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Paranormal World – Chapter 10 - Zenith Novels

Paranormal World – Chapter 10

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Translator: Red Sky

Editor: DogLeading


Chapter 10: Extreme love births hatred


“My first car was given to me by a restaurant owner. It’s funny that I don’t seem to remember his name. That car was a second hand Santana, worth over thirty thousand dollars. Do you know how excited I was at that time? My very first thought was that I could drive back to home in the winter vacation.”


“That winter vacation, he carried some bags and came to the university to pick me up. He gave me two third of his yearly earnings to me. He told me to buy some gifts for my family so that they won’t give me a dirty look and spoil the new year mood. It was over ten thousand dollars, some new and some old. He said he had saved up money for the new term of the university, so I didn’t need to ask money from home.” Several drops of mist fell from the female ghost’s eyes. I knew they were her tears.


“But, when he saw me getting off a car in the parking lot and a man that was older than my father intimately dropping me off, he cried. He beat up that man, for which he was sent to the police station. He spent that year in the prison.”


“When I saw him again, he had resigned from his previous work. He stood at the college gate, seeing me driving a new BMW – that was given by someone else –  to the college.”


“I hate you, I hate you ruining yourself. Even more, those men who degraded you. Those were the last words he said to me, that was also the last time I saw him.”

“He left and didn’t turn back.” The female ghost laughed and wiped off the mist on her eyes.


“Afterwards, I used my body to progress forward, and never returned back to my family in that village. I felt such life suited me, I had my own business and also had fame. I had car, house, money, everything.” The female ghost became somewhat excited as she spoke of this.


“But you didn’t have that man who loved you deeply!” I told her without any restraint.


“That night, when that spirit appeared before me, its mouth held a paper!” The female ghost didn’t refute me and continue to speak.


“On the paper it was written that rather than letting me continue to be depraved and let these people humiliate me, it would be better to kill me. Seeing the familiar handwriting on the paper, I knew it was him. After that, you already know what happened.” The female ghost jumped off the dissecting bed and walked towards me.


“There was a time when I wanted to look for him, to ask him if he would still to marry me. After experiencing the world, I realized that a man who would think everything of you and take care of you was really good!” The female ghost sighed and said softly.


“When I died, he cried. He and that stillborn spirit were both connected, I could see him and he could also see me. He cried as he saw me eat myself. He told me he wouldn’t let any men that tarnished me get away.”


“You know where he is?” I wanted to find that man through the female ghost.


“I won’t tell you, I know you want to deal with him. This is the last thing I can do for him. In this life, this is the one thing that I can do for him.” The female ghost looked at me, mournfully.


“Do you think I don’t have any means to find him?” I sighed as I slowly took out the coin sword strapped to my waist. If I didn’t find that man and let that stillborn spirit recover, then there would definitely be more deaths. I didn’t want to use violence but in the end, it came to it. Once the midnight passes, Yang Cuihua would go to report to hell. I didn’t have much time.


“What are you trying to show by bullying a woman? I am here!” A thin man entered through the door, his hands were clasped on an earthen crock.


“You finally appeared!” I held the coin sword in a reverse stance and turned towards that man.


“Today is her seventh day, I am going to see her off.” The man ignored me and walked towards the female ghost and softly spoke.


“You leave first, I will follow you soon.” The man moved his hand and gently caressed Yang Cuihua’s cheek, but his hand simply moved through the indistinct figure in front of him. Tears fell down his eyes, but he smiled towards her and spoke.


“Don’t do anything foolish!” The female ghost seemed to have realized something and anxiously said to the man.


“Ever since I nurtured it, I knew this would be the end result. Don’t worry,  even if I die, many shall be buried for you.” The man finished speaking and with a crack sound, he smashed the earthen crock in his hands.


“Yii yaa!” From the smashed earthen crock, a patch of dark liquid flowed on the floor which soon came together into a dark silhouette. The dark silhouette rose up and screamed towards me.


“Its you!” When Liu Jianjun saw the dark silhouette, he realized that yesterday’s event with the ghost making him try to suicide was caused by this man. The murderer had appeared in flesh.


Following the stillborn spirit’s long scream, the cold cabinets in the mortuary started to shake.


“Vile spawn, you want to wake up the dead?” There was not only Yang Cuihua’s corpse in the mortuary. If the dead woke up, then it would become a lot more troublesome.


“Mortuary!” I swung the coin sword at the stillborn spirit; causing it to tumble few times.  At the same time, Liu Jianjun phoned the gathered criminal police team to come capture the killer.


“Nobody can stop me!” The man saw the stillborn spirit being injured; he jumped at me while shouting fiercely.


“You want to wake up the dead and then use them to kill for you? Well, I am here and your schemes can go to hell!” I took a step back and with the coin sword behind my back, I kicked the man at his chest.


“I wondered what method you used to escape the spirit, but how could I have know that the police actually requested a Taoist priest to help in the case!” The man was pushed back by my kick and stumbled into the dissecting bed, he then looked hatefully at Liu Jianjun and spoke. He hadn’t expected the public security bureau to connect the case with superstitions.


“Why do you want to kill me?” Liu Jianjun took out the pistol from his waist and pointed at that man.


“If you were dead, it would have slowed down the police investigations and obscured the clues. I could then take my time with my next plans. Such a pity!” The man didn’t try to lie, he stood up and sighed lightly. He pulled out a knife and chopped off his own wrist.


“Kill them!” The man kicked the cut wrist to the stillborn spirit and roared with an ashen face.


The stillborn spirit smelled the scent of blood; it gave up on attacking me and turned towards the man’s wrist. In two-three bites, it swallowed the wrist.


“So fierce, you actually dare to feed yourself to the ghost? Aren’t you afraid it will swallow your soul?” I sneered and looked at this psycho of a man.


“I don’t even want to live, so how could I care about this flesh? As for anything else, how could I care about them.” The man pressed his bleeding arm on the dissecting bed, trying to slow down the bleeding. He heard what I said and sneered at me as he spoke.


“How did you get a hold of this toy?” I asked the man.


“As long as you have money, what can you not buy?” The man laughed maniacally.


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