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Online Game: Evil Dragon Against The Heaven - Chapter 20 - Zenith Novels

Online Game: Evil Dragon Against The Heaven – Chapter 20

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Final regular chapter of this week 4/4

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Enjoy the chapter.

Translator: steady

Editor: aaron.king123

P.S: I am doing extra chapter per $25, for only this month. After the month it will revert back to $50 per chapter.


Final regular chapter of this week 4/4

no queue for extra chapter

Online Game: Evil Dragon Against The Heaven, chapter 20: You can take a hike!

“Hello Madam, here are the wolf eyes you wanted.” He placed 10 wolf eyes in the hand of that strange old woman. Thereupon the beep of mission accomplishment rang in his ear……….but he nearly cursed when he saw what that mysterious reward of the mission was.


“You completed the mission ‘petrified old woman request’. Obtained quest rewards: experience 10 points and 1 silver coin.”

Unexpectedly he only got 10 experience points and a single silver coin as a reward for giving up 10 wolf eyes. He could have easily sold those 10 wolf eyes in the shop for 2 silver coins………he wanted to ask this question, old woman, aren’t you quite a daring miser?

“Thank you youngster, these wolf eyes are of great help to me. Youngster, I can see you are a very eager and brave person. So are you willing to help me again by collecting 100 wolf eyes?” The old woman lifted her dry bark like face and spoke the words of appreciation, but there was not the least bit of appreciation expression on her face, only a look of complete indifference.


“The petrified old woman requests you to help her by collecting 100 wolf eyes.

Mission property: Common

Mission time limit: None

Mission reward: Unknown.

Do you accept it?”

“I accept.”

The second request of this old woman satisfied him, because the second request meant it’s a continuous mission. And the rewards of beginning stage of a continuous mission are cheap enough to be ignored. But in this type of continuous mission, along with the increase of the mission, the rewards also become higher and higher. Now this is the continuous mission, then could next one be 200 wolf eyes? And further down it? 300?

He didn’t feel like sprouting nonsense, so he directly returned to the Wild wolf valley and started to kill more wild wolves. As he stepped into the wolves’ territory, the wolves caught the scent of a stranger and directly rushed towards him. But then with a single sweep of ‘Eternal Destiny of Moment’ 2 wolves directly died.

2 hit and certain death, and also range of 2 meter with AOE normal attack. Even the efficiency of 6-man party with an average level of 5 couldn’t match the efficiency of Ye Tian Xie. Gradually, 10 minutes later, not a single one was left from the pack of wild wolves who were attacking him. Again after another 10 minutes, he was charging and taking the initiative to attack the wolves and again another 10 minutes later…………..there was not even a single wild wolf left around him. Every wild wolf in this place was killed by him alone, this location had already become like his private hunting ground.


“Your level has increased to level 3, HP+10, MP +10, you have received 5 basic attribute points.”

Inside his inventory, the number of wolf eyes already exceeded 300. Finally, he once again stepped out from the wolf valley, unfortunately……..or should we say the people of Red Autumnal Leaves alliance were unfortunate, once again they met him head-on.

As before, they were the same 5 players. In the China region there are 100,000 beginner village, since there is such a huge number of beginner village, it is quite hard for players of same alliance to be assigned in the same beginner villages. So for 5 people from the Red Autumnal Leaves alliance to be assigned in the same beginner village could be considered as good luck. Iron Wall of Red Autumnal Leaves took the lead and stepped forward in front of Ye Tian Xie and said, “Xie Tian, we have gathered 100 gold. Let’s complete the transaction, we will give you an additional level 3 two-handed sword as a gift and we ‘Red Autumnal Leaves alliance’ will also recognize you as our friend.”

100 gold coins, at this stage this amount can be considered astronomical wealth. In order to prevent any trouble that could be caused by delaying, they paid the maximum price to collect these 100 gold coins within the shortest period of time. And after collecting, the first thing they did, was to hurriedly come here. Fortunately, when they came here, they at once found him.

“Red Autumnal Leaves? Are you serious?” Ye Tian Xie laughed, he didn’t even bother to hide his disdainful expression when asking this question.

Immediately the expression of Iron Wall of Red Autumnal Leaves changed, but it relaxed again and he said indifferently, “Although our Red autumnal leaves alliance cannot be compared with ‘God’s Domain alliance’ and ‘Wings of Heaven’, nevertheless no average person can provoke us. We have more than 10,000 brothers and sisters, even if it is ‘God’s Domain alliance’ and ‘Wings of Heaven’, we have never feared them. Before long we will trample both of them under the soles of our feet!”

Ye tian Xie naturally had not heard the name ‘God’s Domain alliance’ and ‘Wings of Heaven’, he just advance two steps in front of Iron Wall of Red Autumnal Leaves, extend his right hand and said, “100 gold coins, cough up.”

Iron Wall of Red Autumnal Leaves remained motionless, with a cold face he said, “With one hand exchange the cash, the other the goods (idiom), we Red Autumnal Leaves alliance don’t have the habit of giving the coins first.”

“I’m also same.” Ye Tian Xie withdrew his hand, and looking at him, he said, “I don’t care about your Red Autumnal Leaves alliance’s reputation or style. Also I have already seen the habit of your Red Autumnal Leaves alliance just before too. I will just say it once either give me the coins or take a hike.”

That harsh, ridiculing, and disdainful look made those 5 players of Red autumnal leaves alliance face color change and take on a cold expression. Before, in any VR game if the 3 words Red Autumnal Leaves were heard, who would dare not give them precedence out of courtesy and about 30% of players would immediately flee at the mere sight of them. Till now no one had dared to despise them in this way, and what’s more the was opposing party was a single player and there was 5 of them.

That hands of Novice Warrior were already on his weapon and he was ready to attack, but Iron Wall of Red Autumnal Leaves gestured him to stop. The most important task for them now was to make sure they get that strange weapon which alliance leader Strong Gale of Red Autumnal Leaves wanted. This was not the time to be swayed by their personal feelings……if they could have, they would have long ago directly killed him until he dropped all his equips including that weapon. But in merely 10 seconds, all 4 of them were killed in previous fight. So to complete the task given by their leader, their only choice was to exercise patience.

“Well…….” Iron Wall of Red Autumnal Leaves released a long breath, and slowly said, “Previously, we were in the wrong. We can hand over the gold coins first, Xie Tian, we believe you are not unwise enough to offend our whole Red Autumnal Leaves alliance. Although you are very strong, and you alone can easily defeat us 5, but on our back there are 10,000 brothers and sisters of Red Autumnal Leaves alliance. It’s better to become friends with us rather than enemies. We believe you are intelligent enough to make the right choice.”

After the compromise, there was a huge threat. The threat of 10,000 players may be enough to keep most of the players under control but this time they chose the wrong opponent to threaten. Some people are born fearless to any threat and on the contrary this can be used as an excuse to kill them.

Iron Wall of Red Autumnal Leaves alliance advanced forward and handed over 100 Gold coins to Ye Tian Xie. When the beep of handover success rang in his ear, he checked his inventory and saw 100 shining gold coins. On his face a clear magnificent smile emerged, after this he turned around to go on his way and carelessly said, “Well, I received the coins, you can take a hike now.”

P.S: I am doing extra chapter per $25, for only this month. After the month it will revert back to $50 per chapter.


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