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Online Game: Evil Dragon Against the Heaven - Chapter 14 - Zenith Novels

Online Game: Evil Dragon Against the Heaven – Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: Hidden Mission

“Ding……you have accepted to help village head of 60001 beginner village to gather 100 wolves’ fangs.

Mission Grade: Common

Mission time limit: None

Mission rewards: 1000 experience points and a level 5 steel grade equip

Remarks: Originally this mission could be triggered only after completing the basic mission 5 times. You may get extra reward after the completing this mission.”

Wolf…………again wolf. Before this wolf’s eyes and now it is wolf’s fang. He choose to accept it, after that the village head nodded his head and with gratified voice he said, “Youngster, I will be waiting for your triumphant return and hope these things could help you.”

“Ding………you obtained 10 small recovery potion, 5 apples and 5 steamed bun from village head of 60001 beginner village.”

Small recovery potion: Instantly restored 100HP, cool down time: 5 seconds, the effect cannot be stacked with similar recovery items.

Apple: A common fruit, recover 50 HP and -10 hunger after eating.

Steamed bun: A common product of wheat flour, recover 10 HP and -30 hunger after eating.

Sure enough, it was a good omen. He put these things away and said to village head, “Thank you village head.”

He he, before that I will teach you a basic survival skill it.” Veteran village head waved and at the same time, a dim white light appeared between his hands and his body.

“Ding……..you learned basic ‘harvest’ skill, can collect low level items from the dead body of monsters.”

“Master, Master! It seems like that thing called apple could be eaten ai! I want to eat, I want to eat!” After very difficult comforting, Guo Guo who was finally quite called out in his ear. While listening to village head he quietly whispered, “Do not speak!”

“Oh? What did you just say?” The village head looked puzzled.

At the same time Ye Tian Xie also made puzzled expression and with an innocent look without any flaw he said, “Ah what did I say.”

Village head couldn’t help but doubt that his ear had a problem because of old age. He didn’t dwell in this problem and smilingly said, “Oh, that’s right, blacksmith Lao Wang was looking for someone to help him. You can take a look when you pass by there.”

He nodded his head and bid farewell to village head. Afterward he moved towards smithy.

Wu, master, I want to eat that thing called apple. Master……..you have said that you will not bully most lovely and most obedient Guo Guo ever again, wu……”

Ye tian Xie could only admit defeat in the face of that delicate and charming immature voice of crying plus that tears that immediately flowed like floodwater from her star like eyes. He took out apple which he had got just a moment ago from his inventory and place it on Guo Guo’s hands. Suddenly Guo Guo nearly dropped on the ground but she stabled herself and floated again.

Wa! Big Oh, it looks like it taste very good.” She opened her small mouth and exerted herself to take a bite on that apple. Finally with great effort she bit out a small gap in the peel, then delightfully eat it. The sweet taste caused her to issue delightful sound from time to time.

The appearance of a little girl holding and gobbling up an apple which was almost the size of her head could indeed make people delightful and also cannot help but laugh. Even Ye Tian Xie slightly laugh once.

“Hello blacksmith uncle, may I ask if there anything you want me to help.” He entered the blacksmith shop and spoke towards the working blacksmith.

Hearing the sound, blacksmith turned around his dark face and said with a smile, “Hello adventurers from another world, indeed there is one thing where I need your help. Recently forging materials are insufficient, can you help me collect some wild boar’s fangs?”

“Ding……..thanks to your extraordinary charm, blacksmith Lao Wang’s favorability +20, blacksmith Lao Wang ask you to help him gather 20 mountain boar’s fangs.

 Mission Grade: Common

Mission Time limit: None

Mission Rewards; 200 experience points and random single level 3 pale white equip

Do you accept?”

Since getting apple in her hand, the ‘kazhi kazhi kazhi’ sound of nibbling the apple by Guo Guo was ringing in his ear without halting. But luckily that apple Guo Guo was holding in her hand strangely became invisible like Guo Guo’ body and couldn’t be seen by other people. If not, they could only see an apple floating in the air and it disappearing little by little, this sight was sure to cause a big chaos in the crowd.

Ye Tian Xie didn’t immediately accept the mission but thought over for a while and with a smile he said, “Uncle Blacksmith, although the boar’ fang is a good forging material still I think wolf’ fang in degree of tenacious is even better. How about I bring you wolf’s fang?”

Wild boar was just a level 2 monster so right now the wild boar’ territory is also surging with many players. So he didn’t know how much time he had to waste to collect these 20 wild boar’s fang. And he had just only accepted the mission of collecting wolf fang from village head…….what an agreement point.

Suddenly the eyes of Blacksmith lit up and smiling even more he said, “You are rarely seen enthusiastic young man, but the wolf is a ferocious animal and it is also very dangerous to collect wolf’s fangs. Are you really willing to collect 20 wolf’s fang for me?”

“Ding……..blacksmith Lao Wang favorability +10, mission content changed to collect 20 wolf’s fangs, mission time limit and rewards are unchanged. Do you want to accept it?”

“Without doubt, I will deliver 20 wolf’s fang as soon as possible.” He replied with a smile. Although the mission reward was unchanged, still that +10 increase in favorability had satisfied him. When he was just about turn back and leave, he heard blacksmith calling him, “Youngster……..ai, you are such a rarely seen earnest person. Can you afford to waste more of your time to help me in another task, perhaps you can do it if you are not busy.”

At once the steps of Ye Tian Xie stopped, across his whole face a smile appeared and said, “It is an honored for me to help other people.”

If his words were heard by all who knew his reputation, only they would have known how much sigh of disdain they would have issued.

Blacksmith put down his forging hammer, he sighed and his face took a great change from smiling to deep sentimental and said, “I had a 7 year old son. In this life he was my and my wife’s most precious wealth. But 1 months ago, suddenly a huge black colored bat appeared in the sky of beginner village. It lingered for a long time, suddenly rushed here and use its gigantic claw to seize my son and flew far-off to the south direction…….naturally that bat was terrifying monster, also likely, it was affected by the magic gas which was escaped from ‘destiny of tower’. From that time my son was taken away, I already realize that I can never see my son alive in my life again as it is impossible for my son to survive under that evil monster…………youngster ah, can you help me comfort my wife, after our son was taken away by that bat, she completely changed. Day by day, her body is becoming thin and weak and her mind is becoming abnormal too. Every day she call the name of our son like lunatic, if things goes on like this, before long, she would, like my son leave me………everyone from beginner village tried to comfort her but there was no effect. Youngster, if you are not busy then are you willing to help me with this? Even if she didn’t change, I will be very grateful to you.”

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hmm that “comfort my wife” mission isnt going to go the way i think is it…?


Oh my god that was my first thought. I’m ashamed of myself

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first women??


I think we are all perverts


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ooohhh. I like where this is going *hopefully*

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