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Online Game: Evil Dragon Against the Heaven - Chapter 12 - Zenith Novels

Online Game: Evil Dragon Against the Heaven – Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Crying Lovely Lolita and Callous Master

Ye Tian Xie could not help but worry himself whether this strange little girl was mentally all right or not. He forced his attention to divert toward the dead body of the wolf which was not too far and once more entered the wild wolves’ territory. He was holding ‘eternal destiny of moment’ with extreme appearance which would cause other people first sight to notice not him but rather this strange weapon in his hand. That was not a sword, not a dagger and not a blunt arms but an irregular indescribable weapon whose whole body was pitch-black with curve appearance, Furthermore it release 7 distinct color from its hole……..this confirms that no matter what, where and in whose hand, it would become focus point.

The combined length of ‘Eternal destiny of moment’ and his arm gave him at least 2m of attack range. At present he basically no longer needed to be careful while drawing hostility of a single wolf to avoid other wolves’ hostility. So he directly charged into the concentrated group of wolf. A single step inside their hostility range cause their eyes which was twinkling with blood colored light to lock on to him and started to charge towards him.

He wielded ‘Eternal destiny of moment’ which drew pitch-black arc parallel to the ground. This single attack sweep away 3 wild wolves who were running in the front at the same time. -85, -87, -85, simultaneously 3 bright red digit floated in the air. At present Ye Tian Xie had hundreds of method to deal with this crowd of wild wolves and didn’t have any pressure like before. He continued to attack these 3 wolves without retreating a single step, continuously wield his two weapons. In no time at all the 3 wolves simultaneously fell on the ground.

Ooh la la! Master is great. All these little monsters overthrow, overthrow them!”

The voice of Guo Guo, can’t help but made Ye Tian Xie mind messy when he was surrounded by 5 wolves. He hurriedly moved from that location causing the claw attack of remaining two wild wolf to attack each other. After that he continuously attacked these two wolves. After he killed these wolves, a sound finally rang in his ear.

Ding…….your level raised to lvl 1, HP +10, MP +10, gained 5 basic attributes point.” He added all these 5 basic attributes points to strength. His attack value immediately broke 100 points, now he only need 3 hit to kill a wild wolf and occasionally only 2 hits will be enough.

Leveling up in <Destiny> is very hard, only by killing 9 level 5 wolves, he was able to level up by lvl1. And to reach level 2 from level 1 needed 10 times the experience values which was needed to level up to level 1. 100 points of experience was need to level up from lvl0 to lvl1 so whole 1000 points of experience was needed to level up to lvl2. So it was not an overstatement to say leveling in this game is hardest in all history of VR gaming.

Again another two wild wolves fell simultaneously in front of him. When he looked around, his surroundings was already starting to pile up the corpse of the wild wolves. He had picked up the several coins which was total of 5 copper coin and nothing more. Because of ‘favor of destiny’ he now had 10 points in luck which clearly made drop rate better compared to before. But the system was still stingy. What made one angry was, let alone equips it didn’t even drop a single recovery potion, only dropped few coins.

Walking on the territory of wild wolf, he already planned to temporary return to the beginner village to learn ‘collect’ skill and finish the mission. Possessing this extraordinary ‘eternal destiny of moment’ was still making him feel if he was still in a dream and everything was not real. Suddenly he had an idea, he tried to recall back this ‘eternal destiny of moment’ like any other normal equips, then at once that huge weapon disappeared from his vision. However it didn’t returned to his inventory, rather morphed into pendant state and returned to his chest, hanging in a strange black thread on his neck.

There is always something strange in the world that cannot be understand. This ‘eternal destiny of moment’ which morphed into a pendant state in his possession, what great secret did it hold he was temporary unable to know. Still what did its appearance signify, he didn’t know but, at present even though he didn’t have any vocation, his starting point is much higher than other players.

Is it fair or unfair?

yi ya! Master, where are you going?” Seeing Ye Tian Xie turned to south, Guo Guo immediately followed behind him by floating. Her hovering height was similar to the height of his shoulder. She didn’t have any wings, nor she made any gesture with hand, but she was floating like a group of cotton that is floating in the wind.

“Returning back.” He answered with heavy heart as all the strange things that happened before was repetitively flashing in his mind.

“Back where? Is that place fun? Or going to master house?”


“Master, you still have not given me lollipop to eat. I am most cherished, most lovely Lolita Guo Guo, how can I not eat lollipop.”


yi ya! You are being rude master! ‘Sigh’ I, such a lovely Lolita is asking you a question and unexpectedly you are not paying attention! Hey! Wicked master, didn’t you hear what I have saidla!”

All his thoughts were distrusted and finally he reached the end of his patience, he paused his steps and swing his hand and directly grabbed this floating little girl. Suddenly a type of soft and warm sensation came through his hand, this caused his hand to relax a bit involuntarily. With a cold face and fierce voice he said, “Do not speak again!!”

All together the body of Guo Guo was only 30 cm long, his single hand with ease caught her from waist until her lower legs. Her eyes open wide, body became stiff and was clearly terrified. Then her eyes began to filled with tears and from her delicate mouth release a sound ‘wa………..’ and begin to cry loudly.

wu wa!! You’re bulling me, you’re bulling me…………..you’re bulling me!!”

His ears started to hurt by her loud weeping voice and her tears were pouring down like a floodwater. In the blink of an eye his side were already wet. She cried like she had suffered from one of the world biggest grievance, anyone who heard this cry will sympathize her with all their heart. Her body was very small but the weeping sound was extraordinarily big and at this open area her crying voice spread very far away.

Ye Tian Xie’s scalp was already tingling and he was slightly alarmed and bewildered. This hoarse sound of weeping absolutely didn’t have any trace of faking, even that downpour of tears is not possibly fake and that mournful sound which was like suffering from most cruel grievance in the world caused his cold expression to crumble. He hastily let go of her, carried her with both of his hand and lowered his head to her side and used the softest voice he could produce and said, “fine, fine, I was wrong, don’t cry Guo Guo………..”

The body of Guo Guo was very light like it didn’t have any weight. He had never before thought that one day he would have to coax a small girl. His comfort not only not have any effect on Guo Guo on contrary she cried even louder, “wu wu……..you bullied me! You bullied me!”

“Good girl, it was my fault. Hereafter I will never again bully Guo Guo, all right?” He made a great effort to squeeze out most gentle simile he could and said. It had already been a long time since he had a smiling expression therefore causing his face to become seriously out of shape.

“wu……….lie lie, how can you be so bad like that? I am this lovely and obedient, how can you bully me…….wu wa!” Guo Guo still cried loudly. That down pouring of tears again completely made his hand damp. Not only his mouth was twitching but also his heart was already twitching. From youngest to eldest, in all his memories, he had never before in his whole life comforted………..anyone.

“If Guo Guo stop crying, I will never bully most lovely and most smart Lolita Guo Guo in the whole world ever again, all right?” He racked his brains to think comforting words and forced himself to speak these words. After he finished speaking, he almost felt that all of his beliefs were toppled by himself. He can only pray this world to quiet down immediately.

As if the world had heard his prayer, it really quiet down so fast that he could hardly recover from shock. Guo Guo sparkling and crystal-clear tear drops were still pouring but her eyes were opened wide and contained a splendor as if she had heard exceedingly touching sentence. Still the sound of weeping stopped and even before that the expression of incomparable grievance was also completely gone. Then with very stern tone she said, “Ooh la! Is master really speaking truth?”

“……….really.” He with great difficulties forced himself to squeeze out this word from between his teeth. A second before there was a violent storms, and a second after there is intense sunlight. Now he began to doubt himself whether or not he had fallen into the trap.

Wa wa!” Little Guo Guo cheered with the face which still had some droplets of tears. Overjoyed she said, “master must keep his promise……..oh! I want to eat lollipop…….”

Ye tian Xie, “……….”



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someone who isnt an idiot

Thats some ridiculous amounts of exp you need
To put it in perspective, if he needed 1 exp to go to level one he would need 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 exp tp reach level 100


well who care there might be less increasing at higher level it doesnt mean that it would be easy to get level but it wouldnt be that retard amount of exp or maybe it cap out at certain level. for example after level 20 to get 1 level you need 1mil exp and it stay the same untill level 40 but the amount of exp u get from mob is scale with your level so like u kill a lvl 20 and u get 100xp at level 21 u get 50xp something like that so u have to kill the same or higher level to get decent amount of exp.

someone who isnt an idiot

Knowing the author im guessing hes just kinda gonna forget it

Spoiler Seeker

i think of that problem as well XD lol


give her fk lollipop..

Sage Hidden Bear

Sigh. I feel like his personality got thrown out. What a pointless character this Guo Guo thing is. Feels like she’s there just to force him to not be himself….

Death Lingers

Would’ve left her their crying

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