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Online Game: Evil Dragon Against the Heaven - Chapter 13 - Zenith Novels

Online Game: Evil Dragon Against the Heaven – Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: Strange Ability of Guo Guo

Even though this little girl didn’t know what lollipop is, she was still nagging about lollipop which was extremely moronic behavior. Therefore he thought when she mention lollipop it was intelligent to maintain silence. It seems this small, harmless, simple and pure girl had her own little thought. Despite his many indirect approach to get the answer of why did ‘destiny of moment’ exist and also why did she call him master but either her answer was ‘I will not tell you’ or it was ‘Ooh la la, I really don’t know!”

Beginner village.

Standing at beginner village entrance, they looked at that huge crowd going in and out. Facing towards the entrance together with him, Guo Guo who was standing on his shoulder was silent and casting a sidelong glance. This sight raised at least additional 20% to his already good appearance with evil monster charm and gave a dangerous flavor. No matter where he went he was the focus point of their gaze——-still none of those gaze was focused on Guo Guo who was on his shoulder.

Could it be that at <Destiny> world, staff will have this kind of tiny thing? He can’t help but think, then at once he firmly strangled this brainless guess.

“Guo Guo, they can’t see you, can they?” He asked.

Ooh la! Master is quite intelligent. I am the most lovely and cute little Lolita, how could catching the sight of me be this easy. Guo Guo is very powerful so if only I am unwilling then no one can see me and also touch me. Now only master can see and touch me ooh.” She looked triumphant and grinning told him. Clearly other payers not only not see her, they even couldn’t hear her voice. Not a single player looked at her direction when she spoke.

He used a strange gaze to take a glance of that small girl on his shoulder. He didn’t know what or how many other strange abilities and secrets this girl with unknown origin was hiding in her little body.

“Then can you return inside this?” He pointed at the pendant in front of his chest. Guo Guo had appeared from inside of this, since she can come out then maybe she could return too.

“Of course, I can la. Inside is dark, very dark so I will never go back.” She bit her lower flat lip, used her small hand to play with her soft and supple hair and look around the scenery and stream of peoples with here black eyes.

He no longer asked any question and took a step inside beginner village. Many little birds like a little sprite were chirping and his surrounding was full of ancient China, these feature could make many people to have good sensation. Even the corner of the mouth of Ye tian Xie was slightly raised. He wanted to know more about Guo Guo’s origin and about secrets of ‘destiny of moment’ but even if yearned for it now he could do nothing and would be meaningless.

Now it was not even an hour since he had entered this <Destiny> world. That pendant which should not appear in this world had become core energy of this world ‘eternal destiny of moment’. He was already vaguely aware that the contact between him and ‘eternal destiny of moment’ had turned his destiny in this <destiny> world into extraordinary.

At beginning village there were only few houses which were thinly scattered. Even at this moment it was crowded with players but at the time of opening the crowd were far too exaggerated. Old aged village head was standing in the middle of beginner village who was replying to all the players who came to contact with him. Ye Tian xie went in front of Village Head and politely asked, “Hello village head, may I ask if there is anything I can do to help you?”

No matter if it is people of real world or if it is NPC of VR world, politeness is forever essential while talking or asking. Otherwise, maybe the counterpart may not give the mission but rather maybe show ill will. Here in this game world every NPC have independent personality and thought. And even a single NPC is no exception.

“Ding………thanks to your extraordinary charm, degree of favorable impression of village head of 60001 village of you +20”

This sound of beeping in his ear made him to show his tooth. 10 points he had applied while making his character and another 10 points from ‘eternal destiny of moment’ made his charm value much more higher than any other players.

The village head was already bored after seeing so many players coming and going but when he saw Ye tian Xie his eyes lit up and smile also floated, “The core energy of this world——-eternal moment of the destiny is gone, do not know where it drift and fall, without the power of eternal moment of destiny, the destiny tower seal is finally collapsing. All of the 8 archfiend escaped, spreading of magic gas outside started to affect all the land which caused even the docile animals to become violent…….”

The statement of this village head and the statement of that strange old lady was exactly same, enduring his temper he listened and finally his subject changed, “adventurers from different world, I hope to see another hero born from you. Originally meek little chicken is now also infected with terrible magic, are you willing to help me wipe out 30 angry chicken?”

Ding…….village head of 60001 village requested to help him by killing 30 angry chicken. Mission grade: Common, Time limit: None, Reward: 80 experience and 5 small recovery potion.”

This is the basic mission of level 0 players. There was not even a shred of appeal for him, he didn’t accept this mission rather he seriously looked at village head and said, “Village head since you hoped for me to become hero, such simple mission is like you are looking down on hero. Think about it, you have already given this same mission to numerous other adventurers. I hope I can acquire the mission which they do not have the ability to complete.”

If any other player had asked to change their mission, the village head would have certainly scorn them, would have become impatient and start preaching them or even directly left. But because of the charm value of 20 points, village head was only stunned for a brief moment after that smiled and said, “Fine, you have shown me the pride of hero. Your breath, eyes’ expression and your unyielding character all made me believe more and more that you will turn into a real hero, who will resist against that demons. That being the case I will do as you wish.”

The sound of cancellation of mission ‘hunting Angry chicken’ rang in his ears, the smiling expression on mayor’s face disappeared, in his face emerged an expression like he was recalling his sentimental cherish memory, “In not too far north there is a Wolf Valley, there are variety of wandering wolves that become violent, bloodthirsty and fierce after they were affected by magic gas, they often sprang out from that valley wolf and brought trouble to the quiet and peaceful original beginner village. That year, my son was as old as you are now. That year, in order to eliminate the risk of this Wolf Valley, he alone went there and then never came back……” He let out a long sigh and said, “Brave adventurer, can you go to Wolf Valley and bring back 100 teeth of fierce wolf. I will use those fierce wolf’s teeth to make a tombstone for my son and to pay homage to his bravery and short life.”

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