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Ore to Kawazu-san no Isekai Hourouki - Chapter 25 - Zenith Novels

Ore to Kawazu-san no Isekai Hourouki – Chapter 25

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Chapter 25


I didn’t expect anything in particular.

I just though that with the drastic change of environment, there would be something different from what we’ve been up to until now.

The thing that’s different from before, of course there it was.

After all, this was a different world.

Yes, this is a different world.

Magic exists, monsters exist. It’s the magical world that everyone’s familiar with.



“What wrong? That face that’s just hemorrhaging dissatisfaction.”

“……well, I just never thought that I’d be made to study even after arriving at a different world”

What we were doing at the newly-made house was……


Wherever did they come from, a large number of books on magic is piled up on my newly-made study table.

In this different world, even coming to where fairies dwell.


Even walking through the depths of unknown lands.


The things I wanted to say caught in my throat, I held myself back.

“Be grateful, why won’t you? I will directly teach you magic after all.”

Kawazu-san’s comments can pound through paper, yet I swallowed my anger. Today, my endurance is over K-points.

“Yesyes, thank you very muuuch”

“……I can’t see an ounce of gratitude there. We~ll I’m only surprised that you obediently sat down in front of your desk.”

As the surprised Kawazu-san says, it was a woeful story.

“That’s ’cause, you know…… magic is my lifeline”

While I wore a grumpy face, I still religiously followed the instructions and seriously made my eyes run on the books.

I only say that I’m suffering the consequences, but I personally think that I’m no good.

Blowing off a mountain, growing a jumbo bean stalk.

At the very least, they’re not considered good.

This and that were the faults of my ineptitude. I don’t want to make anymore excuses.

“Oh? If you understand that point, then there’s no problem for now”

Then Kawazu-san conjured more books and piled it on top of the existing mountain.


I thoughtlessly reached my hand out to the book mountain, then I soundlessly screamed.

“What? This much only natural, isn’t it?”

To Kawazu-san smirking ‘Fu fu’ face, I…… got all pumped up.

“Uh, yea. I’ll do it”

I thought I messed up, but it was already too late.

Kawazu-san’s smile grew wider when he heard that. This time, he piled up a bunch of papers.

“Well then, shall we do this! While you’re at it, put together a report for this, okay?”


Even if I die, I’ll do it since it’s come to this.

What, I’ll just take some breaks.

Even then, I need only to walk and look around the Fairy Village to get some satisfaction.

I was just fantasizing about it, but those sweet thoughts were immediately crushed.

“For the time being, you’re not allowed to go out until you finish everything”

“What! That can’t be!”

“We~ll, if you didn’t build an idiotically high tower, there wouldn’t be a need for it”

“Ugh…… t-that was how I imagined it to be. I scaled it up a bit”

Busted, I was busted that I actually made a mistake in the scale.

“……then get it together so it won’t happen again”

“No, even if you say that, just a little bit……”

“You might have a point~. House arrest may be a little too strict”

“That’s right! I thought that shouldn’t be the case!”

“You’ll spend half the time practicing to control your magical power outside”


My hell began this way.
Five days later, my dried up self was standing from my desk.

This is when one’s body and soul is exhausted.

“How unsightly”

This Kawazu-san’s words woke up my body from it’s ghost-like state.



“You have no mercyyyyyy!”

And my patience snapped.

“Preying on people’s weaknesses! I was confined! On top of that I wasn’t left with any food or drinks, it’s impossible!”

There was no rest since the day we started.

And it was a marathon of doping with magic.

I had to go without sleeping, eating and drinking was obviously solved through magic, and I was forced to use recovery magic when I got tired.

At the end of my limit, no matter how I turned it over in my head thinking about it, I was made to do something outrageous.

On top of that, Kawazu-san even made me summon some furniture from my past world and called it training.

I shan’t make it myself, I really had to summon it.

By not recreating it through magic, obtaining the real thing eats a dreadful amount of magical power.

Moreover, it’s definitely theft. There shouldn’t be any police who would even follow to another world.

In our house right now, there’s a mp3 stereo on the water bed, a 65-inch LCD TV, along with an IH cooking heater.

Currently, they’re being remodeled by Kawazu-san to enable them to function using magical power.

Later, I figured out that Kawazu-san would be Kawazu-san by requesting random things that caught his interest. I would obediently fulfill those too.

Then Kawazu-san would be distracted by what he saw and murmur something on a flat tone.

“……my, you did well. I was moved”

“This is a heavenly fantasy world! A secret Fairy Village! Look outside the window!”

I gestured to the window that revealed a stunning lake.

“I’m living in a place that has this kind of lake, yet I’m confined inside the house! Let me swim!”

“……Aa, so you were thinking of something like that”

“Look at that!”

I pointed to a different window. That one showed an unprecedentedly beautiful field of flowers.

“There’s such a wonderful flower garden right there! Lying down there and taking an afternoon nap is only human nature ~ah!”

“Aa, I see……”

Finally, I spread my arms as much as I could.

“Even students are treated more kindly! Apologize! Apologize to the fantasy! More importantly, apologize to meee!”

“Well, it’s because you’d complete and given task…… you’re unexpectedly diligent”

“You’re preaching now!? Don’t mess with me! I seriously worked so desperately! Speaking of which, you were sleeping normally, weren’t you!? I also had times when I wanted to play! I felt like I would catch a fever from thinking!”

“We~ll……I thought that I’d be wrong to get in the way. I got comfortable instead?”

“Shut it!”

My shoulders trembled as I breathed in. After shouting for too long, I calmed down.

It’s not like I’m okay just because I don’t get tired physically.

My spirit itself was roughly whittled down to a plane.

Sleep, breaks, meals – I finally understood through my body exactly how important they are.

“Since it’s come to this, Kawazu-san, will you cooperate and make me have a comfortable life?”

“A comfortable life…… don’t you have that right now?”


Seeing the room would make one think so.

No, that’s not it. There’s not enough of the most essential thing.

“That’s not it, I’m not a hermit, am I? I want to eat delicious food, I want to do fun activities. There’s no way I’d be satisfied with eating mist! Aa, I want to use the internet!”

“Such a demanding guy…… I don’t really mind lending a hand but what exactly do you want to do?”

At Kawazu-san’s question, limply sprawled on my desk and muttered.

“I want a PC……”


Naturally, Kawazu-san was confused by the unfamiliar words.

Preparing electronic devices is something that I could do.

It’s also possible to move them with Kawazu-san’s help.

It’s just that computers don’t work that way.

I can’t just summon radio waves, and there’s no one that owns a computer in this world.

A light user like me can’t do anything without the internet.

It’s temporal.

In the midst of my troubles, I suddenly had a bright idea.

“Ngh ~ if it doesn’t exist then I should make it!!”

“……you, that’s enough already so go to sleep. I’ve always thought you were a strange guy, have you finally gone crazy?”

“You’re wrong! I thought up of a method to achieve what I want”


“Make a Personal Computer!”

“And what exactly is that!?”

It isn’t a question whether it can or cannot be made.

There’s plenty of time, I’ll do it.

My tension is cranked up to the MAX.

It’s that, the night will be a strange one.
“Hm, so basically, it’s a tool to exchange information”

After listening to my rough explanation, Kawazu-san groaned with a difficult face.

“Right right, there are also a lot of ways to use it. An average guy like me would be set as long as there’s the net”

Of course, there’s no way I have the skills to do everything myself.

I’ll make similarly-functioning objects through magic.

“Sounds interesting. Are you going to distribute it to magic-users?” (K)

“? No, the target of distribution is the general masses?” (T)

I don’t know why he reached that conclusion, but when I denied it, Kawazu-san made a strange face and inflated his cheeks.

“……what? Even though there’s no meaning in the information from the commoners?”

Kawazu-san began to say something insulting, so I argued against it.

“That’s not true, is it? Ordinary people make various things that are essential in living, don’t they? Then they’d be able to obtain domestic products by trading! With [Transfer Magic]! Let’s make it this instant! We’ll be able to eat delicious food anytime!”

If it’s through the power of magic, won’t we be able to make it so that we’ll just rely on Delivery Services? I hope so.

If Teleportation is possible, then it could be done.

Stocks are used frequently, originally through mail.

If it can be done, then it’s not a dream anymore.

“……you’d use magic on useless things huh”

Kawazu-san still doesn’t look like he got the point.

He just carelessly gave up on it, but I didn’t listen when he said it was useless.

“Kawazu-san…… you don’t know anything. I’d be troubled if you underestimate a Japanese. Our people really take food matters seriously, you know? There’s just that essence in life!”

I’m also not an exception.

The name Tarou, a common name for Japanese people, isn’t just for show.

Kawazu-san was also frightened after hearing the unusually feverish words.

“I-is that so?”

“It’s exactly so! In the first place, even without relying on anyone, if Kawazu-san studies the stuff I downloaded, you’d be able to do most things right?”

“……that’s right”

Not to brag, but I’m like a living library of magic.

With regards to magic, I don’t know how many years it will take to understand it if there’s just the two of us working.

“It’s set! Let’s make it!”

“Fumu…… fine! We have a lot of time, if nothing else! Shall we give it a try! Anyway, it will be useful for you to improve your magic!

“Aha ha! It’s subtle but that part somewhat meets my expectations!”

“That’s why you shouldn’t worry! Then draw a detailed propasal and show it to me! Right now! I shall also search the books for magic that might useful for your image”

“……Eh? Right now?”

At Kawazu-san’s carelessly thrown words, my enthusiasm was splashed with cold water.

Kawazu-san tilted his head in confusion after he heard my anticlimactically weakening response.

“Isn’t it natural? It’s something that you want to make, isn’t it?”


I bit my lip, rolled my eyes up, and hit the floor with my head looking like a stuffed doll.

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