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Ore to Kawazu-san no Isekai Hourouki - Chapter 31 - Zenith Novels

Ore to Kawazu-san no Isekai Hourouki – Chapter 31

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Chapter 31

It all began when Kamase-san recovered from his unconsciousness.

“Muu……I-I get it. I may have been a little immature. But what was it, you said you prepared some sort of compensation…… ouch! Don’t hit me! Why did you do that!?

“Hey! Shut up, you! Sorry about him, he fights over every little thing”

“That was rough! It’s natural, isn’t it! Isn’t this guy asking a favour from us? It sends a message when we do things for free!”

While Elder-san and Kamase-san were having a shouting match, Kuse-san suddenly spoke in a chillingly cold tone.

“Uncle…… still with such things. I already said that I wanted it, so isn’t it fine to forgo the favour? Or will you still stand in my way even though you already lost? Should I turn you into a crisp?”

Although he was frightened by that gaze, Kamase-san still did his best.

“N-no! I’m not saying that we’re going to receive something else, you know? Just, the dragons of the valley just doesn’t welcome magicians when they come! There are many that feel insecure! Showing weakness in such a situation will only encourage that insecurity, and it will eventually lead to distrust towards you!”

It turned out to be a better argument than I thought.

The beat-up Kamase-san had emphasized a good point for his side.

“Even so……”

Elder-san would still push things through. Since it can’t be help, I thought I should say something.

“Alright. I’ll gift the dragons with something. I may just be an apprentice magician, but I can do something”

“Yes! So you’ll do it!”

It might be because he’s happy that his plan is finally coming through, Kamase-san’s voice was almost compassionate.

We~ll, I was about to give them something anyway. It’s a cheap price to preserve his dignity.

Rather, it’s seems quite interesting.

“Then…… how about some alcohol?”

What I know of dragons.

There are various myths that tell about heroes that make dragons or serpents drink alcohol until they pass out, then the heroes would defeat them when they’re passed out drunk.

If you think of it in another way, they just love drinking alcohol that much.

When I said that, it’s either the myths were accurate or it’s just their preference, two pairs of dragons’ eyes gleamed.

“Hou…… can you prepare a liquor that could satisfy us?”

“That’s quite interesting”

With their eyes hotly staring at me meaningfully, I probably could no longer take my words back.

“We~ll please raise your expectations. Before that, is there some land around here that’s unused?”


Though I received doubtful gazes, I still asked.
“In short, I need to get the dragons to think of me as someone worthy of recognition. A straightforward way to gain that recognition is to present a tribute that they would be pleased with. That’s what I think, see?”

In the middle of a deserted land, I was striking a pose.

I can’t see the full expanse of the seemingly endless dry land.

However, it’s just suitable.

“……what are you planning? In the first place, did you bring along some alcohol?”

I could see the dragonfly’s uncontrollable curiosity as she points that out while giggling. Well that’s something to look forward to.

“N? I don’t have any right now”

Yes, for now.

There’s basically nothing in this deserted land except for the valley, that’s a go signal for me in doing something flashy.

I must surprise the dragons at any cause, it’s not enough if it’s not flashy.

My tongue darted out in a licking motion as I commenced downloading some magic.

Then I chose the intended magic while letting out a laugh.

“Well then I shall begin”

“……you have a really evil face right now, Taro”

I felt some unease coming from the dragonfly’s voice, but it’s probably my imagination.

For the time being, I activated [Analysis Magic] in the widest range possible.

Deep and far.

The detailed geographical data of the area flowed in my head.

I found a spot nearby where the underground water lines intersects.

The depth is about fifty meters.

It should be wide enough for dragons to soak in. It’s convenient that it must be as large as possible.

“Watch this……”

“I’m watching, but aren’t you just going to do something ridiculous again?”

“Pretty much”

My fingers moved to draw a big ellipse in the air, I used this as an approximate guide. I closed one of my eyes and made it to fit.

I aimed at the ground and lifted it as is.

The ground trembled, but it was cut off in a section, and it easily lifted up in the air.

A huge chunk of it emerged in the shape of a reversed pyramid.

What became of the ground was a large hole that resembled a mortar.

There weren’t any quakes like what happened with the tower, but the incredibly large piece of land that was lifted off was quite incredible.

However, the floating land mass was unimportant, instead, it’s what’s below it.

I confirmed that the groundwater was already coming out in large quantities, and I grinned.

“Now then, this isn’t the final phase of my power yet”

“Uweeh…… are you still going to do something about that up there?”

“Naturally! The real show starts here!”

Tonbo-chan smiled happily as I continued to work.

It’s troublesome to wait for enough water to accumulate so I’ll add some myself.

“Expanding the magic formations! Start pouring!”

Acting cool, I extended my hands even though it doesn’t really have any meaning.

I activated the magical formations that’s aiming at the crater.

The total number of pouring ‘hoses’ is 365, it’s because auspicious looks good.

By the way, there’s not a single problem with water made with magic, I need to clarify that at least.

‘Cause I want to use it.

The massive 365 points of discharge easily filled the crater full of water, the deserted land which had nothing is now transformed into a splendid pond.

Now what should I do with the remaining land mass?

I could just make it disappear but that would truly be a waste.

“Since we’ve come to this, wanna see something amazing?”

“Un, something amazing…… are you going to use all of this?”

“It would be gorgeous!”

I followed the dragonfly’s thoughts.

Anything would be good.

Casting magic on the block of rock, magically rewriting the constituent molecules, I changed the colors like soaking it in paint.

Lots of loose soil and rocks, Au.

In the end, I changed it into gold. The shining golden surface gloriously reflected the sunlight.

“Uwaa, you have bad tastes”

“……wasn’t this your plan?”

The dragonfly’s impression was unexpectedly surprising, anyway it’s fine.

Even if you leave it rolling up there as it is, I think it would be a good sight. However it doesn’t seem to be popular so let’s add another twist.

Inspiration is important in this occasion.

Recall happy thoughts.

If it’s sightseeing, that thing would be good

Gold, divine, God, Buddha, fun trips, sightseeing spots.

Various words flittered through my head, there was a spark on my forehead.

It felt like I heard a deep ringing of a bell.


“……this is?”

I don’t understand how the dragonfly felt when she saw something she could not understand, but it was modelled perfectly.

“Hotokedana!” (T/N: Buddha.)

With a wonderful archaic smile, the Great Golden Buddha was in a splendid zen meditation and was emitting the loud sounds across the pond.

One hundred percent dignified, it looms. The pure gold metal Buddha was a perma-niceguy, I say.

But for some reason, it has a frightening impact.

“Hweee, so what are you going to do with this?”

“Well, do you enjoy seeing it?”

“……is it fun?”

“Who knows?”

But I think it’s unusual.

But if nobody recognizes the Great Buddha then it’s just an enormous figure……

Weeell it’s undoubtedly auspicious and good, so it’s gonna be fine.

“Then shall we walk?”

“What do you mean by that? Would something come out from the eyes?”

“It’s romantic when beams shoot out from the eyes. The dragons won’t be victimized from it. Then the Heart Sutra is would automatically flow out?…… I can’t help it that it’s become like this. I still haven’t done the main magic”

“So you mean this is just a decoration?”

“Yup, I haven’t prepared the alcohol yet, have I?”

The dragonfly was relieved with what I said. Then she turned my eyes to the pond where you can swim as much as you want, and pointed with trembling hands.

“……don’t tell me, all of this?”

“It’s precisely that!”

I immediately applied some magic to the pond and it shone brilliantly, there was a change in the liquid.

No, the appearance didn’t change.

The drastic change was in the way it smelled of strong fermentation, as if you could get drunk from just standing beside it.

T/N: if some parts are confusing, especially that weird Buddha’s statue part, well… dangling participles are the bane of Jap translators so sometimes we’re vague because the source is vague as well. Also I don’t grammar.


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