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Online Game Evil Dragon Against The Heaven - Chapter 16 - Zenith Novels

Online Game Evil Dragon Against The Heaven – Chapter 16

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Chapter 16: Red Autumnal Leaves Alliance

Extremely big secret………….exactly what type of secret could be claimed as extremely big secret?

But at least what he can conform is, unintentionally this hidden mission is triggered within beginner village, so it wouldn’t be that difficult. God knows, whether their child who was called Xiao Ming is alive or dead and also where he was taken. He don’t even know how he looks like.

But fortunately this mission didn’t have time limit and penalty, so he had accepted it.

“Oh wow! Look at that man, heavens, he is simply perfect to the unbelieving degree.” A tall and graceful female player exaggeratedly exclaimed by covering her lips which her hand. And her flickering eyes pointed towards the target, it was Ye Tian Xie.

“Should have raised his appearance.” Female player by her side said.

“Even if he had raised his appearance, he should be handsome.”

“You little unrestrained wench again start to recklessly took a fancy upon others! *cough*

“*heng!* Even with this old f**king appearance, I can easily get any man.”

That female player straightened her face, revealed a charming smile on her face and gently pat on Ye tian Xie’s shoulder, with an intimate voice she said, “Little brother, can you take us sisters for leveling?”

That pair of peach blossom like eyes was full of undisguised provocative seduction. Ye Tian Xie eyes narrowed, just when he was about to speak, suddenly he got a glimpse of her name above her head which caused him to swallow the words he was about to say, turned away and left.

Her awesome name was……………Wet nurse of Danming lake.

The way to north, passing through many trees, he discovered that many players had already crowed that old lady with petrified legs whom he had seen before. Although her mission was to gather wolf’s eye, it was of common grade so even level 0 players could accept it. Also he had already wasted more than 1 hour at smithy and at that time others players also started to move towards north and set foot on territories of new monsters.

Wolf valley, located in the northern part of Beginner village, apart from somewhat lonely and desolate atmosphere, the scenery was still all the more delightful. Once in a while you can even hear wolf’s howl.

The entrance of this wolf valley is relatively a narrow gorge. Just as Ye Tian Xie was entering the wolf valley, he let out ‘oh?’ once because there was actually the presence of another person. At first glance, there was 5 individuals surrounding one huge wolf and were locked in a fierce fight.

Ye Tian Xie had only common grade equips all over his body, in comparison those players already had a full range of equipment, some of their equipment was even shining with faint blue light, it turned out to be steel grade equipment. The wolf which was surrounded by these players was nearly twice as big as other wolves. Under the constant joint attack of those 5 players, it was issuing a howl of anger from time to time. Slowly the HP bar above its head was declining. Above that HP bar there was a name “Giant fierce wolf” and there was 3 gold colored star hanging in front of its name.

3* BOSS!

Giant fierce wolf: level 5, 3* BOSS

HP: 1300

The variation among the wild wolves, which have huge body and formidable ability which far surpassed other common wild wolves.

Skill: Frenzy

At <Destiny> world, BOSS are classifies as 1*, 2*, 3* and Lord Class. In fact, strictly speaking, 1* and probably 2* monsters not counted as real a BOSS monster but considered as elite monsters. 1* BOSS is an ordinary elite monster whose ability exceed common monster 1-2 times. 2* BOSS is an elite monster which ability exceeds 1* by 1-2 times. 3*BOSS is the leader of the territory, whose ability is many times formidable. And Lord Class BOSS is the supreme ruler of the vast territory and has a fearful amount strength.  And above Lord Class BOSS, there is even more terrifying BOSS which are countless times more powerful than these monster which are classified as————-faerie beast, heaven beast, Mysterious god beast and Saint Destroyer beast.

Perhaps only after forming a large team of very high level skilled players, have the possibility to win over a lower level faerie beast. But they could only describe the Heaven beast onward with a single word————-unbeatable.

Ye Tian Xie couldn’t help but get interested in their names floating above their head. All the names of 5 players started from ‘red autumnal leaves’ and the name ‘red autumnal leaves alliance’ flashed in his mind. It seems he and this alliance have a little bit of intersection.

Sudden intrusion of outsider caused them to be slightly anxious as they were still attacking the giant fierce wolf. They had just discovered that this map called wild wolf valley and then discovered a single wandering 3* BOSS. This was very lucky as well as painful matter for them. But after they saw Ye Tian Xie was covered with only novice equips, their slight nervousness turned into disdain. And also his perfect looks made them gnash their teeth with jealousy on the top of that they hated him even more.

But, they could only looked for a split second at him. Even though all 5 of them were level 3, it was still not that easy to deal with Level 5, 3* BOSS.

Those 5 players happens to be novice guardian, novice warrior, novice archer, novice mage and novice priest. 5 people and 5 different vocation. Novice guardian was holding the wooden shield in front and while drinking the health potion he was withstanding the attacks of giant fierce wolf. Novice warrior was swiftly attacking it from behind, novice mage was standing at the suitable distance from the giant fierce wolf and continuously attacking with magic, at one side the novice priest was drinking mana potion and after which she was casting healing and bluffs and lastly novice archer was shooting the arrow from behind the rock.

-9, -11, -8, -22………….

These 5 player had mutual understanding and all the location they were at were also just right, because of this there was a stalemate between them and giant fierce wolf. With the defense of this Level 5, 3* wolf, the attack of these 5 players looked weak. Only the magic attack of novice magician were dealing some noticeable damage. But still the HP of the giant fierce wolf was slowly falling. By the time Ye Tian Xie arrived here, the HP of this wolf was already dropped near 30%.

Ye Tian Xie stopped, he was not enjoying the show of those 5 players but was pondering. Having the ability to have a complete set of equips, this shows that these players are not ordinary. Plus that perfect formation and high level of skill shows that this players also should have high level position in ‘Red autumnal leaves’ alliance.

“Come on! It still have less than 300 HP left, hurry up…………I only have last HP potion left, hurry I cannot withstand much longer. Little Mu, Pay attention to its HP!” Novice guardian who was withstanding the attacks and provoking the giant fierce wolf, yelled loudly.

“I’m also running out of mana potion.” The novice priest hurriedly casted healing skill and waited for its cooldown.

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