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Online Game: Evil Dragon Against the Heaven - Chapter 10 - Zenith Novels

Online Game: Evil Dragon Against the Heaven – Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: Lolita Guo Guo (Part II)

When that little girl saw Ye Tian Xie, her pair of dark eyes suddenly flashed, like a twinkling small stars, “yi ya ya, are you my master? Ooh la la, seems like my thought was wrong ‘sigh’, I had thought my master would be a long-bearded lolicon uncle oh.”

“Why!?” he didn’t even know himself how this word came out from his mouth.

“Because I am so loveable little Lolita, if some lolicon uncle was my master then he would absolutely dote on me and give me delicious things to eat…..huh? Ooh…..” that little girl nipped her fingers and made great effort for a moment to remember and finally with a bright light said, “ah, ooh la! It seems to be called lollipop!”

The emotion of Ye Tian Xie was twitching and in his mind, he was feeling that it was getting harder to breathe.

yi ya ya, master, my name is Guo Guo, most loveable and most well-behaved little Lolita Guo Guo in the world. And what is your name, master? Ooh la la! Master don’t need to tell me your name as most intelligent Lolita Guo Guo had already seen master name is Xie Tian. Ooh la la, well it’s also an odd name.” Little girl with little body turned gracefully around in the air as if she was showing her loveable body to Ye Tian Xie. Her body was quite small however looking closely at her little face you could see incomparably refined and loveable face without a single flaw which do not have trace of any mortal world’s perfect beauty. Slender figure underneath the clothes, the skin of her delicate bare legs were just like a snow and her toes were just like a pearl.

Guo Guo (Fruit Fruit)…..your name is the strange one here! Ye Tian Xie resolutely thought this in his mind. Then he took the initiative to ask, “Who are you?”

Where did she come from? Hidden monster? No its not, inspect skill didn’t showed any information on her. Hidden NPC? Can NPC really talk like this with other people? And also just now it seems like she had appeared from the rays of lights of this pendant.

“Ooh la la, I have already said, I am Guo Guo, most loveable and most well-behaved little Lolita Guo Guo in the world.” The little girl body moved ahead, fluttering slightly approached Ye Tian Xie. Atter that she blinked her stars like eyes and asked, “Master, Can you give me a lollipop to eat.”

“Do you know what lollipop is?”

“Ooh la, I don’t know anything about it and you?”

“…….that you still ask!” he nearly collapse. Here in <Destiny> world there would not be things like lollipop. And also the whole body of this little girl had indescribable feeling of strangeness…….

“Eh? But she told me lollipop is most cherish food of Lolita and I am most lovable Lolita Guo Guo in this world. Therefore I thought of eating it……….Master, you are my master ‘sigh’! To have such lovable Lolita, this ought to be greatest fortune of master. So you should dote this Lolita.” The little girl said with an innocent face.

Ye Tian Xie, “……….who is she?”

“Ooh la! I won’t tell you!” little girl replied in a blink of an eye.


“Fine.” Ye Tian Xie walked out from wild wolf territory, while walking he said, “If you answer some of my question, I will give you lollipop to eat.”

Wa! Really? What is that important question, Master?” Little girl who was following him, excitedly dance with joy.

“Why do you call me master?” He asked.

“Because you are my master?” Guo Guo replied with a surprise.

Three black line appeared in his forehead, he calmly asked, “Why did I became your master?”

“Because you are the first person Guo Guo saw. The first person whom Guo Guo saw is Guo Guo’s master!”

First person to see? In the midst of his brain he was replaying the thought process of this little girl………don’t tell me she really appeared from the only thing left behind by her? Why did she appeared here……..what profound mystery is hidden here?

“Do you appeared from inside this?” He stopped his steps, raise that black color pendant on his chest and asked. This pendant was still emitting faint dim 7 color radiance.

“Ooh la la, correct. Master have seen it himself.” Little girl replied.

“Then why are you in this place? Actually what is this?” He took the pendant and lift it up near the face ofGuo Guo. It had a strange appearance and color which once caused him to attempt to find its secret. Because this was the only thing left behind by her, he never parted this from his body.

“Ooh la! I don’t know. Don’t you know about it master?” With an innocent face she asked.

If I had known, then I wouldn’t have ask you………he resolutely thought in his mind. He also can’t help but think if there was someone else in his place what their reaction would be.

“What do you know then?” He asked helplessly, eyes still on that black pendant. He had once yearned to know what was hidden inside of it so that he could know the reason, she had leave him.

There are a lot of things in the world that cannot be described with common sense, there are also many wonderful things in the world that cannot be comprehend. For instance, his meeting with her and her sudden departure, another example is the emergence of…….weird little girl. His surprise lasted only a short time, began trying to find the reasons. Perhaps, this was something to do with his thirst to know the answer.

However obviously, this calling of ‘master’ was misgiving. Moreover on the surface it looked like it was easy to cheat her but it was not easy to cheat her. No matter how loveable and well-behaved she looked, her eyes were shining with cleverness…….she is definitely cunning.

“What do I know……………ah.” Guo Guo turned his head, faced her little face upward and thought for a while. Afterward made troubled expression and said, “I know……..if master thought ‘destiny of moment’ in his heart one time, you can have quite unimaginable item Ooh.”

Ye Tian Xie was shocked, ‘Destiny of moment’, this word where exactly had he heard. He shut his eyes and softly said in his heart, “Destiny of moment!”

That unusual pendant in his hand suddenly shine with a dim white light and started to amplify before his eyes, then again amplify and amplify………

Heavy feeling came from the hands, Ye Tian Xie had lifeless look in his eyes and stared blankly at huge monster in the middle of his hand. Still the same narrow irregular shape, the same seven different shaped hole, also reflecting the dim 7 colors, but it’s already far big compare to the size before. Nearly 30 centimeters of breadth let it already exceed practically all type of weapons in length and more over comparable to Ye Tian Xie in height. Original strange string was snapped off and its one end was connected to pendant while other end of strap was in the gasp of the hands of Ye Tian Xie. It was just like holding a exotic unusual weapon.

This is…………………..

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Zel Vi

The lack of editing makes this almost unreadable….

Sage Hidden Bear

No joke. This seems interesting like Shura’s Wrath but its almost illegible in english. It needs serious editing. Please. Please please plz plz plz find someone to fix this.


I think I know what is happening. The black thing is a legendary item that has the girl inside it, but doesn’t have enough power to be used and summoned in the real world, so he needs to somehow make it stronger to be able to use it in the real world or… it could be that the ‘VRMMO’ is actually a world behind the crack, and it has more energy than his world so he can summon it there, and will eventually be able to summon it in his world.

Tamekatsu Itsurugi

the last part got me so confused.

Dare2Fly skyreacher

Report GM, someone use cheat engine! !! I think this VRMMO world is actually another real world and pendent originally belong to this world.

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