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Online Game: Evil Dragon Against The Heaven Chapter 23 - Zenith Novels

Online Game: Evil Dragon Against The Heaven Chapter 23

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Translated by Steady

Edited by Martin

Chapter 23: Variation Blood Wolf


“Your level increased to level four.”


“You obtained five basic attribute points.”

Finally the sound which he was looking forward to, rang in his ear. Like before he added all these points to his strength attribute. He crouched down and collected all the materials from the dead body of the wolf. At this moment, the whole territory of these wild wolves was quiet and you couldn’t even see a single shadow of any wild wolves. Finally, he stood up and slowly walked deeper inside the wolf valley.

After passing through that narrow valley, a new world appeared in front of him. Here the atmosphere was even more ghastly and the chilling sensation could make people tremble with fear. In this place, none of the ruthless groups of wild wolves existed rather there was an even more ruthless and tyrannical group of wolves…The Blood Wolves!

Blood Wolf: Level 7

HP: 250

A bloodthirsty wolf, has a keen ability to act, and uses its sharp fangs and claws as its sharp weapons. It attacks any player who approaches it.

Skill: None

Compared to a wild wolf its HP was only more by 50 points, but its speed and hostility range clearly surpassed the wild wolf by a large margin.

He had just stepped into the territory of Blood wolf, three blood wolves rushed at him from three different directions at the same time. He dodged the attack of two blood wolves and let the claw attack of the remaining blood wolf land on his body.

-35! HP

As he didn’t have any defense equips except for beginner clothing, so his defense was pitifully low. At this time, he had only 11 points in defense and 210 points in life. If these blood wolves could pin him down then they could send him back to the beginner village within a second by biting. He didn’t retreat, and expression of excitement appeared on his face after a long time. His figure moved back and forth in the midst of the pack of the blood wolf, every second he was calculating, focusing and making judgments about blood wolves’ tendencies, and his destiny of moment was also making pitch-black circular arcs.

An hour later, all the pack of the blood wolves had disappeared, and he was gloomily waiting for the re-spawn of these blood wolves while holding destiny of moment. When most of the other players didn’t dare to hunt in wild wolf’s territory, he was hunting alone in the territory of level seven blood wolves, it was like he had booked the whole place.


“Your hunger status already exceeded 90 points, please eat some food.”

At town or city, the hunger stat rose by 1 point per 5 minutes, but when fighting outside in the wilderness, hunger stat rose by 1 point per 3 minutes. Ye Tian Xie swallowed his final steamed bun, and his hunger stat dropped to 70 points. Now it was necessary to return the beginner village to stock up the food.

Just when he had turned his body around, not too far away to his right side, a blood colored light appeared. A figure twice as much as the ordinary blood wolf, ‘Giant Blood Wolf’ appeared in the midst of that blood coloured light. After that it raised its head and howled.

His footsteps stopped. Without a slight hesitation, he turned towards it, and directly attacked the wolf in the neck with destiny of moment.

Variation Blood Wolf: Level 7, 3*elite

HP: 2000

Variation of the blood wolf, have an even more of a fierce ability to act compared to ordinary blood wolf, and also have a far more powerful attack power.

Skills: Blood wolf bite (there is 5% chance of converting the damage dealt to the opponent into its own HP.)

-102, -99, -101……..

The defense of this Variation Blood Wolf was not that higher than Giant fierce wolf. Only after 3 continuous attack of him, the majestic appearance POSS of this wolf was completed. Then its pair of terrifying blood red eyes locked on to him, and with a loud howl, it tried to seize the head of Ye Tian Xie with its huge claw. It was slightly dark in this place but you could clearly see the slight glimmer of light in that wolf claw.


The whistling wind almost touched his face across, but he still felt slight pain. His expression became stern, he didn’t retreat but suddenly advanced towards it by using the short gap when it was recovering its wolf claw. The destiny of moment once again cut its neck, and simultaneously he lowered his body, and moved from the underneath it towards its back and again firmly hacked its legs……..continuously for five times. As the attack power of destiny of moment was far higher than any other weapons, it already caused this Level 7, 3* elite Variation Blood wolf to lose ¼ of its HP.

After getting hit with successive attacks, and not finding its target in front of it, it let out a howl filled with anger and directly turned its body around. But at that moment, he quickly circled around the wolf to his original location, which was now behind the wolf. Taking advantage of this, he again quickly attacked its legs, the wolf released a sad shrill howl.

The body of this Variation Blood wolf was very big, its length was 4 meters, and its height was 3 meters. But now its huge body which could make people tremble was being used for hiding himself and also as a protective screen. He had the ability to always circle around it, he had to calculate the perfect timing. Furthermore he had to make a decision whether he should go from underneath it or to circle around it from the right side or from the left side. Finally when he should take advantage of that time to attack it. Every time Variation Blood Wolf could only circle around, and it could some time catch the sight of a disappearing shadow.

In the midst of battle, in addition to relying on strength, there are other things worth doing which could easily simplify the battle. For instance, you can take advantage of the weather or terrain. Another example, like at this moment, he who was swiftly moving behind the wolf and was using the huge body of the Variation Blood Wolf to keep out all the attacks. When battling, the first thing he always did, was to search for anything that could be used to his advantage, this was his terrifying inherent judgment skill.

-100, -99, -103, -208, -99………….

A swaying white colored figure, the howl of circling around the Variation Blood wolf, and an occasional floating of yellow and red digits at uniform speed was continuing, without a single pause. After 10 seconds, already overwhelmed Variation Blood wolf finally let out a sorrowful howl afterward fell on the ground and its extremely short career of the BOSS was ended.

He calmly watched the fall of the wolf, there was not a single hint of excitement on his face. It was quite easy for him to deal with this Variation Blood wolf, because it had just appeared after he had cleared all the blood wolves in that area. If it had appeared before he had cleared all blood wolves, then he could never kill it easily like this. And if he couldn’t even kill 3* elite, level 7 monster in a one on one battle, then he didn’t deserve the title of ‘Undefeated Evil Emperor’.

He picked up the equips and without looking at their stats, he directly threw it in his inventory. He didn’t have any vocation now, so no matter if the equips had good stats or not he couldn’t equip it and if he didn’t see the stats now he won’t have any regret. After that he placed all the silver coins in his inventory. Since it was customary, he squatted near the dead body of Variation Blood wolf and used his basic ‘harvest’ skill.


“You got eyes of variation blood wolf.”


“You got purple gem necklace.”

“Oh?” He was surprised and looked at the necklace which was sparkling with dim violet light, this necklace caught him unprepared. No matter what the VR game is, necklace, ring, earring and other jewelry type of items are the most difficult items to find. And most of them come with special attributes. The rarer something is, the greater its value. The value of a steel grade necklace is comparable to copper ranked armor or higher.

And the strange thing about this necklace was, it was not dropped from Variation Blood wolf, rather he had harvested it from its corpse. Don’t tell me, this Variation Blood wolf’s body can also sprout necklace?

Purple gem necklace: The Variation Blood wolf had accidently gotten this necklace. It is successfully created from pure purple gem. Unknown specific origin, maybe you can obtain some information from beginner village’ head.

This is…………………..a mission item?

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