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Online Game: Evil Dragon Against the Heaven - Chapter 3 - Zenith Novels

Online Game: Evil Dragon Against the Heaven – Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Appearance of Unexpected Error

These 3 fixed attributes were all extremely important, giving up even a single one of them can make any people distressed. Therefore the point distribution on these fixed attributes is beyond doubt important. Compared to free attributes, it is very difficult to upgrade. Still Ye Tian Xie actually didn’t pause at all to think and distributed the points at one go. He distributed points as, charms 10 points, luck 0 point and comprehensive 0 point.

“……….Mister, distribution of points in fixed attributes are very important, are you sure you want to distribute the points in this way? If luck is 0, at Destiny world your drop rate and critical hit rate will be at minimum and also while attacking, your attack takes minimum value of your attack value. And if comprehension is 0, at Destiny world you……”

“Do you think charm value of 10 points is enough to match up to my charm?” Ye Tian Xie exposed a weird smile towards the front which could bring back dead person back to life———-at least he himself thought this way.

“………..Mister, you indeed have high charm.” System voice have no choice but to politely reply.

“So it is decided this way. Next is choosing vocation right.” Ye Tian Xie said with proud smile.

Ding……points distribution on fixed attributes successful. Please wait a moment. System will be scanning your innate attribute. It will take 10 to 20 seconds of time.”

“Oh? Innate attribute.” Ye Tian Xie felt somewhat surprised. Free attribute and fixed attributes already can be claim as innate attribute, still what is this additional innate attribute?

Ding…..innate attribute scanning complete. Your innate attribute are, reaction: 72, perception: 53 and focus: 42.”

Once again a single white colored panel appeared in front of Ye Tian Xie. In this panel, the first row was marked with 3 of the previous fixed attributes and in the second row, there was another 3 never seen before unusual attribute. After that there was a small explanatory note which made him greatly interested.

‘Reaction’ is ability to cope with external attack at high speed. ‘Perception’ is ability to sense surroundings and danger to a certain range and ‘focus’ is ability to not be greatly affected by external simulation.

Players at Destiny world have innate attribute equal to the innate attribute at real world……….reaction, perception and focus. All this is related to the spirit. And entire VR game use brain wave of human body, like this cerebrum gives priority to these three innate attribute so anything else is unlikely to influence it. In simple words, what is the reaction speed in real world, same is in Destiny world and same for other remaining two innate attribute. So it is harder to upgrade.

“What is the average innate attribute value?”

“This…….more or less in between 7 to 10.”

“Between 7 to 10?” Watching his own innate attribute average value which was several times more, Ye tian Xie started to laugh. All this innate attribute is nothing more but the number representation of his real body.

What does it signify to have 7 times the reaction of normal person? Twice could be called out as extraordinary, triple may be called as superman, but 7 times was beyond the description.

“Next, please choose your vocation. Destiny world have all together 7 main vocation which could be divided into warrior, guardian (盾卫; any idea), archer, assassin, priest, magician and summoner. For life vocation, you should search yourself at Destiny world. Based on the distribution of free attribute, you are recommended to choose warrior vocation having close combat ability or maybe a guardian having great defense.”

“Choose warrior!”

Ding…..you have successfully select warrior vocation, warrior have powerful physical attack ability and have variety of attack pattern as well as relatively powerful physical defense ability. In comparison attack accuracy and dodging ability is rather weak. Only after first advancement in vocation, you can be real warrior and can get the second sub vocation according to your wish. The main attribute of warrior is strength and also a little bit of agility. Every increase of 1 point in strength can promote 2 points in physical attack, every increase of 1 point in vitality can promote 10 HP (life points) and 1 points in defense, every increase of 1 point in agility can promote 1 point in dodging rate and 1 point in hit rate and lastly every increase of 1 point in spirit can promote 2 points in magic attack and 10 points in MP (magic point). Assigning a vocation, please wait a moment…….”

Time passed second by second, any time now assigning the vocation will be complete. But even after a long time, the announcement voice didn’t come. Ye Tian Xie was already getting impatience.

“………please wait a moment.”

Ye Tian Xie: “……………..”

Ding……assignment of vocation failed because of unknown reason.” After waiting for a long time the system voice gave him completely unexpected answer.

“Assignment of vocation failed! What is the meaning of this?” Ye Tian Xie tightly knit his brows and asked. Assignment of vocation is the first step to enter the VR game world. This step should be simple but without any reason this step failed. According to myth of <Destiny>, there is not even a single error, but why did such a simple blunder appear at this time.

“This…….I am also not very clear. I have already tried several times but all failed……now I can only recommend you to reach level 10 in Destiny world, afterwards look for vocation advisor and directly change your vocation into real warrior.” The voice of woman was clearly somewhat nervous. At present in whole Destiny world, China alone already have several hundred million players. But none of them encounter this problem while assigning the vocation. Even this system receptionist having wisdom equal to humankind was surprised and be at a loss.

Get the vocation after level 10? Like that, at beginning stage he will not have any vocation, no matter if it is beginning stage his speed to advance compared to all other player will fall behind. Suppressing his anger he said, “Shut up, isn’t it said that at Destiny world, each and every player starting point is absolutely fair, isn’t it? If you cannot assign the vocation then you must give me appropriate compensation.”

“This…….this…….I………..sorry, sorry………..”The voice of system was completely filled with anxiousness, tension and confusion, her voice sounded teary to the point that it sounded like she was about to cry. This kind of sound let Ye Tian Xie felt as if he had done something cruel to a little girl which made him suppress all of his stomach full of anger which was on the verge of erupting. He looked at the time and it was 2 minute before 10 and powerlessly he said “Forget it”

Without waiting the response of the system voice, he commanded to log out of game which suddenly caused surrounding around him distort into darkness. He opened his eye and saw ceiling of his own room. He raise his hand to see that pitch-black wrist band in his wrist. Although he had to suppressed a stomach full of anger, still he also have no choice but to praise this one magical gaming console.

9 hours 59 minutes.

Taking a quick glance at the clock, Ye Tian Xie get out of the bed. At the side of the bed, there was dark blue colored VR box, this had the VR game called ‘Murder God’. This VR box had kept him company for about 7 months. And today was the day he will thoroughly part from this game. 2 months before distribution of the console of Destiny, the 7 popular VR games at that time all declared server shutdown on the day of <Destiny> world opening,  This was quite an astonishing fact that from henceforth Destiny world was the only VR game available to mankind.

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Guardian: Defender?

someone who isnt an idiot

So basically the writer has never played any rpg in his life, cause only a total retard dismisses hit rate, he is gonna miss every attack he tries


And because of his high charms all females NPC will fall for him –“


He’ll use his high charm to make the gods give him max level comprehension and luck.


you absolutely right… and all of them is highly Yandere because of his luck!!!

Dare2Fly skyreacher

Eh…did he played previous vr game for just seven months? That kinda be too short time for popular game.

Dare2Fly skyreacher

He can try unspecialized class and create the legend like God Ye Xiu (TKA). That remind me, he has surname Ye too.

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