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Online Game: Evil Dragon Against the Heaven - Chapter 11 - Zenith Novels

Online Game: Evil Dragon Against the Heaven – Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 : Eternal Destiny of Moment

“Ooh la la! See see, most lovable Lolita Guo Gou would never deceive people.” Guo Gou who was proud of herself let out her laughter. Obviously this clear and melodious sweet-sounding laughter could make people happy, but simultaneously urge people to clog her mouth.

Ye Tian Xie didn’t bother with her, his eyes were glued to his hand where his most precious thing had turned into a monstrous thing. Still underneath this calm surface there was more and more profound and fearful secrets were hidden.

When he saw its attribute, unexpectedly its name was actually……………

‘Eternal destiny of moment!’

“The core energy of this world——-eternal moment of the destiny is gone, do not know where it drift and fall, without the power of eternal moment of destiny, the destiny tower seal is finally collapsing. All of the 8 archfiend escaped, spreading of magic gas outside started to affect all the land which caused even the docile animals to become violent……..”

The several line that were mumbled by old woman with both of her leg petrified, reverberated in through his mind. She had mentioned ‘eternal destiny of moment’ ———core energy of this world?

And what amazed him even more was, the thing with this name turned out to be…………the weapon in his hand!


Eternal destiny of moment (incomplete):

Using Requirement: None.

Grade: Faerie.

Core energy of destiny world and have unknown mysterious origin. At present the unknown mysterious power that resided within it had already lost due to its incomplete state. Already forcibly accepted the master.

Owner: Xie Tian

Cannot be trade, dropped, steal and discard.

Properties: Attack +50, attack +5%, 4 basic attribute +10 each; normal attack will attack all targets within the certain range and give them damage.


Favor of destiny: passive, owner of ‘eternal destiny of moment’ receive blessing of destiny. Upgrade fixed attributes: Luck +10, Comprehension +10 and Charm +10. (Additional enforcement, effect cannot be closed. Unless eternal density of moment is apart from body, even if it is unequipped the effects will not disappear.)

Destiny 7 kills: With power of punishment of ‘eternal destiny of moment’ continuously cause punishment of 7 different destiny. Punishment effects are irresistible, cannot overlaid, unknown attack limit and unknown cool down time.

1st kill: HP punishment—–blood stop, unknown effect, consumes 100MP, lack of ‘destiny of moment’, cannot use;

2nd kill: MP punishment—–magic stop, unknown effect, consumes 200MP, lack of ‘destiny of moment’, cannot use;

3rd kill: the Big Dipper punishment—–god collapse, unknown effect, consumes 400MP, lack of ‘destiny of moment’, cannot use;

4th kill: defense punishment—–erode poison, unknown effect, consumes 800MP, lack of ‘destiny of moment’, cannot use;

5th kill: life or death punishment—–departed spirit, unknown effect, consumes 1600MP, lack of ‘destiny of moment’, cannot use;

6th kill: yin and yang punishment—–slaughter soul, unknown effect, consumes 3200MP, lack of ‘destiny of moment’, cannot use;

7th kill: destiny punishment—–heavenly punishment, unknown effect, consumes 9999MP, lack of ‘destiny of moment’, cannot use;

Forbidden skill: taboo destiny • slay the Heaven, unknown effect, lack of ‘destiny of moment’, cannot use.

Ye Tian Xie, “! ! ! !”

This is the so called ‘eternal destiny of moment’, without his any consent it had forcibly already bounded to him as a weapon, even his hand was slightly trembling. Unexpectedly its offensive power had already far outstripped the attacking power of level 20 ordinary weapon. Even more directly added all together 40 points in basic attributes which is equivalent to 8 levels—-as players get 5 basic attribute points per level up! And what was even more powerful was its final peculiar ability which unexpectedly made normal attack could attack multiple targets within its range. He had not seen this ability even in the strongest weapons of <Lift up the heaven> and <Murder God>. And its grade was ‘faerie’! Also it had ‘favor of destiny’ which add full 30 points in fixed attributes so there was no complain about it being evaluated as faerie grade! You should know increasing fixed attributes are very hard, in addition even equips with fixed attribute are very few. For example, in <Lift up the heaven> it is said that highest level accessory at most only added 3 points in fixed attributes.

And this ‘eternal destiny of moment’ adds all together 30 points in these fixed attributes which most people will find unbelievable!

Pale white, steel, bronze, silver and gold are basic classification from low to high grade of equips of destiny world. Gold grade is the dividing line in this classification, from this grade upwards are super rare equips which grades are faerie, heaven, mysterious god, saint destroyer and absolutely forbidden. These are the classification grade of all equips in destiny world.

From gold grade onwards, faerie is the beginning. Majority of unique ability only starts to emerge from gold grade onwards, this shows how precious Faerie grade equips are. Countless players thirst for a piece of ‘faerie’ grade equips and possessing a ‘heaven’ grade equips is enough to run amuck. ‘Mysterious god’ grade equips are enough to break balance within players, probability for its appearance is next to nothing. ‘Saint Destroyer’ is only legend, only very few people had ever seen it. And ‘absolutely forbidden’……….this is only a folklore passed from mouth to mouth. This 2 words ‘absolutely forbidden’ means, it should not appear as it could break the equilibrium of the whole world.

However, at the beginning of this game, he was actually holding a Faerie grade equip in his hand, imagine how big the shock it would trigger, if the news about him obtaining Faerie grade equip were known.

Even so, these were not the things his was most concerned about, he was more concern about …… why did the thing she left appeared here, why is there a weird little girl and why core energy of the world ‘eternal destiny of moment’ which was lost appeared?

Ooh la la! Master, isn’t it cool? Hee hee, this is my gift to master ooh, do master like it?”

The voice of Guo Guo made him snap out of his thoughts, his corner of the mouth slightly twitched………although incredible, but originally this was his, when did you give me!

“Master, now can you give me lollipop to eat? I want good food……….good food to eat……….”

The floating body of little Guo Guo was swaying lightly, her tiny figure, at the time of swaying released a kind of aesthetic feeling which was enough to make people suffocated as well as her voice could make the bones of whole body to go limp. Ye Tian Xie was almost defeated by this spell. Clearly this little girl did not wish to eat food, did not know where she heard about lollipop but she want to eat a lollipop to satisfy her unusual pride as Lolita……

“What is destiny of moment?” Ye tian Xie asked.

“Well destiny of moment………. yi ya! Master didn’t give me lollipop to eat so I will not tell master!” Guo Gou slightly pursed her lips and originally smiling broadly gesture instantly changed to fuming with anger gesture.

“……….Since you call me master, you should listen to my words!”

yi ya? Why should I listen to you just because I call you master?”

“………Do you know what the meaning of master is?”

“I don’t know so what!”

“…….then why do you call me master?”

“I don’t know!”

[email protected]#¥%……”

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Oh so the equipment rankings are the same as Shura’s Wrath.


I hope it doesn’t give spoilers to Shura’s wrath.

Death Lingers

So who gave him this

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