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Monster Refining System – Chapter 8 - Zenith Novels

Monster Refining System – Chapter 8

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Translated by: xiannie
Edited by:msi38

Chapter 8 – A Strong Enemy Arrives!

“Thank God for blessing the Xia family with a beast trainer! In this empire, there are hardly any trainers. All trainers are important to the empire. If the regent knew about this, he would protect the Xia family without a doubt and train Kun’er well.

“Then, even if Baiyun Mountain’s Mu Yun came here personally, the Xia family would be spared under the regent’s wings!”

Hearing Xia Kuangyun, Xia Fukun raised an eyebrow.

An idea crossed his mind.

Since trainers are important to the empire…

Then I’ll be able to get any beast I want from the regent! When I create a beast in the Supreme Realm, I won’t have to fear the Baiyun Mountain Sect anymore since I will also be in the Supreme Realm by then!’

“Father, I think we should treat Elder Brother’s injury first, right?”

The sun had gone to rest, the moon taking its place as darkness began to take over the Yaslan Empire.

In the capital of the Yaslan Empire:

“So, how was it?”

The regent raised his head slowly, eyes fixed to the silhouette in front of him.

“Master, the activities on Baiyun Mountain were due to Mu Yun. His grandson, Mu Bai, was killed.”

“Oh? By who?” The regent rubbed his chin.

“Summer City’s mayor Xia Kuangyun’s son.”

“Summer City?”

The regent looked up. He was stunned by the answer.

He was expecting the culprit to be an extraordinary martial artist or someone who had powerful forces supporting him, thus not fearing offending the Baiyun Mountain Sect, but Summer City…

Obscurity would be the word to describe Summer City.

Xia Kuangyun isn’t powerful, and they do not have powerful forces backing them up, so what makes Xia Kuangyun so daring? Is he mad?

“Master, the Xia family might be somewhat rash, but your servant understands why they are fearless.”

The regent raised his eyebrows.

“Hurry and spill the beans,” the regent said, slightly annoyed by the suspension.

“After my trip to Baiyun Mountain, your servant was similarly confused by Xia Kuangyun’s action, thus I made my way there.”


With Shadow’s ability, it would’ve taken him about half a day to go to and return from Baiyun Mountain. The regent had been waiting for Shadow’s return since noontime, but he did not return until night, making the regent worry about his safety since he did not expect Shadow to make a trip to Summer City.

“There’s something odd about the Xia family?”

“Yes.” Shadow nodded.

“Your servant only learned this after making the trip down to Summer City. They have a beast trainer in their family; Xia Kuangyun’s younger son, Xia Fukun.”


A beast trainer!?

The regent shot up, his eyes and mouth wide open in an expression of stunned surprise.

There were hardly any trainers in the Yaslan Empire and only a handful of unknown ones despite the Yaslan Empire having tens of millions of citizens.

There were even more Warrior Realm martial artists around the world in comparison to beast trainers.

Among the ten trainers in the Yaslan Empire, there was only one who was a member of the Yaslan Empire’s royal family. Extravagant expenses were spent to foster her into a trainer. As for the remaining nine trainers, they were either in hiding, had joined certain mysterious superpowers, or were just unwilling to join forces with the royalty.

Now, there was a trainer in the Xia family!

“Shadow, prepare and we’ll go to Summer City with Xuan’er.”

The Baiyun Mountain Sect would never let the Xia family go, so lending the Xia family a helping hand would signify that the regent would be making an enemy out of the Baiyun Mountain Sect.

However, as the strongest figure in the Yaslan Empire, why would he, the regent, fear the second strongest?

He never bothered about the Baiyun Mountain as he wanted to maintain peace and harmony in the Yaslan Empire. However, peace and harmony were worth nothing when put in front of a beast trainer.

If we could have two beast trainers in the empire…

Adrenaline was coursing through the regent’s veins as he thought about the impact that would be brought about.

Hearing the regent’s command, Shadow was taken aback, but he said nothing more and went to get the task done.

He was the regent’s shadow, and he had the power of a Warrior Realm martial artist who was about to break through to the Supreme Realm. There were almost no martial artists in the entire Yaslan Empire who were comparable to him. During normal circumstances, the regent would not make the way down personally, but since he chose to do it now, it showed how much he valued Xia Fukun, who was a beast trainer.

Back in the Xia family residence, Xia Fukun stared at his Super Strength Ape that was standing right in the middle of his courtyard. Even though it was a powerful beast, it was still nothing placed next to Mu Yun.

Two days had passed, yet there was no one who came to them. The group that came when we injured Mu Bai was so fast. How come they are slower after Mu Bai died?’

The Baiyun Mountain Sect had yet to send anyone over, Summer City’s citizens were already panicking.

Knowing that the Xia family had offended the Baiyun Mountain Sect, many left Summer City in a hurry, not wanting to be implicated.

This included a number of the Xia family’s subordinates.

“Hiss, we have already announced to the world that Kun’er is a trainer, but there’s still no superpower who is willing to take us under their wings! The Baiyun Mountain Sect is indeed too powerful for anyone to risk offending them!”

Xia Kuangyun shut his eyes in despair. Why did I not think about this possibility?

Beast trainers may be rare in the world and valuable to superpowers, but Xia Fukun was a different case. He was just a newbie. As far as the rest of the world was concerned, all he had was potential, not confirmed capability. Who would offend the Baiyun Mountain Sect for a mere bet?

“God, please save the Xia family….”

Xia Kuangyun felt distressed after having his hopes crushed.

On the other hand, Xia Fukun frowned slightly.

Due to the Monster Refining System, he now had the power of a Profound Realm martial artist, thus he had become more sensitive to his surroundings recently. He felt that there was someone spying on him, but he was unaware of who the other party was. They couldn’t be from Baiyun Mountain though, since they would just make a move instead of spying on me.

But I’ll just pretend not to know since the other party might be way stronger than I am.

All of a sudden, the sky over Summer City became dark and low with ominous black clouds, and the wind became fierce, howling, crying, warning, baying like a wolf into the night. The first crack of lightning rent the air, and within seconds the rolling boom of the thunder reverberated overhead. Soon, a figure could be seen coming toward the Xia family’s residence.

“Here they come….”

Xia Fukun sighed. What must come will come eventually….

But why is the regent not here yet? Is he unwilling to offend the Baiyun Mountain Sect for me?

Xia Fukun’s lower lips quivered as his heart sank.

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