lost himself in a weird place called the Nine Spiritual Mainland.

What freaking kind of world is this?

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dont the beasts need food, i think its an underestimated ability


He may be a support type summoner

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