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Online Game: Evil Dragon Against the Heaven - Chapter 19 - Zenith Novels

Online Game: Evil Dragon Against the Heaven – Chapter 19

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Online Game: Evil Dragon Against The Heaven, Chapter 19: Business Deal

The attributes of Steel grade equips are 1 or 2 times higher than Pale White equips. Ye Tian Xie just browsed through their attributes and threw them in his inventory. As before with just beginner equips he went deep inside the wolf territory. It’s not that he didn’t want to equip it, rather…….those equips required a close combat vocation, and he couldn’t fulfill it as he didn’t have any vocation at this stage.

After he had taken a few steps, the pack of wandering wolves appeared within his line of sight. For Ye Tian Xie these wild wolves and other low level monsters weren’t different at all, except the hostility range of wild wolves. He could easily kill both wild wolves and other low level monster easily without breaking a sweat. Ye Tian Xie walked unhurriedly towards the wild wolves, immediately causing 3 wolves to rush towards him and when 3 wolves were close enough he drew Eternal Destiny of Moment………………..

He would not easily forget the matter about the 5 health recovery potions that he had given to Iron Wall of Red Autumnal leaves. He had already decided to take away many things from him…………….as its price.

At the resurrection point in the beginner village, all 5 players of Red Autumnal leaves alliance emerged successively. And when Iron Wall of Red Autumnal Leaves appeared there, Novice Warrior fuming with rage said, “7th brother, when have we ever humiliated like this! We absolutely cannot forget about this. I will immediately call some of our brothers and go to kill him and also his weapon………”

“Before you say anything,” Iron Wall of Red Autumnal Leaves raised his hand to stop him, “This matter is something that I have to tell alliance master. I’m sure he will be interested in that weapon.”

The communication device of the world of <Destiny> was a ring or wristband, these device can be used for not only entering the game from the real world but also as a communication device as well as,  a clock, camera, and more. Similarly these devices could be concealed and evoked. Iron Wall of Red Autumnal Leaves raised his hand and spoke against the device, “Leader, I just got killed by a level 1 player. Not only was I killed, but he killed 4 of us…………..that level 1 player could deal 100+ damage.”

Oh?” A man’s voice came through the communication device.

“Leader, I will send you a photo, then you will know what I meant.”

He sent a photo through the communication device, this was the photograph of Ye Tian Xie who was impressively holding ‘Eternal Destiny of Moment’ in his hand. This was the photograph he had hastily taken when Ye Tian Xie had attacked Novice Mage.

After a long silence, the voice again came from the communication device, “A very overbearing appearance. Even if it appeared at beginner village, all the warrior vocation players would be crazy to get this weapon. What type of hidden mission did that player trigger……….ah 7th, I’m very interested in this unusual weapon, you must seize it and give it to me. If its attack is really as strong as you mentioned, it would be a great help to me……….first try to trade or buy that weapon from him. It would be best if he sells it to us, and it doesn’t matter if he asks for more than million, just accept it. In this short period of time, this player has triggered a hidden mission and also completed it. He is definitely not a normal player, so we can’t afford to make an enemy out of such a player at this stage.

“Leader, I understand what you mean.” Iron Wall of Red Autumnal Leaves answered and turned off the communication device, then said, “Let’s go back to that wolf valley, he should still be there!”




“Your level has increased to level 2, HP +10, MP +10, you have received 5 basic attribute points.”

As before, Ye Tian Xie applied all of this points into strength. After this his attack directly increased to 116. Now he only needed two hits to kill 3 wild wolves and sometime a single critical hit would do the job.

Again, another 7 or 8 wild wolves fell on the ground, after that he went towards the dead bodies of the wolves and used his basic ‘harvest’ skill.


“You received 2 wolf eyes and 3 wolf fangs.”


“You received 2 wolf eyes and 1 wolf fang.”

Looking inside his inventory, he saw that he had already gotten more than 50 wolf eyes and more than 50 wolf fangs. So, after killing the wild wolves which had re-spawned, he turned to go back to town. He was not in a rush to complete the mission of blacksmith Lao Wang, but he was looking forward to completing the mission of the old lady.

At this stage of game, there were no return scrolls, so he had to walk all the way back. While he was returning, he again met those 5 players of Red Autumnal Leaves alliance. But he didn’t stop his footsteps at all and walked towards his destination as if he didn’t see them.

“Xie Tian, we are players from Red Autumnal Leaves alliance………..care to do a business deal with us?” Seeing Ye Tian Xie, Iron Wall of Red Autumnal Leaves let out a sigh of relief and directly stated his business to avoid any conflict.

“Business deal?” Ye Tian Xie slightly smiled, and his vision swept all those 5 players and with scorn, he said, “You people who didn’t even keep your promise, want to do a business deal?”

When his vision swept across them, their bodies suddenly tightened. Especially that Novice Archer, who was completely frightened and he huddled behind the other players as if he was their shadow.

Iron Wall of Red Autumnal Leaves’ face became black but still calmly said, “What happened before is purely a misunderstanding……….I will speak frankly, our leader Strong Gale of Red Autumnal Leaves is interested in your weapon. As long as you are willing to hand over that weapon to us, you can ask any price. Also alliance leader himself said that you can join our Red Autumnal Leaves alliance and directly become one of the core players, if you want. Within the VR world, although our Red Autumnal Leaves alliance’s influence can’t be compared with two giants ‘Dominion alliance’ and ‘Wings of Heaven’, our alliance name is also equally known by everyone. Also our alliance is within the top 10 in terms of power and very few people are bold enough to provoke us. The name alone is enough to suppress most players, no need to mention about our leader.”

Oh………..” Ye Tian Xie made his face appear as if he was interested. He raised his hand with ‘Eternal Moment of Destiny’ and he looked like he was thinking about something and slowly said, “100 gold coins!”

“100 gold coins!?” The eyes of Iron Wall of Red Autumnal Leaves widened, his face changed quickly and grinding his teeth he said, “Well, you are quite frank. We’ll gather the amount at once……lets go.”

Iron Wall of Red Autumnal Leaves did not say anything further and directly left. After currency exchange is opened, 100 gold coins or 100 Chinese currency is nothing but a fart for Red Autumnal Leaves alliance, but in the early game each copper coin is precious, and a single gold coin is a huge asset. It could be even said there is not any player who had a single gold coin at this stage. Even Ye Tian Xie, who had killed a giant fierce wolf, his total assets amount to 60 silver coins, nothing more.

Ye Tian Xie didn’t bother to look at them, and went straight towards the location of the old lady.

“Leader, he wants 100 gold coins, not real currency but coins.” Iron Wall of Red Autumnal Leaves spoke into the communication device.

Oh? 100 gold coins? It appears that he is not an ambitious person. Immediately mobilize all the players to gather coins at that beginning village. And be sure to collect them in the shortest time possible. I don’t care even if the exchange rate is 1000 Chinese currency to 1 gold. Now go!”

“Yes.” Iron Wall of Red Autumnal Leaves answered. He quickly ran towards beginner village. Even with an exchange rate of 1000:1, 100 gold coin will cost only 100,000 Chinese currency. And if they got that weapon, then in the beginning stage they would be ahead of all the other players. This will bring them many additional benefits which could not be measured in terms of money.

I am doing extra chapter per $25, for only this month. After the month it will revert back to $50 per chapter.

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