Omae Mitai na Hiroin ga Ite Tamaruka! – Chapter 4

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Chapter 4


“So, how long are you going to make me wait?”

“Can’t you see? Managing Director is putting aside some of his busy time to personally come here. To begin with, wasn’t it your side who wanted to discuss something about business with us? It was also from your side who left the date and time of the meeting to us, right?”


After waiting for a long time, Kurahashi still hasn’t showed up and that made it made Haruki feel displeasure and began to ask the servant.

Suzuhara also made use of that chance to inquire the servant and urge the servant.


“I- I apologize! Danna-sama is currently on his way from the company.”


Towards the servant who was had cold sweat running down her forehead and was restless, the two are began to feel suspicious.

It was probably a lie about Kurahashi being on his was from the company.

In the first place, they had already confirmed that Kurahashi’s car was at the house.

In other words, Kurahashi was home. Because he has a reason not to come out, he wanted to stall for time.

If so, the authenticity of what was written on the letters Tsubaki brought was getting more and more high as well.

It was a story that was hard to believe. Although Kurahashi does not have a talent for business, he shouldn’t have been a foolish man.

He should have known the fear and the power of authority the Mizushima family has. And to have a lady born from that family to be his wife, he should have known just how heavy the importance and responsibility was in it.

And yet, he had a lover and chased his wife away. Moreover, he invited that lover to live in his house.

Furthermore, the lover was a woman who wore hostility towards Yuriko from childhood and had done many harassments to Yuriko.

He had made fun of the Mizushima family to this point. Haruki couldn’t help but think of  Kurahashi as a foolish man at this point.


Suzuhara knew what kind of man Mizushima Haruki was since he was still a student. Always calm and collected, never shows anger on the surface. He never even saw Haruki get angry before.

But, it may be right to say that he was desperately trying to calm down his anger right now. It was well-known just how close the Mizushima family’s siblings are. What’s more, the Tsubaki that Kurahashi said and showed the picture of, was actually the child from his lover, coupled with the fact that Kurahashi has made fun of him. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Haruki was on the verge of getting enraged.


“… By the way, how’s my little sister doing?”


Haruki made sure his tone was calm and began to talk.

The servant who heard it became more flustered.


“Ma-Madam’s condition is worsening so she has to stay in bed.”

“That’s terrible. As you know, I have lost my wife last year. She wasn’t blessed with a healthy body to begin with, and since she gave birth to my son, her health got worse and worse. I do not want to lose one of my family anymore. You understand that, right?”


Haruki spoke with a power that did not give any forgiveness for refusal, but the servant of Kurahashi did not swing his head. It was really impressive, one can’t help but wonder where this loyalty came from.


“Ho-However. There’s a need for Danna-sama’s permission.”

“Is that so… Ah yes. I want to wash my hands for a bit, you won’t mind if I borrow the washroom, right? Listen well, Suzuhara. You just have to wait here.”

“Please, this way.”


When Suzuhara was getting ready to follow, Haruki stopped him with his hand and followed the servant.

Guided by the servant, on the way to the washroom, Haruki stopped on his tracks and looked at a beautiful garden.


“I already heard the rumor about this but, what a splendid garden.”

“It is an honor to be praised by you.”

“Looks like the garden is continuing all the way there, what is there on the other side?”


Yes, what’s on the other side is the place where Haruki’s little sister, Yuriko, was chased away.

Could it be, that was already found out by this person? The servant who guided Haruki can’t stop his cold sweat

At that time, the master, Kurahashi, finally shows himself.


“What’s on the other side is a detached house. Ogikei-san.” (TN: Ogikei means brother-in-law)

“Well, aren’t you late.”

“I apologize. There was a traffic jam on my way here. By the way, weren’t you on your way to wash your hands?”

“Ah, that’s right isn’t. The garden is just too beautiful, I can’t help but be captivated by it. …… Right, especially, the Yuri over there is really magnificent.”


Hearing what Haruki said, Kurahashi was shocked and looked at the garden. His heartbeat began to raised as he believed that person shouldn’t be there. But, that wish of Kurahashi was betrayed by the moment he found that the person who Haruki looked at was standing at the garden.

In an instant, Kurahashi’s face began to pale.

While the servant was stalling Haruki, Kurahashi was checking for Yuriko’s condition.

He was relieved when she received a report about Yuriko still secluded in her room like usual. He didn’t think much about the chance for Yuriko to coming out because recently, she was in a low spirit.

But now in Haruki and Kurahashi’s line of sight was a new focus. She was worn out, the lines of her body standing out with just how thin she had become: Kurahashi’s wife —Yuriko—was standing there.

Furthermore, she was looking at them with a smile on her face while approaching towards them.


“It’s been a while hasn’t it? Onii-sama.”

“Ah, 4 years… No, 5 years isn’t it? From your condition, I can’t say that you are doing well.”

“It is so. I got quite the treatment you know?”

“I already heard everything from Tsubaki. You really had a hard time, huh.”

“Those hard times of mine are insignificant, I had done nothing but pitiful things to Tsubaki .”

“But that child has a promising future. You should also look forward to it.”

“Maa, I am really happy if your judgment comes true, onii-sama. Especially, that girl seems to have a thick blood of our Mizushima family in her vein you know?”

“That’s right, her eyes really resembles her mother. That was why I immediately knew she was the real one. I am glad she doesn’t resemble her father. By the way, where is Tsubaki?”

“If it’s Tsubaki then I asked Miyamura-san and Fumiko to bring her out first. We can’t show this to a child now, can we?”


It looks like a pleasant chat between siblings but, the contents were quite a roundabout way in insulting Kurahashi.

This person already knows everything. I can’t deceive him anymore. He already knows everything I’ve done. Kurahashi finally understood everything from the contents of the conversation.


“Ah Kurahashi, you’re still here? I think you already understand this, I will bring Yuriko home with me. Let’s leave the meeting for another time to our lawyer.”

“Thank you for taking care of me. We probably would never meet again but, please take care of yourself.”


Without even gave a glance toward Kurahashi, the two magnificently walk and left the Kurahashi house.


Kurahashi stood still on the spot even after Haruki and Yuriko left.

Where did it got leaked? Who leaked them? I threatened all the servants so there was no way they would open their mouths.

Also for all the new servants, I had told them that Mio’s mother is my wife, and the mother and daughter who were at the detached house was my lover and their child.

Just now, what did Haruki say? Tsubaki? That Tsubaki? Could it be that kid was the one who leaked themselves

Such a little kid? How?

But, no matter how much Kurahashi thought about it, even if he didn’t want to, he knew it was already too late. Kurahashi then fell on his knees on that spot.

A road that was left open for him was nothing but only a ruin for the Kurahashi family.


In the first place, when Kurahashi heard that Haruki will come to the Kurahashi house from a servant, he made preparations for Mio and her mother, who were inside the house, to leave somewhere.

However when they got delayed because Mio’s mother took her time in packing her luggage, Haruki arrived.

Kurahashi, who became impatient, had let Haruki wait in the parlour room to gain some time. Finally, Mio and her mother, who were done packing their luggage, got out through the backdoor.

At this point, he told a servant to check on the state of Yuriko in the detached house.

Kurahashi believed that if he somehow managed to pass through this, he could live as usual with Mio and his lover again.

However, Mio’s mother already understood that everything has been exposed the moment Haruki came. With a feeling of regret and mortified, she collected her belongings and quickly escaped.



Then, with everyone already went out from Kurahashi house and got into the car, they headed toward Mizushima house.


“I am surprised that you are moving this soon, onii-sama. At the time I heard about this from Tsubaki, I found it quite hard to believe.”


When they were on their way to the Kurahashi house, at that time inside the car, Tsubaki got a task from Haruki.

The task was that she will return inside the premises through the crumbled wall and tell Yuriko that Haruki is coming

There should be a few servants who will watching around so he wanted her to slip pass through them.

And after passing through them, he wanted them to show up at the garden.


The conversation before happened from this result.

Yuriko praised Tsubaki who finished a difficult task with ‘As expected from a child of Mizushima’.


“To begin with, it was Kurahashi who wanted me to come to discuss about funds support. Honestly, I don’t want to waste any more money on that family so this is really a god send. Also … Maa, I thought that Kyousuke needed a playmate around his age too.”

“Could it be, Risa-san’s?”



For the uncle who suddenly became evasive at the topic of his son, Tsubaki guessed that probably Kyousuke has lost his mother and became uneasy.

Afterwards, her uncle told Tsubaki that Kyousuke’s mother already passed away.

Tsubaki’s wish to come in the nick of time was smashed to pieces, and was stunned.

After that, her uncle and her mother’s conversations just went through her right ear to her left ear.


“After we arrive, go take an examination from a doctor. Just be obedient and get some rest for a while. I will take care of the rest.”

“Yes. Please take care of me.”


Time passed inside the car with the siblings catching up and talking with each other, and before long, the car arrived in the front of the Mizushima house

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