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Online Game: Evil Dragon Against The Heaven – Chapter 22 - Zenith Novels

Online Game: Evil Dragon Against The Heaven – Chapter 22

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Chapter 22: Collecting chain mission no. 3
The name above his head changed into a bright red color, this is the color when the crime value is 5 and starting from the 10th crime value, the name changes into a black color…a reddish black.
He didn’t care about the value, because these kind of things can be removed by using gold coins. Although not many people could afford to pay 1000 gold coins to remove a single crime point, but it wasn’t a problem for him since he had enough of Coins to spend.
100 Gold coins may be less than a fart for most players,after exchange is open, but in early stage, this is actually a huge amount.He not only took these gold coins as a punishment, rather these could be used as the biggest helping hand at the start of the village
Novice Job Transfer test!
When players reach Level 10, they can go to the village head to get their Job Transfer. And only those who had completed this test are able to go to the city of <Destiny> world. The test is divided into 5 different kinds of stages, which are: Easy level, common level, hard level, nightmare level and abyss level. The test difficulty could be freely changed by players themselves, and if anyone passed one of these tests, then they could escape the Beginner village and go into another one. Different difficulty level also give different rewards just as:
Easy Level: After passing the test, all 4 basic attributes become +1 each.
Common Level: After passing the test, the players 4 basic attributes become +2 each.
Hard Level: After passing the test, the basic attributes become +3 each, and Luck +1 just as well.
Nightmare Level: After passing the test, all basic attributes get +4 each, Luck +1, and the players get a single random piece of Copper Equipment.
Abyss Level: After passing the test, all 4 basic attributes get a massive +5 each, Luck +1, Comprehension +1, Charm +1, and will receive the Beginner Village’s Badge of Bravery. All the players who cleared the test at Abyss level will have their name publicized through the system announcement and furthermore have their name listed in the record of the Beginner Village forever.
Every single person or a party which do not go above 12 people, are allowed to take part in these tests.
The current players’ average level was still far from reaching level 10, but he was already starting to prepare for this test. These 100 Gold coins, were also a preparation for the upcoming test. His actions looked like he was doing something evil as he pleased, but in reality all those actions had their purpose. Raising his appearance by 20%, that was not for satisfying his vanity, but another form to increase his charm. Just like in a real world, a person with an appearance which is pleasing to the eye, more easily get other peoples goodwill. If a person whose face was filled with pockmark converse would get of a bad impression without any reason…
At destiny world it is also same. There is no difference in nature between every NPC of here and the real person.

He arrived in front of that old lady, and took out 100 wolf’s eyes. There was still more than 200 wolf’s eyes in his inventory, but this Old Woman had a task where he can obtain 200 more. Potions and common items could be stacked up to 100 in a single space of the inventory.
“You have completed the mission ‘sealed old lady request’, mission rewards obtained: 100 experience and 1 Gold coin.’
Ye Tian Xie: “…………………”
10 wolf’s eyes only gave 10 experience points and a silver coin as a reward. And this 100 wolf’s eye gave 100 experience points and a gold coin as a reward. All of a sudden he sensed his breathing was not smooth.
“Thank you youngster, these wolf eyes are of great help to me. Youngster, I can see you are very eager and brave person. So are you willing to help me again by collecting 1000 wolf eyes?” The Elder looked at him with a pleading look in her eyes which she pulled off before when he had to get the hundred wolf eyes…the only difference was that the request changed from 100 to a thousand which was completely insane!
“Sealed old-lady requested you to collect 1000 wolf’s eyes.
Mission grade: Common
Mission time limit: None
Mission rewards: Unknown
Do you accept?”
10 to 100, 100 to 1000…unexpectedly it was 10 times, 10 times the growth, then the next one would be…
He quickly had a thought in his mind, choose to accept and silently left. 1000 pieces, with his current collecting speed, in less than a day he could collect all of them. This should be the last part of the chain mission. But collecting 10,000? That’s absolutely impossible, as players inventory only had 50 space which could hold 100 common items of the same kind. And even with all the slots in the inventory the players couldn’t collect 10,000 wolf eyes as there is not any item to increase the capacity of their inventory, so even if a player had enough patience, they couldn’t collect 10,000. Five thousand is the maximum.
He again took the same way towards the wolf valley, before he had already cleared this territory but now this valley was again already filled with wild wolves, since they respawn. Almost as if they had recognized him as their entire family exterminator, the group of wolves immediately howled and started to throw themselves at him so they could bite him till he bleeds.
Facing these wild wolves, who were of no complete threat to him, he didn’t feel any pain and started to wave his Destiny of Moment in the middle of the group of wolves. After only half an hour he had killed all the wild wolves from this territory, not even a hair of a wolf could be seen in this area anymore. He dragged his weapon then proceeded to sit down on a stone.
The constant re-spawning speed of the wild wolf made him somewhat sleepy.
It was quite commendable that he didn’t meet those 5 players of Red Autumnal Leaves Alliance. Being bored, he took a quick glance at the experience value, after he checked it out, he was so shocked that he almost fell from the stone. To rise from level 3 to level 4, he needed 5 times the amount of experience he needed to raise from level 2 to level 3!
At the beginning stage, it was already hard to raise a level, one can already imagine how hard it would be after leaving beginner village.
Time quickly passed through uninteresting killing of common wolves. This territory of the wolves was located at the entrance of wild wolf valley, further ahead was the territory of more powerful wolves. But right now, he could easily kill wild wolves with 2-hits, which was undoubtedly suitable place for leveling. In the game world, if you want to become really strong, you should learn to endure dull farming to level up. Long time ago, he was already accustomed to it even to the extent that he already learnt to enjoy this dull farming.
The opening of <Destiny> had cause the original uproar of Beijing’s street to become extraordinarily quite. It’s huge influence covers all people and it will get bigger and bigger. Perhaps the habits and patterns of humans in the future would be greatly influenced by it.
From the noon <Destiny> was opened, the wheel of time was turning more and more, already from noon to early evening.

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