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Online Game: Evil Dragon Against the Heaven - Chapter 6 - Zenith Novels

Online Game: Evil Dragon Against the Heaven – Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Pu Luo Si

“Hello, Mr. Pu Luo Si, can <Destiny> VR world really achieve 99% of reality? A single reporter wearing professional suit politely asked.

“Of course, beautiful miss. I have complete faith, that marvelous world will give you enjoyment so much that you would forget it’s a VR world.” Pu Luo Si answered with gentle smiling face. Although old in age, yet his voice was still 100 percent full with vigor and once in a while his two clear eyes flash brilliantly.

“Development of whole VR games till this day already have over 120 years old history. And around these few years, even the most popular <the second world> only lasted for only 7  years. Mr. Pu Luo Si, how far do you think this <Destiny> world could possibly walk?”

The old eyes of Pu Luo Si slightly narrowed, “If I must think the perfect time limit then I hope it lasts……….forever.” His amiable voice was as before with a thin smile but his old face covered with wrinkles however flashed for an instant which no one was able to perceive.

“Since <Destiny> world is integrated with alien science and technology, what type of worldview is there and is it quite similar to previous big VR games or completely different?”

“Worldview?” Pu Luo Si considered once, rock his head and expression slowly turned serious and said, “The worldview will not be much different but when I think of explaining, what I most speak about is, although this is a simulation game but I hope public don’t regard it simply as a VR game rather treat as their own another life. As a matter of fact, life can be considered a game full of ups and downs but only a little different is life cannot be save in a file and unlikely to have chance to start over again. But…………whatever happens don’t attempt to leave game life. Remember this VR game name is ————–Destiny!”

Scene of news conference suddenly became strangely quiet, Pu Luo Si suddenly became severe and his voice was serious as well as that faint existence of warning implication let them be silent and savor every word of his explanation. But……..not a single one who could truly understand his words’ implication was present there….at least at that location.

“Hello Mr. Pu Luo Si, at this time peoples of entire world all are discussing and guessing who is the main mastermind behind <Destiny>, is it possible to disclose, Mr. Pu Luo Si?”

Pu Luo Si shook his head and said apologetically: ”Sorry this is a secret that cannot be disclosed, however (he smiled secretly) what I can say is that the main mastermind behind <Destiny> is not on earth. Is this answer good enough to satisfy everyone?”

Not on earth…. then is it out of space? Immediately the words of Pu Luo Si caused everyone worldwide excited.

“Mr. Pu Luo Si, all along all players are mostly paying close attention to one question which is whether it will be fair or not. Please may I ask if destiny world is fair to a perfect level?” A male reporter get up and asked.

No matter the people at the news conference or other, the all wanted to know whether this game is fair or not so this question is always asked in all previous VR games on the history as if it is a formality and all the VR games had vowed guaranteed fairness. But Pu Luo Si remained silence for a long time facing this reporter who asked this question then in the midst of everyone’s stare he slowly said, “In this world, there is not any absolute real fairness.”

“This……..” getting this unexpected answer, the male reporter was completely dumbfounded.

“God made everyone equal, as far as I can see this sentence is most absurd, funny and ridiculous. Perhaps many people will oppose and despise me for this sentence, but I will remind you some basic facts……….child born in a rural area make great effort for their whole life for the sake of having a city livelihood. And for the child directly born in the city, his starting point is directly at the final objective of former, is this fair? Some life are born with some part missing but some are born with perfect physique and appearance. As well as even if the starting point of two different individuals is identical, one by himself make great effort for half his life to get stable household, while another lazy individual however wins a lottery and is set for his life without any great effort, is this fair? All along in this world there is no absolute fairness, real world don’t have and <Destiny> also don’t have. I can only guarantee that all the players will have same starting point———equal free attributes points and equal fixed categories points in the beginning, you can follow your wish and choose your vocation that will follow you for life……..as for after this, only God knows how each player will experience in <Destiny>.”

Silence, for a long time there was only silence, after silence there was thunderous clapping. The explanation of Pu Luo Si about fair starting point however compared to past pledge seems even more convincing. It convinced many people, at the same time also voice out countless people’s heartfelt wishes of how the world is unfair.

“Mr. Pu Luo Si, <Destiny> world has already got the all-out support of the government of all countries and also of 10 biggest bank of the world, therefore like in all other previous games, will the problem in exchange system of game currency and real currency likely to appear?” Another reporter asked. ‘All-out support’ these 4 word represent extreme weight. It offer ‘support’ is only difference in a line however the meaning of this two gives completely different notion. [In Chinese ‘all-out support have 4 character: 全力支持]

Hehe, this one is also particularly important announcement. Long time ago, I and Alpha have already discussed and calculated the issue of currency exchange, from receiving to payment of <Destiny> world currency are already calculated in strict order. So real currency exchange will absolutely not disappoint anyone. This point, I can guarantee right here. In addition, once currency exchange is opened, the fairness of game will be reduced. Rich player compare to average player will get many advantage, therefore in order to delay this unfairness for some time, currency exchange will not be implemented immediately. As to how long, currently it is not decided yet.”

“We’ve got personal guarantee of Mr. Pu Luo Si, all the players can have faith in it and be at ease…………….”



This whole time, Ye Tian Xie watched news conference like a wooden puppet until it ended. When this conference ended, it was exactly 12 in the noon. Ye Tian Xie turned off the television, laid on the sofa and press the button on the wrist band console with his finger……..suddenly, at that moment world changed into blank space and again changed into same prior location of colorful game world.

Ding……..welcome to Destiny world, your game character is already established, 43 seconds until the opening of game, please wait a moment…….”

This voice and the voice he heard before was clearly not identical. Obviously there is huge numbers of players and system also had huge number of NPC receptionist. Probability to run into same individual is very small.

“…….still 30 seconds left, please wait a moment………”

“…….still 20 seconds left, please wait a moment………”

“…….10, 9, 8……3, 2, 1…….welcome to the destiny world, you are allocated to number 60001 beginning village, wish you happy gameplay.”

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Death Lingers

Since has had a history of being unbeatable if that isn’t the case for this game as well then why bother telling us

Dare2Fly skyreacher

Hey Pu Luo Si, our mc didn’t even has right to choose class. We can’t expect perfected product from alien game produce in China, can we?

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