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Monster Refining System – Chapter 46 - Zenith Novels

Monster Refining System – Chapter 46

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Chapter 46 – Who Are You?

Similarly, the Ming Dragon had discovered Xia Fukun and the group too.

However, sensing that Yang Yao, who it had just frightened so badly, was present too, the Ming Dragon was utterly confused.

Do humans get stronger when they are frightened?

How dare they come knowing that there’s a dragon here?

This makes no sense!

Xia Fukun and the group reminded the Ming Dragon of a Supreme Realm martial artist that came over to the Ming Mountain Range recently to slaughter and kidnap its servants. The thought of the incident made the Ming Dragon’s blood boil.

I have lived in this mountain range peacefully since forever! Why is there a need to disturb me?

As the Ming Dragon got into a furious state, rustling sounds could be heard coming from the surroundings.

“Oh my god! There are so many beasts!” Qingmu Xuan’s shriek could be heard.

Within no time, Xia Fukun and the group could see numerous beasts swarming toward the group from all over the place.

Damn it. This Ming Dragon, how dare you get your servants to come at us instead!? No wonder it was such a smooth trip; you have been preparing for an ambush!

Moving at lightning speed, the beasts were soon right in front of the group.

Seeing the Big-Mouth Monkey ready to throw its fist at him, Xia Fukun let out a sneer.

“Get lost!”

With a yell, the Big-Mouth Monkey was sent flying off, leaving a trail of blood behind.

The beasts that came to attack them first were mostly below the second grade. They did not pose dangers to the group, but due to the huge number, it gave one goosebumps and made things more difficult than it would be otherwise.

“Brother Kun, what shall we do? We can’t go on like this!” Yang Yao said, depressed. We can’t possibly play along with the other party’s game of numbers! We will die of exhaustion soon! What if the Ming Dragon decides to come over and give us a blow when we are out of energy? We will all die! There isn’t anyone here who can take the attack!

Xia Fukun sneered upon hearing Yang Yao.

These beasts might not be good enough, but quantity will do when quality can’t make it.

Before the group could say anything more, Xia Fukun reached out his hand.

“Collect!” Xia Fukun said.

Within the blink of an eye, the group witnessed a whole lot of beasts disappear into thin air!

“What the hell? What kind of trick is this?”

This was something nobody had ever seen. Not even a Supreme Realm or a Heaven Realm master could manage to do this! How could anyone make nearly ten thousand beasts disappear into thin air within the blink of an eye?

As if nothing happened, Xia Fukun checked his Monster Refining System calmly.

Only to realize that this swarm of beasts contributed no more than a hundred refinement points.

Quality matters after all!

As soon as Xia Fukun absorbed all the beasts, the Ming Dragon sensed it and blew its top.

Damn it! Do you have a cheat? I summoned so many servants, and they are all gone before your energy went down even a little?

Having to give up on the idea of using numbers, the Ming Dragon on the summit let out a growl and rose to the sky before dashing toward the group.

“Oh, no…!”

Yang Yao and Chang Yuxuan were ready to shower Xia Fukun with some praise, as his skills were indeed impressive, but before they could celebrate the joy of getting out of danger, the giant Ming Dragon could be seen flying over to them. The sight of its three heads made their chests tighten in fear. Xia Fukun might be able to get rid of the low-grade beasts, but this was an eighth-grade beast!

If Yang Yao and Chang Yuxuan could discover that the Ming Dragon was coming toward them, Xia Fukun definitely discovered it.

A smile crept up his mouth.

Before the Ming Dragon could reach the group:


A loud growl could be heard coming from the Ming Dragon’s back.

Soon, the group saw a snake with nine heads flying toward the Ming Dragon. With a bang, it sent the Ming Dragon flying.


The Ming Dragon flew a hundred meters away. It even nearly fell from the sky.

“Eighth-grade… another eighth-grade beast?” Yang Yao fell to the ground in fear.

They were already having problems with one eighth-grade beast, and here came another! Is it going to be my death day today?

“No, have you not realized that this eighth-grade beast has only been going after the Ming Dragon ever since it appeared?” 

Yang Yao only stood up slowly when he heard Chang Yuxuan’s reminder.

That seems true?

Could it be that this eighth-grade beast is the Ming Dragon’s foe?


I have passed the Ming Mountain Range quite a few times, and I have never heard of the presence of another eighth-grade beast.

What’s going on?

“Teacher Qingwan, this beast seems to be…” Qingmu Xuan couldn’t help but voice her observations to Ye Qingwan. But before she could say anything more, Ye Qingwan clamped her mouth and shook her head.

So Teacher Qingwan is aware of this eighth-grade beast’s origin?

Qingmu Xuan was filled with doubt. She turned to Xia Fukun subconsciously.

And she saw the smile creeping up Xia Fukun’s mouth.

Could it be… that the eighth-grade beast was summoned by this guy?


This is way beyond reasonable limits!

My brain is not enough to take such a huge piece of information!

Where are the values that we uphold in the world? Why do I feel that I have lost everything in a second?

Who is Xia Fukun, exactly…?

Above the sky, the Ming Dragon was totally lost.

Who the hell are you? Why are you here in my territory instead of staying at yours?

Moreover, it’s the same size but has six more brains than me! This made the Ming Dragon feel more than depressed.

Could it be my relative?


The Ming Dragon roared at the Hydra. It was speaking in the dragon tribe’s language, and it was saying, “Who are you?”

Of course, the Hydra would pass the message on to Xia Fukun instead of giving any replies.

Xia Fukun was more than happy to receive the message. Wow, so they can communicate, huh?


The Hydra sent a reply.

This reply gave the Ming Dragon a bad shock, because the other party replied—

“I’m your daddy”!?

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