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Monster Refining System – Chapter 43 - Zenith Novels

Monster Refining System – Chapter 43

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Chapter 43 – Ming Mountain Range

“If I said that it was pure coincidence, would you believe me?” Xia Fukun answered weakly.

Ye Qingwan: “…”

She sighed and took a deep breath, staring at Xia Fukun.

“What do you think?”

“Okay, then I have nothing to say. I guess this is fate?”

What the hell. Fate?!

Ye Qingwan’s face flushed red with anger. Her breathing had become heavier too.

“Pervert!” she chided.

Ye Qingwan was at a loss for words.

“Hehe.” Xia Fukun let out an awkward laugh.

Ye Qingwan glared at Xia Fukun angrily and coughed.

“The incidents that we encountered on our way here are trivial compared to the dangers lurking in the Ming Mountain Range. We have to have our guards up. It might not be that much of a threat to me or Xia Fukun, but Xuan’er and Chang Yuxuan, you should follow us closely. Even though it’s said that the eighth-grade beast residing in the Ming Mountain Range is the strongest beast around, life is unpredictable.”

The group nodded in agreement.

At the same time, a figure could be seen dashing out of the mountain range at lightning speed, looking battered. He was cursing relentlessly too.

“Damn it! You’re nothing but an eighth-grade beast! I’ll send you to hell soon!”

Hearing the figure’s words, the group’s faces fell immediately.

This was the best surprise they could ever have! Coming across the eighth-grade beast before they even entered the mountain range?

“Go and find out what’s going on.” Ye Qingwan turned to Xia Fukun.

“Okay.” Xia Fukun nodded. Within no time, he was standing in front of the figure.

“Oh mama!”

The figure was constantly turning back to see if the beast was coming after him, but he was suddenly welcomed by a person who was smiling widely at him. It gave him such a bad shock that he fell onto the ground.

“Are you even human? Why don’t you make sound when you walk?”

Xia Fukun was ready to ask about the situation nicely, but the other party’s attitude made him unhappy.

Is that how you’re supposed to talk to a stranger?

All of a sudden, the air was filled with the aura of a Warrior Realm, making the teenager, who was about to stand up, fall back to the ground.

“A Warrior Realm martial artist?”

The teenager looked at Xia Fukun, slightly dumbfounded. He could tell that Xia Fukun was about his age, so he guessed that Xia Fukun should be in the Profound Realm, like him. It was totally out of his expectations that Xia Fukun was already a Warrior Realm martial artist!

After a short pause, he turned to Xia Fukun.

“I’m sorry. It’s my bad. I apologize,” he said sincerely.

Xia Fukun: “…”

The apology took Xia Fukun aback. Previously, the mercenary apologized in this way too, and now this teenager. Is it that everyone in the Nine Spiritual Mainland apologizes in this way? Simply but seriously?

“Answer whatever I ask, OK?”

“OK, OK.”

The teenager did not know what OK meant, but he complied without hesitation. What other choice did he have if there was an eighth-grade beast chasing after him and a Xia Fukun blocking him from the front?! He was just a helpless kid!

“What’s your name?” Xia Fukun took a glance at the other party and asked.

“Yang Yao….”


“What the hell, bro? Can’t you tell?”

Yang Yao felt utterly confused. Is this Warrior Realm guy sent here to play a prank on me?

“Answer whatever I ask, OK?” Xia Fukun frowned and took a step forward. The aura around him made Yang Yao breathless. He shook his hand immediately. “OK! OK!”


Yang Yao: “…male.”



“Home address?”

“Bro, what do you want to know exactly?”

Yang Yao could not hold it in. Is he here to check my background?

“To be honest, I want to know why you’re here. The eighth-grade beast you’re talking about is equivalent to a Supreme Realm martial artist, right? I want to know why it is after you.”

Yang Yao was struck dumb by Xia Fukun’s questions.

“Who knows?! I have no idea what’s wrong with the eighth-grade beast, but it’s attacking everyone who passes it. The towns situated around the Ming Mountain Range have joined forces and offered a reward of three hundred thousand spirit stones to whoever can kill the beast! Sir, I thought you were here to complete the mission, but I guess I can safely say that you are unaware of this situation?”


Xia Fukun was slightly taken aback. They had taken shortcuts ever since they started making their way out of capital. They did not dwell in any towns, so the group could be considered to have lost connection with the world for quite some time. Moreover, the eighth-grade beast only attacked humans who went into the Ming Mountain range. It did not exit the Ming Mountain Range and attack the towns, so the capital would not have heard about the news.

“Where’s that eighth-grade beast from?” Xia Fukun murmured unhappily. Who do you think you are? Daring to become enemies with all of mankind? Do you think that I, Xia Fukun, do not exist?

“I have no idea, but it’s a giant snake with three heads. The beast is said to have tried breaking through to the ninth grade but failed. It’s stronger than ordinary eighth-grade beasts. However, It has gone nuts recently, killing everyone it sees.”

A giant snake with three heads? Xia Fukun thought, slightly taken aback. My nine-headed snake did not make a peep, yet this three-headed thing is so noisy?

However, something crossed his mind.

Qingmu Xuan mentioned that he had gotten into a fight with an eighth-grade beast when he was out collecting beasts for me. Perhaps it was this three-headed snake…?

Hehe, Nine Spiritual Mainland, huh? I think the Land of Coincidence would be a better name for it.

Xia Fukun sneered. He originally did not want to waste time here in the Ming Mountain Range. But now, it seems like I will be able to earn more refinement points here, huh?


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