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Online Game: Evil Dragon Against the Heaven - Chapter 9 - Zenith Novels

Online Game: Evil Dragon Against the Heaven – Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: Lolita Guo Guo (Part I)

At <Destiny> world, for the sake of numerous players, when attacking it didn’t create any bloody scene or anything like severing head or limbs and so on which could make players unable to endure. Ye Tain Xie had counterattacked the instant he evaded the attacks of 3 wolves and only second wolf was stabbed in the process. Only then they turned their body around awkwardly and pounced back at him again. This time all 3 of them attacked almost at the time. He narrowed his eyes and with his fastest speed he dashed forward and passed through the narrow space in the middle of wolves. In the process of movement, he stabbed the rear part of second wolf body with his sword more than once and two of attack was successful. All the attack of his were concentrated on second wolf.

-13, -15, MISS.

After suffering 5 attacks in a row, the HP of second wolf was already depleted by nearly one third. It finally felt pain, turned around howling and once more rushed to bite but once again as if he knew every movement of wolves beforehand, he lowered his body and with his right leg pressed on the ground, unexpectedly maintained extremely low flat position before sliding the distance of nearly 2 meters.

If right now there were any other players here, they would be stunned and surprised, a single player of Level 0 with only a beginner equips, unexpectedly fighting alone with 3 level 5 monsters as well as he had landed continuous dozen or more attack but 3 very powerful monsters could not even touch him.

And what’s more is, he had not even used a single skill.

Even Level 0 players had a vocation and also had that vocation skills. All other players had those with the exception of Ye Tian Xie. He have neither of those so he could only chop, hack and stab with his novice sword……

At the attacks of 3 wolves, Ye Tian Xie body was only swaying just like a ghost shadow and waving his novice sword time to time which was causing wolves to howl. After half minute, the only wolf which he was concentrating on attacking let out its final howl and fell down and at the same time some things like a coin appeared with a faint rays of light.

Only 2 left. Ye Tian Xie tense nerve relax a bit, stance changed from passive to active and directly rushed forward and cut the throat of the wolf with his novice sword. If this was real world then without a doubt his sword would have severed the head of the wolf.

-12, -12, -14, -13, -12……..

Even holding a stick, expert martial artist could easily defeat ordinary person holding a godly sharp weapon.

That innate attributes (reaction, perception and focus) of Ye Tian Xie which exceed other people by many times, at the moment was his one of the largest capital in this game world. With that repeated attacks of not too powerful novice sword, again another wolf gave a sorrowful howl and fell down. He had a proud simile on his face, after that he slowly trampled on the last remaining wolf……….that’s right a single level 0 player with novice equips trampled on a single level 5 monster.

-15, -14………

Finally when the HP of last wolf was almost empty, at that moment he let the wolf claw to hit him on his body.


He felt strand of slight pain at the contact point of the wolf claw, he look above his head for damage point and without extra trouble he disposed the wolf with his sword.

All 3 wild wolves were killed, he let out a small sigh and sweep around his glance once. Beside the first killed wolf which dropped coin like things, other wolf didn’t dropped anything. Let alone wolf eye not even wolf hair was dropped. Only the corpse was left behind. His luck was 0, that’s why drop rate from the monsters were at minimum.

He crouch down to pick up the coins and was speechless to see the words marked above. Facing a huge danger and putting up a life-and-death battle and moreover killing a level 5 monster only got him a single copper coin……….if converted it into real currency then it is a single penny.

【Destiny world, single gold coin = 10 silver gold coin = 100 copper coin. According to government official propaganda, after currency exchange is opened, 1 gold coin = 1 Chinese currency.】


His first earning in this Destiny world entered his inventory. After that he turned over to the dead body of wolf then something came up in his mind…wolfs eye, for taking the things from the monsters dead body, you need “harvesting skill”. He had forgotten about this.

According to his past experiences, these basic survival skills could be learned from the village head of beginner village.

When he prepared to make a round trip to the novice village, he felt something familiar touching his chest which suddenly caused him motionless. He stretch his hand and put it on his neck and there he could trace out familiar string.

This is……

He pulled that string a bit, suddenly the black color pendant which he had worn every day, not even in his sleep it got separated from his body, appeared out of his novice clothes. He hold it in his hand and stared blankly at that unique pendant for a long time and in his vision emerged a complex emotion.

This is the only thing that she left for me…….why did it appear here!? Here, is it not destiny world?

Before because of novice clothing he had not notice anything. And at the time he stood up from couching, this pendant slightly stick to his chest causing slightly cold sensation made him aware of something extraordinary. There was no difference between the pendant he wore in the real world and this. Even the holes and the unique character of emitting faint 7 color dim light was any different.

What is going on!? Why did the real thing appeared here?

This completely goes against the common sense!

When he was thinking, suddenly the black pendant in his hand glimmered with white light. That sudden rays of light was somewhat intense and that sudden flash blinded Ye Tian Xie. Just when his vision came back, unexpectedly that white radiance slowly went above and before his stunned gaze, this light slowly floated like a small size white sun in the air before his own eyes.

“Oh la la……..ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I’m free at last la, free at last la, oh la la la la!”

Ye Tian Xie will forever unlikely to forget this youthful, sweet and pleasing to hear voice but also flippant and impudent to the point that would make peoples wish to seal their ears. Because the owner of this voice and him would be entangled throughout all his life, making him helpless and headache. He cannot wait to put her underneath and spank her butt.

White colored radiance became weak and dissipated and a single delicate pretty silhouette appeared before Ye Tian Xie. This was a little girl with a pitch-black hair, diamond like eyes, clear skin and flawless skin with pure white dress……this was indeed a little girl, not only she appeared to be about 12 or 13 in age, even her height was only 30 cm.

Ye Tian Xie eyes widened like he had seen a ghost. Anyone who caught the sight of the appearance of this kind of little girl with such outrageous voice, without a doubt their reaction will be among these two———one is stunned while other is to think whether this was a dream or not.

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His mom? Where did you pull that one out of? Your ass???

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Height of 30 cm…… That sounds weird.

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Are you sure not mistake 130cm to 30cm? 30cm is too small even be loli.

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