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Online Game: Evil Dragon Against The Heaven - Chapter 15 - Zenith Novels

Online Game: Evil Dragon Against The Heaven – Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: “Enormous Secret”

“Ding……blacksmith Lao Wang request you to help him to encourage his wife.

Mission Grade: Hidden

 Time limit: None,

Mission rewards: gratefulness of blacksmith Lao Wang

Do you accept or not?”

When he heard the word ‘hidden’ in the sound of mission prompt, his heart started to beat violently———–unexpectedly this was a hidden mission!

Without any hesitation he accepted the mission. The probability of triggering the hidden mission was very low but the rewards will absolutely be far more rich and generous than common grade missions. And the probability of triggering hidden mission in beginning stage is almost nil but he however triggered a hidden mission so easily.

He had the charm value of 20 points, this could be the reason. This hidden mission original condition to trigger was to have charm value of 10 points or more as well as +30 favorability of blacksmith. This type of condition was not absolutely harsh, at least, for Ye Tian Xie as he had directly applied all the free points given at the beginning in charm fixed attribute. From all this it could be seen that it is very hard to fulfill the condition to trigger hidden mission.

He did not apply all the free point given to him in charm fixed attribute due to spur of impulse or carelessness, no matter if it was in <Lift up the Heaven> or in <Murder God>, he had always applied all the free points given in charm value. The most critical effect of ‘luck’ is higher drop rate, higher drop rate signify to get even more wealth and greater probability to obtain best equipment. But Ye Tian Xie didn’t need high drop rate because he could just……..kill and rob! If he had eye on any equipment then that player basically have no chance to escape. Meanwhile high charm points help to trigger hidden missions which often rewards equips which are far better than those which are dropped from monsters. And ‘comprehension’ fixed attribute………..‘Comprehension’ fixed attribute helps players to earn additional experiences which have tremendous attractive force to all the players because in any game world, level is the first standard measure of strength of all players and also fast mastery of the skills, upgrading and comprehending are also equally important. But for Ye Tian Xie this particular fixed attribute is not essential as he was confidence that in this <Destiny> world his leveling speed will be far faster than ordinary players. As ‘comprehend’ fixed attribute gave additional 3% of experience, compared to normal players he could not only earn 3% more than them but he was confidence enough that he could earn 30% more experience than them with same equips.

But all of the reasons are not applied for other ordinary players, if ordinary player became bold enough to have 0 points in ‘luck’ then with no ability to kill and rob other his inevitable result will be to completely depend on other player to survive……………..

The cabin of the blacksmith’ place where other players had never set a foot on was opened. With the help of dim light he saw a thin person’s silhouette sitting on a worn-out chair with unkempt hair. Blacksmith Lao Wang took a glance at her, shook his head and with a sigh he said, “Please, youngster.”

After saying this he went outside and closed the door. Now if Ye Tian Xie walked out from this door then it represent the completion of this hidden mission. And the result maybe success or failure or given up.

That married woman sitting in the chair had a lifeless look in her eyes, she didn’t even seem to notice him entering and she had identical expression as the mental disorder person in real world. Ye Tian Xie take a quick look all around, silently thought for a while and went in front of that dull woman. Persuade type of mission, he had not really encountered before in any other VR game, and this type of mission is often more difficult than to kill large BOSS, and basically there will be no second chance because when persuasion failed the first time, there will be instinctive rejection to the same person from second time onwards.

Exactly when he was about to speak, the core of the apple fell down from midair. Guo Guo patted her small belly and with completely satisfied expression on her face she spoke, “Ooh la la, good food, I’m full oh, this thing called apple is quite tasty. Yi? What’s this place?”

Ye Tian Xie was completely speechless seeing that string like apple core on the floor, he believed that in the whole world there is absolutely impossible to have another person who could eat apple so cleanly that only flesh were eaten without touching core part. Moreover………ordinary people eating apple was nothing but with Guo Guo body size………..he raised his eye and looked her, as expected he discovered that under her clothing clearly her belly had bulged up a little bit. After eating her fill, Guo Guo rode his shoulder, lazily reclined her upper body on his neck, this is called comfortable plus pleasant.

“In order to thank master for allowing me to eat such a delicious thing, most lovely and most obedient Lolita Guo Guo can tell master a little secret ooh.” Guo Guo stretched herself, her eyes were already closed and with sleepy appearance she said. Her words made him shocked, “What secret?”

Ooh la! Precisely this strange aunt la! If you want to persuade her it is actually very simple. Just let her believe her child is not dead la……oh! It seems I’m tired ne, Guo Guo must to go to sleep, goodbye master ooh.”

Guo Guo dropped few vague words, basically didn’t give any chance to ask and suddenly change into a heap of white colored light and finally returned to the destiny of moment in front of his chest and disappeared.

It was obvious that she was afraid that he will ask more about it so she escaped. This again caused him to think about the hidden secrets of Guo Guo. He considered the point Guo Guo said repeatedly in his heart for some time, then put together under his own language and finally opened his mouth……………..

This was the only blacksmith shop in whole beginning village. Since the drop rate in this <Destiny> world was ridiculously low, the vast majority of players with great difficulty save up the money and hurriedly come to smithy to purchase equipment or to take the mission. Right now blacksmith Lao Wang was obviously distracted while dealing with players. His eyes were drifting to that closed door from time to time.

Full 1 hour passed.

Finally ‘creak’ sound came and the door was opened, Ye Tian Xie with a dull face came out and release a long breath. Upon seeing this Blacksmith Lao Wang hastily rushed to greet and asked, “Youngster, you have or not…….”

Only half of his word had come out from his mouth, suddenly his gaze became fervent because unexpectedly he saw his wife whom he had not seen for whole month walking out from the door behind Ye Tian Xie and even the her look had revert back to become clear. That woman used her clear voice to reply him, “I’m all right……….”

The feeling Blacksmith Lao Wan is having now could not describable with any words, and in a sincere voice he said, “Thank you youngster, I will never forget your kindness.”

Ding……you have completed ‘blacksmith Lao Wang request to help him to encourage his wife’ mission, obtained blacksmith Lao Wang favorability +20.”

Walking away from smithy, he didn’t stop and went straight to the wolf valley which was at northern part of the beginner village. As expected the hidden mission was not easy to accomplish, finally after he had to spent nearly an hour in persuasion that woman reacted. But this persuasion was only the beginning of the hidden mission, finally that woman lift her head and with firm gaze she said, “Youngster, if you can help me bring back my son ‘Xiao Ming’, even if it is dead body, I will tell you a…………..extremely big secret!”

Her voice and expression in her eye at that time gave him an indescribable thrilling sensation, as if a wave of cold wind ran through each and every part of his body. His instinct told him that this woman seems much more than profound than the surface simple looks.

Extremely big secret………….exactly what type of secret could be claimed as extremely big secret?

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