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Online Game: Evil Dragon Against the Heaven - Chapter 7 - Zenith Novels

Online Game: Evil Dragon Against the Heaven – Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: Beginner Village

After the sound stopped, suddenly before Ye Tian Xie’s eyes the sky and earth spine round, the world started to switch over in a high speed.

He did not detect, also impossible to notice, at the time he was transmitted to beginner village, the strange pendant that was hanging in his neck also quietly disappeared into his body.

Vision was still not recovered, and the chaotic sound made his eardrum suffer pain. He opened his eyes and looked forward, in his line of sight he only saw people after people. All together there was hundred thousand beginner village in Chinese region. Nevertheless China had largest population which caused these beginner village crowded full to the brim with players.  Flashes of new players entering was also continuously twinkling without halting for a second. Being first and being the earliest is the law for every strong players because everyone wants to be the first to step foot in this mysterious world.

The vision of Ye Tian Xie swept over the crowd and observe all around his surroundings. This place was an ancient town with the unusual feature of ancient China from over 1000 years ago. Eaves all used yellow colored tiles and all houses were of single colored antique wooden structure. Here the atmosphere was pure, fresh and delightful and the air was not contaminated. He raised his head, looked at azure blue colored sky with random floating clouds. The sky here not only not was not polluted but also not have any long mark in the sky like in real world. [Mentioned in chapter 1, when he was in the line to take console]

Beginner village, the starting point for almost all the players must be first experienced in any game world. And the appearance of Ye Tian Xie immediately caused him to become focal point of the crowd. He had the appearance which could be rated as perfect and towards any female it possessed deadly attractiveness and charm of evil monster……after increasing 20% of his attractiveness. That crude beginner clothes not even cover a bit of his glamour, he had just recently stood there, but he already started to hear continuous sound of males’ sigh and voice of females’ shriek.

Ye Tian Xie was not too fond of noisy individuals you could even say he is cold, indifference and xenophobic individual. He didn’t like majority of players and like other players he didn’t run around the beginner village so that he could trigger a quest but he decided to push through this crowd and directly move towards outside of beginner village.

Finally he arrived at a quiet corner and take a glance at his outfit…… and in almost all of the starting point of VR games, they were only given a crude clothing whose attribute is negligible…….

Novice cloth: Equipment Requirements: None, Grade: pale white, Property: Defense +2.

Novice pants: Equipment Requirements: None, Grade: pale white, Property: Defense +1.

Novice shoes: Equipment Requirements: None, Grade: pale white, Property: Defense +1.

All equips in his body merely increase 4 points in defense and nothing more. He thought of checking his inventory. This inventory could be called freely by one’s own will and it 50 slots at the moment. Inside his inventory there was only single long and thin sword. He conjured it in his hand.

Novice sword: Equipment Requirement: None, Grade: pale white, Property: Attack +3

Ye Tian Xie turned around and walk towards outside of beginner village at the same time carefully checked his initial status.

Player: Xie Tian

Level: 0

Vocation: None

Fame: 0; Money: 0

Hunger: 0/110 (upper endurance limit of hunger = 100 + strength attribute, when hunger reaches upper limit, will automatically drop 1% of the HP per second. Hunger can be reduced by food and drinks.)

Basic attributes: Strength: 10, Vitality: 7, Agility: 4, Spirit: 4

Fixed attributes: Luck: 0; Comprehension: 0; Charm: 10

HP: 70

MP: 40

Physical Attack Power: 23

Magic Attack Power: 8

Physical defense: 11

Accuracy: 4

Evasion: 4

Innate attributes:

Reaction: 72

Perception: 53

Focus: 42

Attack speed: 100 (initial value)

Movement speed: 100 (initial value)

Fire Resistance: 0% (initial value)

Water Resistance: 0% (initial value)

Wind Resistance: 0% (initial value)

Lightning Resistance: 0% (initial value)

Earth Resistance: 0% (initial value)

Light Resistance: 0% (initial value)

Dark Resistance: 0% (initial value)


Basic skills: Inspect skill (cost: 1 MP, cannot gain any information on monsters whose level exceed user by 10 levels.)

Vocation Skills: none

Seeing ‘none’ word behind the vocation, brows of Ye Tian Xie slightly moved once then again at once smooth out. Pu Luo Shi said that in this world there is nothing absolutely fair. He didn’t have novice vocation but even if he didn’t have any additional attribute and any skills of novice vocation, he had the ability to reach far higher than other.

“<Destiny>, is it? Destiny is in the hands of strong.” He calmly thought and continue to move ahead.

Like his expectation, most of the beginner players were already crowding the surroundings of beginner village. There is no doubt that this region is lower level monster active zone which is also suitable to level up level 0 beginners. But at first glance except the bustling of crowd, there was no trace of any monster.

Finally, a single weak white light flashed once, and a single small creature appeared under the foot of groups of players, Ye Tian Xie looked at it and cast his only skill ‘inspect’, suddenly the information on the creature appeared:

Angry chicken Level: 01, HP: 30, a group of agitated chicks, occasionally make attacks against humanity.

Just when information on small creature appeared in his mind, the monster was already killed by the attack of group of players. Seeing that pitiful remains of the body and completely scattered feather, he shook his head and thought, “what to do, I absolutely want to cook chicken.”

Coincidentally the two players whom he passed by one side, looked at his departing back with a blank expression ……

Ye Tian Xie didn’t wish to go to the location having many people, so he went straight to the north, along the way he crossed 2 monster map with level 2-3 monsters. The amount of players was clearly decreasing compared to before. Just when he was passing through a small leopard territory, suddenly he have a kind of cheerful sensation………finally before his eyes he saw a piece of land without many players. There was only a small group of players who took up a small terrain, and all of them were female and there was not a single male in that group.

And monsters here somewhat unusual and bigger———turned out to be rabbit who were half the size of human, they were standing and swaggering without any objective with a single sturdy club on their shoulders. Ye Tian Xie approached them without alerting anyone.

He shook his hand and there appeared a novice sword, and go towards a single rabbit and before attacking, he used his only skill ‘Inspect’:

Big Fierce Rabbit: Level 3, HP: 70, due to the slight effect of leakage of magic air from the destiny tower, underneath those likeable and harmless looks conceal quite serious violent tendency. Due to short and small figure, they are usually attack between the leg.

Skills: big wooden club swing: lift up the big club of the shoulder and firmly attack the enemies in the place between two legs. Male will get additional 40% damage with low chance of instant death.

The face of Ye Tian Xie turned black, he obediently held back his sword, put it away and retreated several steps. Afterwards turned his head and walk away.

No wonder there was not a single male player around, this ‘big fierce rabbit’ was clearly for female players and system made it in order to compensate female players for their disadvantage against male players when leveling up.

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someone who isnt an idiot

What disadvantage? That the nerds will bend over for them and give them anything for free?

ayron james Facto

the disadvantage is that the monster target’s the men’s weak spot

someone who isnt an idiot

I meant women in this gale being disadvantaged

Wildan Fauzan

nightmare for all men


That rabbit, lol
Best game ever

May Capistrano

Lol only idiot males or confident ones will try to fight that. XD

Comentador Cronico

Or eunuchs

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