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Online Game Evil Dragon Against The Heaven – Chapter 17

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Online Game Evil Dragon Against The Heaven, Chapter 17: Blast him!

At this point, the HP of giant fierce wolf fell below 20% and what he had expected happened. The giant fierce wolf suddenly stopped attacking, raised its head towards the sky and release the terrifying howl. After that it started to violently breathe, all of the hair on its body also stood erect and eyes become blood red. All of this caused the atmosphere around it to change, and this change caused those 5 players to tremble with fear at the same time. That novice guardian couldn’t help but took a step back and with terror he spoke, “this wolf is in frenzy, everyone speed up the attack output!”

Frenzy: When the HP of giant fierce wolf falls below 20%, there is 50% chance to trigger this ability. After this ability is triggered, for 1 minute, attack power, attack speed and movement speed all are increased by 30% and defense is decreased by 30%.

When frenzy was trigged, the ‘provocation’ skill was cancelled. So, it no longer attacked the novice guardian who was withstanding its attack. Suddenly it released a violent howl and pouched toward the novice priest who was behind novice guardian. Novice priest was caught unprepared, she couldn’t even release her scream and was hit on her chest by the huge claw of wolf and that attack take away half of her HP.

Novice guardian was greatly surprised and swiftly turned around, but his provocation skill was still at 10 second cooldown, so he couldn’t immediately attract the hostility of giant fierce wolf. Novice priest hurriedly retreated but how could her speed be faster than the wolf who had triggered frenzy. Its claw again hit her in chest which took away all of her remaining HP from HP bar above her head. After that her body fell down on the ground, transformed into a partial of light and disappeared……..and sent back to novice village.

The priest died, the remaining 4 players became disorder. Two of the long-raged players started to bombard the wolf with attacks. After killing the priest, giant fierce wolf turned around and howled, then started to rush to the direction of novice mage who was attacking with magic bullets.

“First withdraw!” Novice guardian yelled loudly. With just 2 attack from this wolf, it had sent back their priest to the beginner village. They had already use huge amount of potion this time and the giant fierce wolf also had only 200 HP left. And it seemed like the 4 of them couldn’t necessary last long enough to deplete that remaining 200 HP of giant fierce wolf.

At once all 4 of them spread in different direction and started running towards the exit of the map. Novice guardian was directly charging towards the direction of Ye Tian Xie, and yelled, “Friend! Can you do me a favor? This BOSS is going to die, I will add you in our party and you just have to give us your health recovery potion……..and we will defeat this BOSS. How about we give you a piece of equip that drops from this BOSS?”

Ye Tian Xie narrowed his eyes and with a calm face showing a gentle smile he said, “Fine, Remember to keep your promise.”

“Ding……Iron wall of red autumnal leaves invite you to join his party. Do you accept?”

Oh! Accept.”

The beep of successfully joining the party rang in his ear, and at the same time novice guardian also arrived before him, and hastily said, “Quick, give me health recovery potion……..this is level 5 BOSS, not only you got a share the experience, we will also give you a equip which will drop from this BOSS, you earn it big.”

If not for this situation, Iron wall of red autumnal leaves would never seek help form this novice player with novice equips all over the body, not to mention trading. Ye Tian Xie efficiently took out 5 health recovery potion and handed to novice guardian. After taking the potions, that novice guardian no longer said anything and directly turned towards the novice archer who was being chased by giant fierce wolf and yelled, “Get ready to attack!”

Novice guardian quickly casted ‘provocation’ skill, this caused the giant fierce wolf to pause, then turned around and started to rush towards him. Novice guardian still used his wooden shield to withstand the wolf’s attacks. And remaining players all gathered around the wolf and started to attack it. They didn’t know when Ye Tian Xie walked over, he was holding his novice sword and attacking the wolf and his damage was……………..

-1, -1, MISS…….

From their party panel, they noticed that Ye tian Xie was amazingly Level 1 player. Red autumnal leaves alliance 4 players face showed same kind disdain as if they were God.

The HP of the giant fierce wolf from 200 drop down to 150, again 150 to 100. The player who was wielding two-handed sword coldly looked at Ye Tian Xie and whispered to Iron Wall of red autumnal leaves, “Kick him out, otherwise our experience will be divided……….and probably even rush to pick up the drops.”

Just when the voice of novice warrior faded, a sound rang in Ye Tian Xie’s ear, “You have been kicked out from Iron wall of red autumnal leaves’ party.” This caused a sneer to appear in Ye tian Xie’s corner of mouth. Suddenly he took a step forward, in his hands novice sword already disappeared, and when he attack again, only a huge black colored arc was drawn directly in front of giant fierce wolf’s body………..


Gorgeous yellow colored critical damage floated above the head of giant fierce wolf, the wolf let out a mournful howl, and all its HP in HP bar was emptied and it fell on the ground. It directly dropped copper coins and health potions. In addition to this it also dropped 3 equips which were shining with weak blue light.

“Ding, you successfully killed 3* elite giant fierce wolf, gained 400 experience.”

Currently 10 points in luck fixed attribute was the highest value in luck, this cause his critical hit rate far higher than other average players as well as drop rate and their quality also far beyond.

All 4 of the red autumnal players were completely frozen, they only looked at Ye Tian Xie and all 3 equips which were dropped on the ground. The color of light confirmed that those three equips were steel grade. Dropping 3 steel grade equips at once had already greatly surprised them and now their vision was concentrated to that huge black colored weapon in the hand of the Ye Tian Xie. Comparing with two-handed sword, that weapon was far bigger in size and even its appearance was indescribable with any words. Occasionally it flashed a strange colored lights, all the players’ reaction would be same when they saw this weapon for the first time.

After shock they were throbbing with greed. They didn’t feel guilty of not keeping promise and kicking him out from party. They didn’t even feel that much humiliation and anger as their BOSS was killed by him. They just wanted to take that strange weapon from Ye Tian Xie. The damage output was far higher so without doubt it was differently not an ordinary weapon but extremely powerful weapon.

“Actually dared to steal our BOSS, blast him!”

The face color of novice guardian continuously changed, then he roared and rushed towards Ye Tian Xie. But at present, Ye tian Xie had strange and unfathomable smiling expression in his heart. He also directly dashed towards the novice guardian and took a single hit from him.

“Ding……..you received the attack of from iron wall of red autumnal leaves’ party, you have half an hour time to counter attack them.”

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