Monster Refining System – Chapter 6

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Translated by: xiannie
Edited by:msi38

Chapter 6 – The Super Strength Ape Shows its Power!

“Super Strength Ape!”

Xia Fukun’s holler reverberated throughout the mayor’s residence like a clap of thunder.

A bot of jagged lighting shot across the sky above the mayor’s residence.

Within no time, darkness engulfed the sky. A giant silhouette about four meters tall dropped from the sky, shaking the ground as it landed.

“What the hell?”

All that were present were bewildered.

Xia Kuangyun, Mu Bai, and the other Baiyun Mountain Sect disciples were familiar with a huge scope of beast species, but this was something they had never seen.

The Super Strength Ape towering above them stretched out its long arms that were about three meters long.

Its huge eyes that were like red rubies shone as it eyed the men standing right beneath it. It even had two patches of weird golden fur sitting on its shoulders.

“What’s this?” Mu Bai shuddered.

“Is it a beast?”

Mu Bai rolled his eyes. Have you ever seen a beast drop from the sky? But… there’s clearly one right in front of me!

“This beast… it should be a fourth-grade beast….”

Ling Fei, who was still fighting with Xia Kuangyun, retreated back to Mu Bai.

A fourth-grade beast was equivalent to a Profound Realm martial artist who was about to break through to the Warrior Realm.

This was not something that they could handle!

“Is this the guardian beast of the Xia family?”

The Baiyun Mountain Sect disciples were utterly confused.

Of course, not only were they confused, but the Xia family members were dumbfounded too.

“Kun’er… this…”

Xia Kuangyun heard Xia Fukun’s roar before this gigantic ape appeared in front of him out of nowhere.

Thus, he assumed that Xia Fukun would know a tad bit about this situation.

“This is my pet.”

Xia Fukun could not take his eyes off the Super Strength Ape. He was so happy with the product.

The Monster Refining System actually works!

And this Super Strength Ape is so… dope!


Hearing Xia Fukun’s words, Xia Kuangyun was flabbergasted.

Which means that this gigantic ape in front of me isn’t an ordinary beast!

Only a beast that had been tamed by a trainer would be known as a pet.

In the Yaslan Empire, or more accurately, the Nine Spiritual Mainland, martial artist was the most common occupation.

However, it was not the only occupation.

Other than martial artists, pharmacologists and beast trainers were also occupations that people of the Nine Spiritual Mainland could take up.

Beast trainer was a mysterious occupation. They had a higher status in society and were more respectable in comparison to pharmacologists.

There weren’t more than ten beast trainers in the entire Yaslan Empire!

So if Kun’er says that this gigantic ape is his pet, does that mean that he’s a beast trainer?

Due to the mysterious nature of most beast trainers, nobody, even the Baiyun Mountain Sect, dared to offend a beast trainer even if he or she was a newbie since they all had a terrifyingly huge social network. Xia Fukun might have only been a newbie, but if news of him being attacked got out, it was unknown which superpower would be here to save his life!

“Damn it, he’s a trainer?”

Watching the Super Strength Ape stand in front of Xia Fukun quietly, Mu Bai clenched his fist.

Even the Baiyun Mountain Sect dared not kill a trainer as they didn’t know who would come here to take revenge for him. However, looking at the Xia family members’ reactions, it seemed that nobody knew about Xia Fukun’s occupation.

“Young Master Mu Bai, should we…?” Ling Fei started, glancing at Mu Bai. After learning about Xia Fukun, the Baiyun Mountain Sect disciples were scared witless.

“Yes. If he were to grow, he would bring about a disaster to us, the Baiyun Mountain Sect!”

Mu Bai understood the situation within no time and nodded at Ling Fei.

Just then, Xia Kuangyun realized that the Baiyun Mountain Sect disciples were getting ready to kill.

“Kun’er, be careful!” he shouted, scrambling to push Xia Fukun away.

Suddenly, Xia Kuangyun felt a hand on his shoulder.

Xia Fukun smiled at him warmly.

“Father, you have done so much for Kun’er. Now, let Kun’er protect you,” Xia Fukun told Xia Kuangyun and pointed the Baiyun Mountain Sect disciples out to the Super Strength Ape.

The Super Strength Ape followed Xia Fukun’s finger. Seeing the Baiyun Mountain Sect disciples, it threw a punch at the ground, causing the ground to shake up and down before the ape leapt at them.

“This beast is weird! We should not fight it, aim to kill the Xia family’s kid. If we do it successfully, this weird thing will stop coming after us!”

The Baiyun Mountain Sect disciples were smart.

However, before they could react, the Super Strength Ape was already standing right in front of them.

Looking at the Super Strength Ape towering before him, Ling Fei took a deep breath and got ready to dodge, but it was too late.


The difference between an ordinary Profound Realm Martial Artist and one about to break through was obvious.

Mu Bai could see Ling Fei flying out of his sight.

He could clearly see that there was a dent in his chest and blood splattered all over the place.

Ling Fei was considered an elite of their generation, yet…

He was killed within no time.

“Senior Brother Ling!” Mu Bai screamed in horror. He looked up, meeting with the Super Strength Ape’s eyes. Mu Bai’s legs turned to jelly.

Terrifying was the only word Mu Bai had for the Super Strength Ape.

How could an ordinary fourth-grade beast be this strong? There’s no fourth-grade beast that can kill a Profound Realm martial artist with just one attack!

“Protect me!” Mu Bai shouted, getting ready to scramble away.


Watching Mu Bai scuttering away, Xia Fukun snickered.

What will happen if I kill Mu Bai?

The Baiyun Mountain Sect will come after us.

But what if I let Mu Bai live?

The Baiyun Mountain Sect will still come after us.

So, why should I let him live?

A glint flashed past Xia Fukun’s eyes.

As soon as Xia Fukun thought of killing Mu Bai, the Super Strength Ape went toward Mu Bai.

“Striking Mountains!”

A skill title flashed across Xia Fukun’s mind.

At the same time, the Super Strength Ape stretched out its arms and put them together. Under the sunlight, it resembled a giant axe.

Suddenly, it struck down at Mu Bai.

“Damn it!”

Seeing this, the other two Baiyun Mountain Sect disciples went up to block the attack for Mu Bai.

Sadly, the Super Strength Ape’s attack was not something they could take.

Under the extraordinary pressure, their bodies burst open in no time. Blood splattered everywhere as flesh flew all over the place. Blood continued to drip from the Super Strength Ape’s hand.

Mu Bai watched the scene unfold in horror.

He turned to Xia Fukun, screaming.

“Xia Fukun, if you kill me, I’ll bring the whole Xia family to hell with me!”

“Hehe.” Xia Fukun sneered.

“Would my family be spared if I let you live?

“No. So, kill him.”

Hearing Xia Fukun’s command, the Super Strength Ape picked Mu Bai up.

It held Mu Bai in its hands, ready to crush him.

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