Ore to Kawazu-san no Isekai Hourouki – Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

“You’ve been saying that since a while ago….”

Kawazu-san has been excited since we came back to the room.

His greenish body acquired a tinge of red.

But it’s different from anger, it’s more like a defeated look.

“Well you see, why is it like this? What was the [Recovery Magic] that I’vebeen using up until now?”

What Kawazu-san meant, the [Recovery Magic] that’s usually used reinforces liquid flowing in the body – a process which has healing effects.

Even combining it with medicine, it couldn’t achieve results to that extent.

It’s only on the extent of healing small scratches.

“And I even died once, absurd”

“True, that may be a bit frustrating”


That’s – a magic that could reverse death. One would be mortified after finding out.

And Kawazu-san who doesn’t have the same magic would feel bad.

Humans are beings that don’t appreciate what they have.

Kawazu-san may be down now but he’ll bounce right back up somehow. This time, I’m the target.

“Anyway. You did the smart thing this time”

The grinning Kawazu-san seems to be happy about something, changing his attitude from a while ago.

It’s a mystery how he can change behavior so drastically, so quickly.

“…..ah, you’re right”

But I gave him a curt reply.

I wasn’t in the mood and Kawazu-san thinks it’s strange.

“What’s wrong? Why aren’t you happier?”

“I’m happy, relieved really”


Kawazu-san let out a long sigh as he listened to me.

“Isn’t it obvious? I’m filled with guilt here”

“Huh? Why’s that?”

I don’t want to talk about it, nothing will change if he hears about it.

But it’s true that I’ll feel bad if I just bottle my feelings up.

I couldn’t hold it in anymore so I decided to come clean.

“What I did today…..was it not human experimentation? I was afraid someone would point that out”

That was actually the first challenge of [Recovery Magic].

“I downloaded lots of healing magic, you know? I’ve realized that I can’t just stay unaffected”

It seems like Kawazu-san finally realized how seriously I take this.

That’s right. I was thinking of nothing but the results, but one wrong move and it would’ve been catastrophic.

“So that’s why you refused their gratitude. But didn’t your conscience kick in at all when you modified me?”

“Well you’re a kidnapper, different from the common people. I was desperate in your case”

“….you’re the worst”

“My! To think that it succeeded! I just had to review the real reason!”

That time with Kawazu-san, I didn’t even know where to start.

It should go without saying.

Of course that success was commendable, but the result was too heart-poundingly real.

You see, if we test the limits of [Recovery Magic], would it heal something that didn’t require healing?

Don’t wounds have their purpose as well?

If there are injured patients in front of me, wouldn’t it be hard to resist healing them?

……should I not use it?

I’ve never been resolute but I can do things if push comes to shove.

“A-anyway! Since that man was healed, we should use [Recovery Magic] without worrying! It’s completely a Give-and-Take scenario. Exchanging things we could both benefit from!”

“I got nothing from your explanation, though-”

“I’m regretting it! But still, I didn’t do it for my own gain and it was charity – but to be honest, we can’t just fix everything with a power like mine! At the very least, too much is bad!”

Unconcerned, Kawazu-san’s voice of agreement hurts.

It certainly has to do with the fact that I remodeled him.

“……well, to put it roughly, I wanted to try things differently this time” (Tarou)

“Like what?” (Kawazu)

“That, he wouldn’t get healed if I didn’t do it, right?”

“…….most probably”

Listening to Kawazu-san, it seems like that injury wasn’t something that one could heal so cleanly.

If that’s the case, anyone would desire this magic.

“Additionally, what would happen if I did something like resurrecting the dead – like what I did to you? Won’t it be a magic that makes humans immortal? Ain’t that bad?”

I have confidence that I could execute the magic that I just mentioned.

It’s precisely why we fear god, and I think people take caution because they take their mortality into consideration.


Kawazu-san fell silent with the questions I raised.

My magic isn’t just strong.

It’s omnipotent in every sense of the word. It made Kawazu-san discontent– anyone would want to use it as well.

“As I thought, running away might have been the right choice” (Tarou)

“……don’t worry, everything would work out”

“……that’s right, I can do anything after all”

Somehow, Kawazu-san’s languid state made me give out a wry smile.

“In any case, I’ve already done the deed”

And in my foolery, Kawazu-san just laughed and snorted at my face.

“We~ll, isn’t it fine as it is? It’s really best to follow what you’ve decided. And you, just continue being the carefree and peaceful person that you are”

“What’s with that? I feel like I’m seriously being made fun of”

“What? I can’t make fun of you now?”

“…….then that just makes us even”

“What did you say!”

Our verbal sparring lasted for a while; the mood for the day was uplifted and it remained that way till we slept.

“You guys are magicians right? You cured me but we don’t have anything to repay you with, you know? Did you know that?”

The following day, a troublesome event suddenly occured.

“……Kawazu-san, explain”

“Uh…….hm, that’s right. To put it simply, magicians’ skills are very exclusive. Those skills are incredibly sought after”

“…..could it be that magicians are avaricious?”

“You said something rude! It just takes the supply and demand into consideration…… basically!”

“…….I got it”

It’s unreasonable to employ a magician for everything in this world.

But it’s also bad for a magician to use magic in order to rip someone off, or so I decided.

“Aa, there’s something that I just have to say”

“? What?”

I asked in return, clearing my throat.

Let’s continue with this pace.

“To tell you the truth, I’m but a fledgling magician…..”

Saying that made the husband have a blank look on his face.

I was prepared for the displeasure, but I received laughter instead.

“Ahahahaha! I see! So I was a practice dummy”

“I apologize! It was done in the heat of the moment!!”

I immediately gave a bow.

I was considering if kneeling on the floor would have been better, but it turns out to be unnecessary.

“Aa my, please don’t mind it. I won’t mind it either anyway~”


“It’s not a big deal, right? I was even saved. And you didn’t have any bad intentions either, right? I’m not some sort of academic, so I can’t understand difficult stuff. You even helped a lost child – healing someone is a nice thing. Since you’ve done something good, isn’t it fine to just push through with it?”

“Is it like that?”

“Yea, it’s like that. Isn’t it fine to regret it only if you failed? If that’s the case, you won’t continue it if it’s bad”

The laughing husband is quite magnanimous.

I was slightly impressed.

“Then, would you accept our thanks? Money would be fine, but we don’t have enough to compensate a magician~”

He seemed to really want to thank me no matter what.

In my case, I wasn’t looking forward to receiving anything. But I’ve explained my point, and I don’t know how to refuse anymore.

Oh that’s right – I do have hold some interest about blacksmiths.

“By the way…… you’re a blacksmith, right?”

“That’s right”

“Well then…..”

It was awkward but I told him what I’ve been wanting to have for a while now.

“Alright! Then test it out!”

“Yea! This has the great feel to it!”

Travelling the unexplored regions was more comfortable than I thought.

Our enthusiasm was quite high.

In my hand is a sword which I was happily brandishing out of it’s sheath.

Yes, rewards should be like this.

Even with an amateur’s eye, it’s a good sword. It can’t be compared to the modern immitations that I’ve seen before.

“But why a sword? You don’t really need it right?”

I looked down on Kawazu-san who can’t even understand such romance.

“That’s a stupid thing to say. It’s common-sense for otherworlders to buy a sword in a Fantasy. Also, I’m the type who buys wooden swords from Kyoto”


As a tribute to me meeting with my first sword today, I hereby name it ‘oyakata’ (T/N: boss, master).

I even gave it a great name.

“If I’ve done something good, isn’t it fine to just push through with it – huh….. we~ll it like that”

“What now?”

“No, it’s nothing”

There were a lot of things that had to be done, but the results turned out alright.

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