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Online Game: Evil Dragon Against the Heaven - Chapter 2 - Zenith Novels

Online Game: Evil Dragon Against the Heaven – Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Destiny World

The house of Ye Tian Xie was located at luxurious residential area of Beijing city. In this area, the whole life income of normal person couldn’t even buy a piece of land, even if they somehow had money but without power they can’t purchase even if they wanted to. Here, only rich and powerful people could live. In this place, Ye Tian Xie didn’t have any contact nor work with other person. There are often some idle person who chatted about why such person lived in this villa. They speculated that perhaps he inherited a huge legacy or other reason. Only Ye Tian Xie himself could answer this question.

For Ye Tian Xie, this was merely a single villa but not a place to call house. This villa was empty, he was only by himself in this villa.

After returning to his room, he lied down on the bed. He was too impatient to wait anymore so he lifted his left hand and press the center button of the wrist band which gave the instruction to “enter the game”.

After giving the instruction, suddenly a single screen appeared. And his eyes blanked out for a split second, after which his consciousness appeared to be absentminded. Suddenly his eye became clear and he saw variety of changing colors which signified a passage through the world. This world was colorful, shortly afterwards he heard the melodies and clear voice of a woman.

“Ding……..Mr. Ye Tian Xie hello, welcome to the Destiny world. There is still 2 hours 39 minutes left for the opening of Destiny world. Please wait patiently. This is your first time using gaming console, do you want to create a character?”

“Yes.” He responded. This was the first virtual reality game which was on completely different scale compared to all other virtual reality games. Even the sound of the women before seems as if it was spoken by real woman. This shows it was no exaggeration when they boasted that this VR game provide 99% feeling of reality.

“Ding…..at Destiny world you will possess new life, new fate; once you start, there is no possibility of turning back, so you should choose carefully which destiny road you want. Now please choose name for your character. This name cannot be changed anytime later. Since you are from China, you could only choose Chinese text for name, furthermore it shouldn’t be more than 10 word.”

This voice expressed everything clearly. In this Destiny world, there is no chance at all to start anew again. To speak frankly, you cannot delete the account and repeat again. Therefore, no matter if it is pet name, stat attribute or vocation, once selected it will forever remain same and it was impossible to change ever again. The VR game was named <Destiny> because destiny of the person do not have multiple choice.

“Tian Mo Xie!” Ye Tian Xie didn’t think much and announced this name which only belongs to him.

“Ding…….this name is already taken by another person, please choose another.” The female voice gave him completely unexpected response.

“What!?” The facial expression of Ye Tian Xie immediately became indescernable. His two pupils started to shine with dangerous radiance. China had a couple of hundred million population and the <Destiny> console was on the hand of most of them. It was also not in the least overstatement to say there was at least tens of millions gamers. So such a large base of repeat nickname were perfectly normal, but to repeat the name “Tian Mo Xie”, things were simply far from simple repetition of pet name.

“…..Sir, this name is indeed already used by another user, please choose a new one.” It seemed to have felt immense change in Ye Tian Xie and his surroundings. The voice from the system actually became rather apprehensive. Ye Tian Xie was enraged however also secretly gasped in surprised as this system voice even carried emotion.

“Xie Tian.” After a long silence, Ye Tian Xie finally voice out another name. His eyes however were shining with ice-cold rays…….. ‘Who dare to use his name, was it to provoke me? Very good, but the price of provoking me however is not absolutely within the means of capacity you can endure.’

“’Xie Tian’ assigning name is successful. Please set the scope of appearance adjustment.”

The corner of Ye Tian Xie’ mouth curved upward, “adjust to 100%!”

“…………..”At once the voice of that woman was clearly obstructed. Afterwards, in a weak voice said, “Sir, the adjustment scope of appearance is at most 20%, is it ok to adjust at 20%?”


“Adjustment of appearance succeed. Adjustment of appearance is for initial stage of games in compliance with the wish of players to maintain a certain degree of privacy and protection. After the first transfer, appearance adjustment effect will disappear automatically, if you want to continue to protect your privacy, you can get a mask at any store in any city for free. Please select your pain tolerability in the game, ranging from 5% to 100%, this ratio affects only pain and does not affect any other senses.”

“Of course, 5%.” Ye Tian Xie without the slightest hesitation said. Only the people with some problem in brain choose 100%.

“Setting of pain tolerance rate successful, please distribute your initial free points to your basic attributes. Each player have altogether initial 25 points. It is free to distribute on strength, vitality, agility and spirit (basic 4 elements-earth, water, fire and wind). Any stat attribute should be at least 4 and not exceeding 10 points. The points could be earn in Destiny world by leveling up. Please choose.”

Finally a single white color panel floated in front of him. Above side by side, there was strength, vitality, agility and spirit, behind which there was a detailed marked counter per basic attribute. Strength influences physical attack, vitality influences health and defense and agility influences accuracy and dodging speed and also influences long range vocations’ attack and spirit however influences magic attack and mana. Each player with different vocation have nothing in common with each other.

After the panel appeared in front of Ye Tian Xie, he became lost in thought for a long time. The distribution of the points in the basic attribute is closely related to the selection of vocation. Therefore, this time again ought to choose single vocation………..is chasing 100 steps to kill like wind shadow or indestructible and motionless like a wall or dark king……

Inside his mind, single faint beautiful image dazzled and finally his hands start moving. He placed maximum points in strength basic attribute which was 10 and also started to distribute points in other basic attributes. His distributed free points as strength 10, vitality 7, agility 4 and spirit 4. Clearly he had already decided to choose close combat vocation.

“Free points distribution in basic attribute success. Please assign points in fixed attributes. Each player have all together 10 points to distribute in fixed attributes which are luck, comprehension and charm. Every fixed attributes can be distributed minimum of 0 points and maximum of 10 points. Fixed attributes can only increase through equip bonus or other special way. ‘Luck’ relates to Destiny world’s fortune, particularly involves drop rate, critical attack rate, success rate of chance event and other numerous aspect. ‘Comprehension’ relates to Destiny world’s understandings capability, better understanding of the survival skills and at the same time every new realization can gain additional 0.3% of experience. ‘Charms’ relates to Destiny world’s charisma index, higher the charms, the higher it is likely to get along and have good impression with NPC of Destiny world. Please assign carefully.”

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Juno Rush

Devil charm please… lol


I don’t know why, but i will choose 100% pain ratio unhesitantly ..

Kaito Chrom

Masochist Alert!.


no, it’s not being Masochist. beacause we can move our body freely it will make us more sensitive to being attacked and put pressure so we will not be attacked.comment image


Not to mock this novel but the star is eerily the same with the start of Shura’s wrath

Elder God

Since it’s from the same author. He write three similar, VR game related novels.

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