Note of Evil Organization

Note of Evil Organization

Chinese Title: 邪恶组织注意事项
Author: 幕后老爷爷 / Backstage Grandpa
Novel Status: On Going
Total Chapters in Raw: 973 Chapters
Translation Status: Coming Soon!
Raws: HBooker


Young boy, I heard that you think your life is lonely and rotten and you don’t know the meaning of your life? Great, I have an electronic contract that can help you understand the true meaning of life, hit the hook there and you can instantly become an anthropomorphic shuma-gorath flying at Mach 10, upgrading to level 6 Hokage, looking for one piece in the Western Hell, Seireitei! If you sign the contract immediately, I can also give you a magic girl campaign gown (the same style with Bronze Saint) and an Ultraman Zecter (signed by Athena)!

Bai Qige had a lot of avatars, including mysterious Mengyi Monk, Blue Leopard Cat Demon Emperor, and Orochi Snake Demon. Living in this world, we don’t have to be the protagonist, it’s also fine to be an old grandpa who is good at mass manufacturing protagonists.

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Comedy, Xianxia

Coming Soon~