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Monster Refining System – Chapter 42 - Zenith Novels

Monster Refining System – Chapter 42

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Chapter 42 – Think of a Good Reason

“What, smelly?” Xia Fukun responded and took a piece of stinky tofu from the plate and put it in his mouth. After receiving tutelage from Xia Fukun over the past few days, Chang Yuxuan could not only summon stinky tofu, but its chili sauce too. Xia Fukun dipped the stinky tofu into the sauce and placed it in his mouth. He took a deep breath.

“It’s fragrant!”

Ye Qingwan: “???”

Qingmu Xuan: “???”

Hello? Are you serious? That stuff is fragrant?

Even though they were a distance away from Xia Fukun and Chang Yuxuan, the ladies’ mouths couldn’t help but water as they watched Xia Fukun dig into the stinky tofu.

“Is it really that good?”

An authentic and top-notch stinky tofu would smell so bad that one could hardly differentiate it from rotten food.

Being a kid, Qingmu Xuan was a glutton, and Xia Fukun’s expression made her unable to hold herself back. She took a piece from Chang Yuxuan’s hand and stuffed it in her mouth after dipping it into the chili sauce just like Xia Fukun did.

The stinky tofu’s stench dispersed in Qingmu Xuan’s mouth as soon as she popped it in her mouth. The juice of the tofu burst out as she bit into it, exciting her taste buds.

“Wow!” Qingmu Xuan couldn’t help but let out a yelp, praising the delicacy.

“???” Ye Qingwan blinked her eyes as she watched Qingmu Xuan. “Is it that good?”

Thus, Ye Qingwan stepped up and popped a piece of tofu in her mouth. As soon as she bit down on it, the word “delicious” popped up in her mind.

“There’s such a delicacy in the world?”

Ye Qingwan licked her lips, eyes shining brightly.

Some said that females looked sexiest and most alluring when they bit their lips. Xia Fukun, who was looking at Ye Qingwan biting her lip in a daze, totally agreed with the saying.

“You said that he’s a beast trainer, right? Why did I not see him summon a beast?” Ye Qingwan asked Xia Fukun.

“Hehe, well, this is a bit awkward.” Xia Fukun coughed. “Yuxuan is a beast trainer, but he’s a special one. He can’t summon beasts; all he can summon is food.”

Ye Qingwan: “…”

Qingmu Xuan: “…”

There are such things?

“I have never seen such a beast trainer, though….”

Being born in the Ye family and being the disciple of Odin Academy, Ye Qingwan was exposed to a vast variety of different types of cultivators, but she had never seen a beast trainer that summoned food. If he wanted to get into Odin Academy with this talent… it was going to be a bit… difficult.

“Let’s not talk about that, Odin Academy already has a place for Chang Yuxuan due to his family relations. So, when shall we leave?”

Xia Fukun was afraid that, if they dragged things out, Ye Qingwan and Qingmu Xuan would think about having Chang Yuxuan summon a banquet, thus he stopped them.

“It will take about ten days for us to reach Odin Academy from the Yaslan Empire, thus we need to set off early. I and Xuan’er were waiting for you here. Since you have arrived, let’s set off.”

Xia Fukun nodded upon hearing Ye Qingwan.

Before Qingmu Duan went into seclusion, Xia Fukun asked for a storage ring. The one that he got from Qingmu Duan was about a hundred square meters, so it could store more items, unlike the one he got from the scar-faced man.

Xia Fukun was okay with the arrangement, and so was Chang Yuxuan. Chang Yuxuan was more than okay with it, in fact.

It didn’t matter to him either way since he could summon anything he needed, just as he previously said.

After making up their minds, the group bid Shadow goodbye and left the capital.

“We will pass by the Ming Mountain Range on our way there. There’s an eighth-grade beast living there, so we will have to be more careful to not disturb it.”

However, Ye Qingwan did not really take it to heart as she had traveled by that route quite a few times, and she had never once come across the eighth-grade beast.

As for Xia Fukun, an eighth-grade beast was nothing to him.

As long as you don’t kill me immediately, prepare to be ravaged!

Within a month’s time, Xia Fukun has managed to earn more refinement points. Even though he had spent quite a lot on the Monster Refining System, he still had one hundred and fifty refinement points left, which symbolized that he could rent fifteen eighth-grade beasts in one go, which was similar to having ten Supreme Realm martial artists as his bodyguards.

Who was more powerful than him?

Time flew. Within the blink of an eye, three days went by.

Near the Ming Mountain Range, which was about three hundred kilometers from Odin Academy, four figures could be seen walking.

“Finally, we have arrived.”

The teenager leading the group shrugged. Next to him stood a tall and huge figure.

“Xia Fukun, give me an explanation! Why does your pet look so much like me!?”

Xia Fukun had not really put the Asura Puppet to use after he created it. However, this journey to the Ming Mountain Range was not a smooth one, so Xia Fukun summoned the pet out for convenience sake. Even though the Asura Puppet had its face covered, Ye Qingwan had her means and saw its face.

How should I answer her question? What explanation will do?

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