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Online Game: Evil Dragon Against the Heaven - Chapter 8 - Zenith Novels

Online Game: Evil Dragon Against the Heaven – Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: Fighting the Wolf!

Further ahead, finally the number of players sharply fell, and he proceed ahead until he did not see any presence of other players. This was level 5 monster area and all the monsters from level 5 onward take the initiate to attack. Since the VR game was opened just a moment ago and was in initial stage, this place was like forbidden area for ordinary players. Level 3 monsters area is their limit, this applied for only ordinary players.

Ye Tian Xie was about to advance a step to the territory of monsters, suddenly from the corner of his eyes he caught the sight of a person silhouette. He turned his body to look which stunned him as he saw a single person unexpectedly sitting on his right hand side near the bush. She sat by a tree and her body was excessively dried-up, thin and small. Also her face was as dried up as bark of tree, her whole body resembled a tree and she seems to mix with the surroundings which made even Ye Tian Xie hard to notice her.

Single skinny old lady……..is she NPC of this world? Ye Tian Xie walked towards her.

“Is there anything I can help you with?” he squeeze out a deformed gentle smile on his face and asked. If his question was straightforward it would be like this, “all the mission you have, hand over to me!”

After he finish speaking, at once his expression changed back into sluggish as he noticed that old lady who was sitting cross-legged on the ground motionless…..her exposed bare part of the legs appeared to be dull grey in color.

Petrified…….rapidly in his brain this two word appeared. [石化 means petrified, 2 words/character]

“Core energy of this world——-eternal moment of the destiny is gone, do not know where it drift and fall, without the power of eternal moment of destiny, the destiny tower seal is finally collapsing. All of the 8 archfiend escaped, spreading of magic gas outside started to affect all the land which caused even the docile animals to become violent……..adventurer from different world, is it possible to assist me, I need 10 wolf eyes….but my body is sealed here and cannot move. Are you willing to help me?”

“Ding…….sealed old lady requested you to gather 10 wolf eyes. Mission class: ordinary, Mission time limit: nil, Mission reward: unknown.”

“I accept.” Without any hesitation he accepted the mission. Although this mission was ordinary class but the reward was ‘unknown’ made him little bit interested. In the initial stage, there are many things remain unexplained in this mysterious world. And all the explanations are concealed within game, this was what his sharp intuition which he had developed by playing VR games for many years told him.

“Ding….you have accepted the request of sealed old lady….”

“Can you tell me why your legs become like this?” Ye Tian Xie did not immediately leave to hunt wolf rather squat down and asked her with a kind and gentle face. In the explanation of the mission, the word ‘unknown’ had made him interested therefore he was also greatly interested in the name of this old lady. At <Destiny> world, all the people have their own independent thought. But he had full 10 points in charms and unlikely to add many points later so he made great effort to try to know what the reward was from this old lady.

“Youngster, you should go. Some matters not knowing beforehand is better.” Old woman replied coldly.

“That……if it is inconvenient to move then I can carry you to the beginner village, is it ok?” he hesitate and said.

“My body is unable to leave here, Thank you for your kindness. You should go now.”

“Well.” He gave up, “where is the nearest place where group of wolf appear?”


“Well, I will immediately come back after I got the things you required.”

Leaving behind a sentence, he looked all around and continued forward towards deeper place. Now the climate of <Destiny> world was clearly spring. Soft and gentle breeze against his face slowly made his hear warm. Since his official step on the gaming industry started, his first kill when he was level 0 was always level 5 or higher monsters which made people dumbfounded. Only by doing this, his talent that could close the gap made by huge difference of level could be seen and also this was the only way he could avoid the huge crowd leveling and enjoy quietly by himself.

North Down, Level 5 Wild wolf territory.

Wild wolf: Level 5, HP 170. A kind of brutal animal who like living in groups and take the initiative to lunch attack to any mankind who draws near.

Level 0, with only close to nothing additional attribute of his crude beginner clothing and moreover alone to face level 5 monsters, practically almost all the player of this VR game will think this is same as courting death. Still this was only applied for ordinary players.

Since there was not any players in this area, the wild wolf were everywhere, not even one wolf targeted Ye Tian Xie as he was outside their territory. He advance several steps and probed the hostility range. Afterwards he picked up a stone and threw it towards the nearest wild wolf.


The stone hit the head of the wild wolf which caused a blood red digit (damaged value) to float. Suddenly calm wild wolf became alert and bloody light flashed in its eyes and looked towards the direction of Ye Tian Xie. And subsequently issued a long howl and quickly ran towards his direction.

The movement speed of wolf was very fast, it was at least 1.5 times faster compared to those players who choose agility as a base. The howl of the wolf was not only an angry howl but it also alerted another two wolf. Those two wolf also howled and started to run towards his direction.

Only 3! Seeing only 3 wild wolf approaching him, he didn’t choose to withdraw immediately from the wild wolf territory rather narrowed his eye and slowly lift up his novice sword………


Even when the violent wind arrived, he was calm and motionless until that sharp wolf’s fang was about to touch his waistline. Only at that moment he suddenly tilted his body out of the way almost causing the wolf pass through his body while nearly touching him. For dodging in such a way, timing was most essential as well as the control of the body must be perfect and also should have high experience. This ability was not as simple as it looked and is very hard to accomplish.

Just when first wild wolf was still in the air with failed attack, another gust of wind closely followed after and arrived. He didn’t even looked forward and stand calmly. Suddenly he bend the upper part of body backward forming almost ninety degree. At the same time hold his novice sword upward with his right hand….

Riiiip! -15!

The second wild wolf pounce also missed him and similarly hit empty space. And his raised novice sword directly stabbed its belly which made a blood red digit to float. No matter what the VR game, wolf had typical high attack and speed but low defense. This was one of his reason for directly killing wolf. If he now faced with the same level with low attack and speed but high defense ratio bears type monsters, although it is much easier to deal with, but basically impossible to break open its defense at low level.

Third wolf which was closely following second wolf rushed over, he straighten his upper part of the body half way and at the same time he forcefully turned his body with his left leg as a fulcrum and rotate which let the third wolf to pass through him. Taking the advantage of this, he took a steps forward and he stab two times in a row at weak point of the falling second wolf, afterwards 2 blood red digit floated.

At most only 2 seconds passed from the time 3 wolf began to rush and attack together. It was not a simple attack but a joint attack of 3 wolves made Ye Tian Xie to only move his left side and there was not a single damage on him and still was standing in the same position.

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“Any mankind that draws near” oml just say human

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I hope this old lady will not turn into loli later … although knowing Mars …. ha

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