Paranormal World – Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: Case closed


“Kill them!” the man shouted his demand to the stillborn spirit that now has already regained its power. He tended to stall the time by starting the conversation with me, so that the stillborn spirit may regain its strength


“Yee-Ya!” the apparent excitement aroused after the spirit was feeded with the breeder’s flesh and blood. It shrieks and ascended to the air, throwing itself directly to my lungs.


“Imprudent being! What makes you think you can threaten me?” I dug out the Demon-expulsion Fu from my pocket and it instantly flamed in thin air. ‘Pak’, in that instant, I sticked the Fu right at the forehead of the spirit.    


“Yee-ya~” The power in the Demon-expulsion Fu has caused the ghastly aura that shrouded its spiritual body dispersed. It let out a shrilling screech and dashed towards to the breeder, trying to attack him. It needs to feed on the breeder’s flesh and blood to heal its injuries.


“No!” Yang Chui-hua spotted the stillborn spirit’s intentions and shielded the breeder’s body with her own. Next, the spirit’s wide open mouth devoured one of her arm.


“Chui-hua!” When the breeder witnessed the love of his life wounded, he care no more of his bleeding broken-arm and kicked the stillborn spirit away.


“Haven’t I told you that there’s nothing good when you breed the spirit with your own flesh?” I rushed forward, using a Spirit-bound Fu to stabilized her soul from being diminished then I turned to the breeder and slightly protested.


“Chui-hua!” the breeder is in no mood to argue with me, he kneeled on the floor allowing the fresh blood of his dripping freely. He murmured her name continuously as his eyes fixed to her.


“Evil sinful thing, be gone!” that spirit has lost its control, even prepare to flung itself to devour Yang Chui-hua’s remaining piece of soul. I backhandedly drove the coin dagger into the spirit’s forehead and it shot out a beam of bright light immediately after it sensed the ghastly aura. The spirit dissipated in energy wave,  shortly after, followed by the recovery of equilibrium.  


Ding!” out of thin air, a finger bone dropped on the floor right after the ghastly aura disappeared.


“Sergeant!” all the cops show up after the event, without exception. I’ve taken care every thing in the scene just before Liu Jian-jun’s peers arrived to the morgue. Judging from the messy scene and blood traces on the floor, the cops aimed their guns towards the breeder, who is now kneeling on the floor.  


“He is all yours!” I announced, withdrawing the coin dagger to place it on my waist.




Half month past after the event, Liu Jian-jun once again visit my shop. The first thing I said to him was “How was that man?” I asked about the pity, vengeful man.


“Died. Pass away the next day.” Liu Jian-jun answered miserly.


“All in all, the case have ended. You should be more relax.” I placed a cup of brewed tea in front of him.


“Your business is not going so well, see for yourself, that wreath has not being sold yet!” Liu Jian-jun took the cup of tea and pointed the wreath which stood against door side.  


“Perhaps I should be operating a saloon?” I sipped a mouthful of tea before I replied.


“Suit yourself, I’ll just come by everyday to check!” Liu Jianjun grinned.


“Fxxx!” I pointed him my middle finger!




Ever since the homicide case of a stillborn spirit, it’s been awhile that Liu Jianjun staying out of my hair. As for my business, it went well a little than before.  “Boss, what’s the price for these paper monies?”


“Those with 100 million face value cost $20 each stack; entirely handmade ones are $50 each stack!” Sitting behind the counter folding sycee, I answered the attractive lady without raising my head. How do I know she’s attractive without raising my head? Well, I have to say that I possess a talent of identifying woman’s scent.


“How about those paper servants?” the woman browse through the line of paper servants that includes madam offices, female nurses, female teachers, and female servants.


“$120 each!” I raised my head and answered while took a pause on folding sycee.


“Wow, a young boss.” the woman with bouncing chest before me seems quite amaze with my young appearance.


“Nice lady, to whom do you intend to pay your respect? Any special preferences for the deceased? You must know that gifts should be what one’s desired. If ancestors are happy with the right gift, who knows they’ll bless you to be 20 this year and 18 next year, or prosper in wealth, or peace in household.” I stood up and make my way to her side. Covertly get a sniff of the scent of her perfume.


“Geez, you’re a funny boss. Who could have known that a person who sells wreath and paper servants could made up such words.” every woman buys my compliments, who doesn’t want to be 20 this year and 18 the next? And so, she threw me a wide flirtatious leer. (抛了一斤秋天的菠菜*trans-literally throw a one full kg of autumn’s spinach)  


“You are the boss, I have no idea of what this is. Why don’t you recommend some to me?” after both of us get a little familiarize, her tone of voice changed a lot more to skittishier.


“Depends on who are you giving it to.” It might be a big deal, then I turned to pour her some tea.


“It’s for my grandfather.” she took a sniff on the tea which she accepted from me. Judging from her movement, she seems expert on tea ceremony.  


“While he was alive, does he finds modernized things interesting? Or antiques?” I asked.


“Hmm, he loves listening to ‘Romance of the western chamber’ in his free time.” she replied.


“Oh, does he specifically like the part where Zhang sheng meet Ying Ying after midnight?” my eyebrows raised flirtatiously at her.  


“You men, don’t all of you attune to these romance?” Hence, the intent to flirt failed and in turn, being teased by her.


“Well then, I recommend these paper servant girls. Although they aren’t Lady Red and Chui Ying-ying, at least it came close to what he would wish, are they?” I pointed at those paper servant girls and suggested it to the woman.


“How much are those?” the woman shows some interest of what she heard.


“$240 for a pair. Need paper monies as well? If you need it, I suggest the handmade ones, only those are usable by the ancestors. To be honest, in the world of afterlife, those printings that frequently printed in the face value of 100 million are equivalent to small changes. In other words, those fine prints are Korean Won, and handmade paper monies are Chinese Yuan, they have this much of a difference.” I point out a simple example for her to understand easily! (Handmade paper monies in this passage is referring to a piece of paper with punch hole shapes like ancient Chinese coin. Using a specific hole puncher to punch 9 holes, consuming more time and efforts. )


“Is this how you point out an example? You are funny. Alright, for the effort of your recommendations, I will take 3 stacks of handmade paper monies and both of these paper servants. Oh ya boss, do you offer delivery to doorstep? I can’t be holding these two paper servants on the street, can I?” She place her teacup on the counter and strike a deal with me. With only one condition, that is delivers her goods to her place.


“No problemo pretty lady, write me your address and phone numbers. Free delivery within town area in 12 hours. If you please, $390 in total. You only need to pay $380.” I said to her, in the sounds of picking abacus on the counter.


“Keep the change. Consider the rest of it as delivery fees. This is my name card, send it to the given address. Young brother, your sister is leaving now!” She picks out 4 pieces of $100 denominations from her ‘’ branded handbag while teasing me. What? You ask me what is ‘’ branded handbag? You are such a hillbilly, it is the LV! (驴 Lǘ in Chinese keyboard is lv.)  


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