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Online Game: Evil Dragon Against The Heaven – Chapter 21 - Zenith Novels

Online Game: Evil Dragon Against The Heaven – Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: Nothing else to do, just kill once again

Suddenly the color of all the 5 players of Red Autumnal Leaves faces changed. And the calm expression of Iron Wall of Red Autumnal Leaves finally became black, and he said, “What do you mean!?”

“Last time you took 5 recovery potions from me. And I charged you only 100 gold coins for them, that’s all. Isn’t this a perfect business deal? Furthermore I still have 5 more recovery potion, if you want them, I can sell all of them to you for just 50 gold coins, how about it?”

The cost of a small recovery potion in the store of the beginner village is just 2 copper coins, and here, Ye Tian Xie sold same recovery potion at 20 gold coins, directly earning 1000 times the profit. Even Iron Wall of Red Autumnal Leaves barely endured his impulse to chop him into pieces with a sword, gritting his teeth he laughed grimly and said, “Xie Tian, it seems you have decided to go against us Red Autumnal Leaves!?”

“Your green hat alliance, ‘Red Autumnal Leaves alliance’, and I don’t have any connection now. This amount is that potions payment nothing more, you got 5 recovery potions and I got my 100 gold coins and your cheap death.” Ye Tian Xie cast a sidelong glance and let out an unparalleled laugh and as he said this. He suddenly discovered that having his game name changed was not too bad, or at least he could do many fun things to pass time. If he had used his previous name, even ‘God’s domain’ and ‘Wings of heaven’ would have selected to take a detour once they saw his name.

“Very good………Xie Tian, we Red Autumnal Leaves alliance will remember you. Let’s go!!” Iron Wall of Red Autumnal Leaves suppressed his anger, dropped these sharp words with a roar, and turned around to leave. Since the time he joined Red Autumnal Leaves alliance, he was never once humiliated like this. All 5 of them knew that they were no match for him, so they decided to temporarily swallow all their anger and hate and leave. They could only think, after Xie Tian left the beginner village, they would settle their debts and at that time they would let him realize what regret means.

“Stop, you seem to have forgotten something.”

The steps of Iron Wall of Red Autumnal leaves paused, and he turned around his body to see him.

Ye Tian Xie extend his 3 fingers, and sloppily said, “In total you wasted 3 minutes of my time. My time is many times more valuable than your lives. For 1 minute………. if you give me 1000 gold coins, altogether it would be 3000 gold coins. Hand it over.”

“Xie Tian, don’t you go too far!” Even Buddha would get angry after 3 times, and how could these arrogant peoples hold their anger any more. That novice warrior whose eyes were already burning with anger, directly put his hand on his two-handed sword and was going to attack. He didn’t even know that his action was akin to courting death.

“Can’t take it out?” Ye Tian Xie expression sunk and with a sneer he said, “Unfortunately, I can only take your life as a compensation.”

Ye Tian Xie’s voice had just fallen, and with his strange steps, in a flash he had already arrived in front of Iron Wall of Red autumnal leaves. Before any one of them could react, that pitch-black unusual weapon, once more appeared in his hand. Before any one of them could put any kind of resistance, Eternal Destiny of Moment already swept through them………………..

-100, -103, -108, -208.

That pathetic priest who was killed by giant fierce wolf’s claw was hit violently and directly died. The remaining 3 also lost more than half of their HP………and that extremely tragic blood-curdling scream of the novice archer came as an additional gift. Even a slight scratch from a knife is not common in the real world, and not to mention a cut, so many people could not live while enduring the pain of such injury. The remaining 4 players could only gasp with astonishment and subconsciously retreat, but the range of Eternal Destiny of Moment was very large. With the exception of novice archer who had already fled and crying with pain, under the second attack from him, novice warrior and novice magician turned into shards of light and disappeared.

After killing the two, he didn’t even turn around. He just withdrew his weapon and spun his weapon around and hit the shield of Iron Wall of Red Autumnal Leaves. -99 digit floated in the air, at the same time repelling effect was triggered which caused him to retreat 2 steps. Suddenly Ye Tian Xie turned around, and stabbed him in the chest 2 times in a row. These two attacks had directly sent this novice guardian to the beginner village without any reprisal. And near his corpse, a single wooden shield was dropped.

Finally, when the remaining novice archer, who was insanely running, turned his head around and saw all of his companion had died in such a short time, he couldn’t help but tremble all over with fear and desperately ran forward. But unfortunately, while running he stumbled upon a stone and fell down to the ground.

Just when novice archer got up, there was already someone standing behind him. Watching that pitch-black ferocious weapon, novice archer was so scared that both of his legs were weakened, his whole body was covered with cold sweat, and it was likely that he would never forget the previous pain and death in his rest of the life. He shook his hand in panic, and trembling he said, “Don’t………don’t kill me, my pain tolerance is set at 100%. Please don’t kill me………..I will give you all my gold coins as well as equips………….big brother, please don’t kill me, don’t kill me ah…………….

Ye Tian Xie revealed exactly same smile as before and with a compassionate look, he said, “Well, everyone who knows me, knows that I am a very compassionate person. Although you wasted my time and have not payed me adequate compensation, I am not that ruthless………well, I will ask you a question, if you give me a satisfactory answer, I’ll let you go.”

Ask a question, again asking a question………. painful memories came all of a sudden. Novice archer almost cried, trembling said, “What is the question?”

“Am I handsome?”

“I………..I don’t know.”


A black colored light appeared in front of the body of novice archer, and a scream like the scream of the pig being slaughtered was heard. Ye Tian Xie lightly said, “You don’t even know this, what reason do you have to be alive.”

Looking at that miserable corpse of novice archer which transformed into white lights and was disappearing, putting away his Eternal Destiny of Moment, he slowly said, “No matter, whichever world it is, conducting a business deal is nice. From now on, before entering the world of <Destiny> ………it is best if you all carefully looked at your almanac.”

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Buda Guda

thanks for the chapter
this MC is the best


thanks i love this story


rofl u gona die either way !!

Jeffrey Smith

Wow, that archer is really dense … he didn’t reset his pain tolerance? Even if there isn’t a reset or a way to remake their character .. quit. His mental health is going to plummet.

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