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Online Game: Evil Dragon Against the Heaven - Chapter 4 - Zenith Novels

Online Game: Evil Dragon Against the Heaven – Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Undefeated Myth (Part I)

<Murder God> world, deep within windy plain.

Here the active monsters were weak and small having level below 15. They were mostly passive in nature. This place was only a walk away from the beginner village. Many of the beginner players used to grind level in this region. But at present, average level of players already exceed level 70. So almost no player appear in this region.

The whole body of Ye Tian Xie was equipped with dazzling white shiny armor. His one hand was holding strange shaped bow which was dazzling with golden light. Single pale color cloak covered his head which obstruct people from clearly see his appearance. When he appeared here he was surprised that however unexpectedly the person he made an appointment with did not show up before him.

After more than 10 seconds later, second hand landed on 12. Finally the time reached 10 in the morning. Ye Tian Xie gave a final glance to this world and went offline.

After he get out from VR box, he placed his hand on the front side of the VR box and lightly pressed down, suddenly a burst of muffled cracking sound was heard. The core part of VR box was completely crushed. Since he had already decided to not log in <Murder God> again, then whatever the reason he won’t ever enter the game again. And the person whom he had appointment with came to conclusion. For other people it was natural to wait for more than whole day and entire night for meeting her but he was different he would not wait even a single second more after appointment time. No matter who the counterpart of appointment is, if at appointment time, the other party did not appear then without the slightest hesitation, he would turn around and leave. This was his pride that was only his.

“’Xue Yao Yue’, see you again in <Destiny>. Originally you would have become the first person to know me but unfortunately you missed that chance.”

<Murder God> world, 3 seconds after Ye Tian Xie left, from a distant place a single pitch-black person silhouette as if black lightning anxiously come over———that person was unexpectedly flying at low level. This person was clearly a female and her whole body was emitting dark cold aura. Her whole body was tightly covered by simple and unadorned black cloth. Her face above the nose section was exposed while remaining was covered with black mask. Merely looking at the exposed section of the face, without a doubt anyone could tell that her appearance is like a jade flower.

She stopped at the location where Ye Tian Xie was standing before he left, her expression was complex and she take a quick look on all sides. After a long time she send out a light sigh. She knew herself, she had arrived a few second late as well as it was absolutely impossible for that man with high pride to wait even a few second more. Still standing in the midst of light breeze, her concealed and unsurpassed charm was on full display. Her particularly tight waistline, outstanding voluptuous soft and white breasts and picture perfect figure with invariably buttocks, were all covered up by clothes. Her figure was beautiful and charming from head to toe and was absolutely perfect ‘S’ shape. Her stunning brief glance was enough to make others crazy.

The two bleak beautiful eyes flashed a faint light and she raise her short transparent dagger with her soft, smooth and fine jade like hand. The edge of dagger was almost like ice of initial freezing with no trace of any dust or bloodstain.

At this time, not far away there were two people approaching towards her direction. Their steps became even faster when they saw her. She lift her short transparent dagger with her right hand, closed her eye and threw that dagger which could make any players in <Murder God> world crazy. After that she logout from the game and disappeared from that location.

From far-off the two approach near, over the top of head there was two similar pet names: Duo La A Meng and Duo La B Meng.

The player having Duo La A Meng hurriedly take a few step forward and picked up that abandoned dagger. And checked the attribute of dagger and after seeing it his pupils shrinked and make a sound with trembling voice, “Ice……‘Ice Blood Fang’! This………is the weapon of Xue Yao Yue! Don’t tell me I am having a dream………………..”

Just now, that player with black cloth all over the body standing here was clearly a woman player……….don’t tell me that woman was unexpectedly Xue Yao Yue?

Duo La B Meng go forward, and with full of curiosity asked, “Xue Yao Yue…..is she a very powerful player?

Duo La A Meng shook his head and with a disdain look said, “You bookworm, you are probably the only idiot who don’t know one of the highest grade player….Xue Yao Yue”

hick….” Duo Ta B Meng smiled embarrassingly and patiently wait for the explanation.

Duo Ta A Meng was full of respect, now his hand was slightly shivering and looking at the location where Xue Yao Yue was standing and said, “In China there has always been a ranking board for the strongest player in Virtual Reality. Among them, Top 10 are always greatest and strongest expert of China and this name list every so often. Nevertheless………only first 3 never change. These 3 are known as 3 greatest myth of China. And Beautiful Asura, Xue Yao Yue is precisely one of this 3 greatest myth. Two years ago her reputation rose from <Lift up the Heaven> VR game, from then on her reputation shook VR world.”

“Beautiful Asura? Is this her title?”

Duo La A Meng slowly explained, “That’s right. She is proud, aloof and solitary person, never associated with any other person and the number of peoples she killed were many, many times more than you can imagine. That’s how she got title of Asura. She is not only powerful, proud and aloof but also mysterious. Apart from her name Xue Yao Yue, no one else have seen her face and have any other information on her. At the same time she is also prettiest woman, so ‘Beautiful’ originated from this.”

“Oh? Wait a moment, didn’t you say no one had ever seen her face? Then why did you know she is beautiful?” Duo La B Meng interrupt him and ask.

Duo La A Meng explained, “2 years ago at VR game called <Lift up the Heaven> world, once created a ‘beautiful woman’ ranking list. This ranking list was based on overall beauty of female player and was completely fair. In this ranking Xue Yao Yue was foremost and many realize at that time under such fierce name there was a gorgeous person. All who had approached her were killed by her. (Xue Yao Yue: Moon Blood Demon)

Thinking that cool, elegant and magnificent figure standing high at pinnacle, Duo La A Meng face showed deep yearning, only it’s a pity, his level of people can only raise their head and look up with extravagant hope.

“All? That…….don’t tell me she is rank 1 among the 3 greatest myth who is undefeated?” Duo La B Meng asked in amazement. If the rank 1 individual of VR game world is unexpectedly a woman then this could make all people stunned and surprised.

“No, is not!” Duo La A Meng, shook his head resolutely. Gradually his gaze was flooded with a kind of yearn which Duo La B Meng could never understand. That was not simply admiration like a fan to a celebrity or so but purely a worship, fear and vague sense to the extent of devotion on him. It even more resemble like hailing to one of a god, “That person is called Tian Mo Xie, he is the unsurpassed pinnacle myth of Chinese VR game world. Generally known with his title ‘Undefeated Evil Emperor’ (不败邪皇).”

“Undefeated Evil Emperor…….Tian Mo Xie?”Duo Le B Meng lowered is head and mumbled this name several time and at the same time tried to draw the outline of this person. “Undefeated” as a name…….moreover is universally accepted as undefeated. How many people in the whole world can achieve this simple 2 words as a title. [in Chinese undefeated have 2 words].

Undefeated Evil Emperor, Tian Mo Xie had already turned into the representative of mankindin this second world. There was only very few people who didn’t know this name.

“Tian Mo Xie, although he was named ‘Mo Xie’ (no evil), however his behavior was extremely evil. It is said that at VR game world, like Xue Yao Yue, he was also solitary under the heaven. Those strongest alliances with hundreds of thousands and millions players attempted to draw him in their alliance. But without exception they were all refused and whoever dared provoke him all suffer his terrifying retaliation. He never feared any other power and was also fearless to offend anyone. There was not a single thing even at VR world that he dare not to do. Afterward powerful alliances only attempted to draw him but no one bold enough to provoke him.” Duo La A Meng sigh with feeling after mentioning pinnacle myth of VR world. This ‘myth’ is absolutely not a symbolic title, he actually give rise to countless sensations with shock which allowed him to completely rise the myth of 2 words. (Undefeatable)

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