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Paranormal World – Chapter 14 - Zenith Novels

Paranormal World – Chapter 14

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Translator: purplenails

Editor: DogLeading

Chapter 14: Every why has a wherefore


“Since when you’ve got these feelings?” I grabbed her wine glass and put it away. Then I pour her a glass of water instead. As what I know about Yan Pinmin, she’s not that kind of person who likes to make things up. So, I believed her.


“Since 6 months ago. It happened before I have these episodes. I went to the shrine and asked for Protection Talisman, but it didn’t work well. Someone suggested that perhaps it was my deceased father-in-law who imposed poltergeist. As his son is frequently out of the state and also because I have only a vague idea about ritual offerings, I must’ve been paying less reverent to him that makes him came back to haunt me.” Yan Pinmin is an educated person, she doesn’t believe even a word of superstitious sayings. Yet, weird things had crossed her path. When there’s no other explanation to explain this phenomenon, she has to do something which could ease her mind.   


“This is the reason why you went to my shop and purchased those paper crafted servants?” I asked.


“Yes! Young brother, can you stay for the night?” She nodded. Followed with a request that made my heart raced.


“Don’t get me wrong. It’s been awhile since I had a good night sleep. I figured that you must be bold since you’re dealing with black wreath and ritual goods everyday. Can I ask for your kindness? Stay and watch over me tonight, let me sleep tightly for once.” It’s her first time to ask a man besides her husband to stay overnight. If it wasn’t because of her mind and body has reached the edge of breakdown, she wouldn’t have even make such request.


I am a man, a man with active body and young mind. It is a bet for her as well.


“Aren’t you afraid that you lead a wolf into your house?” I stared at the matured, charming woman before me.


“It would be my faith then!” She answered with gritted teeth. Looks like she eagerly needed a good night sleep.


“Erm, alright!” I brushed my nose and replied helplessly.


“I know you don’t have that gut.” Yan Pinmin seems satisfied when she sees me expressing my passive side. Women may be demanding, but they are after all only women.  She regained some courage when there’s a man in the house. As for now, she looks delighted than before.  


As soon as I agreed to Yan Pinmin’s request that requires extreme resistance to impulses, I roamed freely around the premise. This is the first time I get the chance to explore such high-standard villa. I stopped in front of an antiques display rack and study those jars and urns, “Are these authentic or counterfeits?” I asked.  


“These are reproductions. You like antique? I’ll give you a small gift some other day.” how generous is she.


Judging from the craftwork, even if it’s a reproduction, I don’t think is cheap. I carefully hold one on my hands and inspect, that’s when I noticed the bonsai at the lowest level,  “Hmm? Who placed the bonsai here?” there’s a miniature pavillon, bridge, little forest, wonderful scenery.   


However, one of the material of the little forest was made by willow wood, and the pavillon was made by ash wood. Willow gathers shadow, Ash gathers spirits. Luckily, her villa is situated on a location with great feng shui, otherwise, she would have gone to afterlife because of this bonsai instead of simply having episodes.


“Who holds such great hatred on her? Placing the large bonsai which will do her harm?” I pondered before the bonsai with my hands clasp behind. I guess I finally know why Yan Pinmin is having these episodes.


“Oh, this bonsai. It was a souvenir from my husband’s business trip.” Yan Pinmin look at the insignificant bonsai at that corner and thought for a while. If I didn’t mention about it,  she wouldn’t have care about the bonsai.


“Your husband brought it back? Sister, don’t mind me asking, what happened to your marriage?” as this matter might involved her husband, I couldn’t speak directly out of my mind.


“Hopefully her husband had no idea that Willow and Ash are prohibited in this house.” I thought. I try to think positively.


“Our marriage? So so, nothing much nothing less. He only cares about his business. For him, I’m not a necessary.” Staying apart for a long period of time makes one of them felt resented, especially the one who cares more in a relationship. Like Yan Pinmin, as her words was filled with bitterness.


“In this case, he owned a big company?” It isn’t normal for a man to stay out of home for a long period of time, even for a businessman. I guess, perhaps her husband is having an affair?


“Who knows. It’s not that big, just a partnership that offers him messing around with his gang. One must have clear mind and proactive foresight to deal in Futures. But him, he believes anything being told. Frankly, he is not a business type of man.” when she speaks about her husband, she obviously has a stomach full of grudges. Come to think of it, ditching a pretty wife at home and constantly heading out to work, anyone would be furious.


“Throw that bonsai away. Even better if you burn it tomorrow afternoon.” I hesitated at first, but finally suggested Yan Pinmin to burn down the bonsai. I know suspicion will raise when she heard my suggestion. I wouldn’t have care if I don’t know about it, but now that I know, I can’t have her keeping it, as it brings nothing but harm to her.


“Why? Something wrong with that bonsai?” a question spitted out from Yan Pinmin’s mouth, she immediately threw her suspect at the bonsai. She couldn’t figure out the rational reason behind it, why must the bonsai be burnt?


“Trust me, burn it. Sometimes it’s best to leave matters unrevealed.” She’s a scaredy-cat, I’m afraid the truth will burden her even more.


“Ok, it’s just a bonsai. I’ll burn it mid-day tomorrow.” She’s smart, or I should say, she’s sensitive. She didn’t ask further but only nodded and made promises, as she noticed that I refused to elaborate further.


That evening, she thanked me accompanying her in her house by making me dinner. I must say, she’s one pretty woman that can cook.


“You’ll stay at the guest room tonight, my bedroom is just next to yours.” After dinner, Yan Pinmin brought me to the second floor and pointed at one of the room.


“Alright. Rest well tonight, you have me.” Looking around the room, I nodded and yawned.


“Liu, do you know the Little Tea House in town? Yes, right, a beautiful lady owner. X, you’re psyche only to this subject. Help me check on a person, the husband of the Little Tea House’s owner, Zhang Zhong.” I waited Yan Pinmin went into her bedroom, so that I can make a call to Liu Jianjun at first floor.  

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