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Monster Refining System – Chapter 45 - Zenith Novels

Monster Refining System – Chapter 45

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Chapter 45 – I Hit the Jackpot

Even though Yang Yao had “paid” for his trip, his stomach couldn’t help but knot up at the thought of the eighth-grade beast that chased after him.

“How should I address you, Expert?” he asked carefully. I have already given him the money, I deserve to get to know him, right?

“Xia Fukun,” Xia Fukun answered without hesitation.

“Then, Brother Kun, are you confident? I’m aware of your talent, seeing that you’re already a Warrior Realm cultivator at this age. However… that’s an eighth-grade beast!”

Hearing Yang Yao’s words, Xia Fukun’s face fell immediately.

What do you mean? Are you doubting my power?

“You can choose to stay behind, but I do not give refunds, sorry.”

Yang Yao smiled grimly at Xia Fukun’s words. Is he a swindler?

Xia Fukun ignored Yang Yao and went over to Ye Qingwan and the group. After a short conversation, the group made their way into the mountain range.

Watching Xia Fukun leave without hesitation, Yang Yao’s expression changed slightly. He gritted his teeth and trotted after the group.

Xia Fukun took a glance at Yang Yao and let out a sneer. He paid no more attention to Yang Yao and diverted his energy to put his guard up high. As long as I don’t get killed as soon as I enter, I will be safe and sound.

Well, even if my eighth-grade beast is not the enemy eighth-grade beast’s opponent, my ninth-grade beast would be more than enough.

As soon as they entered the Ming Mountain Range, chills started running down the group’s spines. They could feel danger lurking all around them like fog, making them feel extremely uncomfortable.

“That eighth-grade beast should be nearby. Since the Ming Mountain Range has been left deserted recently, I came with the hope of sneaking over. However, I was found, and it chased me all the way here, so it might be nearby,” Yang Yao explained to the group.

His words piqued Xia Fukun’s interest.

You’re a Profound Realm martial artist who can escape the hands of an eighth-grade beast and carries that black jade around? Your family background must be interesting, huh?

Xia Fukun licked his lips.

Let’s see what else I can get from you. Hopefully there are more things similar to the black jade….

The Ming Mountain Range was huge, so it would take about three days for the group to cross over successfully. When they cross the Ming Mountain Range, they would reach Luo City, which had a teleportation portal to get them to Odin Academy.

However, it would be a nerve-wracking three days for the group, excluding Xia Fukun, as they would be exposed to the danger of an eighth-grade beast, and none of them were confident that they could exit the place safe and sound.

“Could it be that my presence scared the eighth-grade beast so badly that it dares not show itself?” For an hour or two, not a single beast could be seen. It was a smooth journey, except that the ground was still feeling uncomfortable. Pleased at the situation, Xia Fukun laughed.

The group was speechless to hear him.

At the same time, a small summit came into Yang Yao’s view. All of a sudden, he stopped in his tracks and started trembling in fear.

“What’s wrong?” Xia Fukun threw him a glance. “Chang Yuxuan, summon some food. Let’s take a rest first.”

“Okay!” Chang Yuxuan answered, and the next second, he could be seen holding ten plates of stinky tofu.

However, Yang Yao held his hands up and pointed to the small summit that was not far away.

“It’s… it’s here!” Yang Yao stammered, voice filled with fear. The group immediately turned toward where Yang Yao was pointing at.

And a terrifying scene welcomed the group.

A three-headed snake of about twenty meters could be seen on the small summit not far away. There was a swollen area on the giant snake’s heads, looking as if something was about to protrude out of its head. It was gripping the summit tightly with its chicken-feet-like claws that were sticking out of its belly.

“A dragon?” Xia Fukun said, slightly taken aback. This beast looks similar to the dragons that I read about in legends on Earth, only uglier.

“I know!” Ye Qingwan took a deep breath. “Now I know why this place is called the Ming Mountain Range. It’s all because of this Ming Dragon!”

“Ming Dragon?” Xia Fukun asked, shocked.

Suddenly, he could hear the notification from the Monster Refining System.

“Ding dong! Congratulations host, you have discovered a beast of the eighth-grade, a Ming Dragon.”

Shortly, Xia Fukun received numerous bits of information about the Ming Dragon.

The Ming Dragon, similar to Qingmu Duan’s mount, was not an actual dragon. To put it shortly, Onyx Dragons and Ming Dragons were like the illegitimate children of true dragons.

However, Ming Dragons had a chance to break through. If it successfully broke through to the ninth grade, it would turn into a real dragon and could remove the word “Ming” from its name.

But obviously, this Ming Dragon failed. Thus, it bore traits of a true dragon, but there was still a huge difference between it and an actual dragon.

Even though this Ming Dragon was not an actual dragon, it was an ingredient needed for Xia Fukun’s Mist Fairy.

As the grade of the pet became higher, the ingredients needed to be of a higher grade than the pets created. It was reasonable and fair thought since the pets created from the Monster Refining System were stronger than beasts of its grade.

Xia Fukun was still vexed about how he was going to get a beast of the dragon tribe, but lucky him, the Ming Dragon had sent itself to him.

Chang Yuxuan, Yang Yao, and the group were currently shaking in fear, while Xia Fukun… was tingling with excitement!

“Could it be that my stinky tofu attracted it out…?” Chang Yuxuan’s legs turned to jelly at the sight of the eighth-grade beast. This was the first ever time he had come across an eighth-grade beast!

After Yang Yao had regained his senses, he turned to Xia Fukun.

Why do I feel that… this dude is extremely happy? He looks like he has hit the jackpot! What’s wrong with him?

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