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Paranormal World – Chapter 15 - Zenith Novels

Paranormal World – Chapter 15

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Translator: purplenails

Editor: DogLeading

Chapter 15: Scumbag


“Why do you check on somebody else’s husband? Don’t let me find out you’re meddling in any trouble.” on the other line, Liu Jianjun’s immediate reaction was thinking that I intervened with other person’s marriage. He is starting to lecture me, earnestly.  


“Why would you said so? Am I that kind of person?” I pouted.


“Why do you check on her husband then? Lemme tell you, you can think about it all you want, but never ever mess around.” Liu Jianjun seems find hard to believe me.


“I just thought that her husband acted strangely. Put yourself in his shoes, if your pretty wife sits at home, would you rather stay out of home for half of a year?” I wanted Liu Jianjun to check on what in the heck is Zhang Zhong doing out of home. I dimly sensed that her husband had deliberately bring the bonsai home. I haven’t exactly figured out why yet.


“You’re a guy who sells black wreath, instead of minding your own business, why care so much about other people’s matter?” Liu Jianjun increasingly believe that me and Yan Pinmin is having an affair.


The longer the men live, the older they get, their mind gets filthier. A sudden realization dawned on me.


“Why is it so difficult to ask for your help? Tell me, would you help me? If you refuse, don’t come to me for anything, we’re out of each other’s lives!” I rubbed my nose as I speaks.


“I will help. I would definitely help. Wait for my news! Let me say this, take it easy, ain’t it good if you look for a serious relationship at your age?” Liu Jianjun still convinced that me and Yan Pinmin is having a fling.


“Just say so earlier and we would have done now. Remember, call me when you find something.” My mouth stretched into a grin as I speaks to Liu Jianjun on the other line.


“Ee?” as soon as I hung up the phone, I was ready to head up to the second floor. Just when I’m about to do so, I felt a chill shooting down my spine. I turned to look at the bonsai on the rack then spit out a scornful humph. Looks like the bonsai does indeed invited some unclean things. However, a bonsai is after all a bonsai, it can’t cost any bigger harm. Only if the surrounded premise were planted with Willow or Ash Tree shall endanger human lives in time.  


So all of you, do not just think of venture into dark places at night and making out under the shy moon. Those places gather shadows and garner filths. Maybe the vital force within your body might decline, or worst, it could bring sickness unto the body. We don’t need to save to get a room, do we?      


“Stirring trouble, aren’t you?” I lift up the bonsai, whispers my words to it.


“Who would know that the craftwork produced by these willow tweaks and peel barks of the oak tree may be life threatening. An amateur might have someone killed unintentionally.” I carefully studied the craftswork of the somewhat scenic bonsai. I must say, for someone who crafted this, he/she is quite familiar with metaphysics.


“I shall see how you’re gonna create disturbance after I burned you tomorrow.” I randomly paste a Fu talisman to suppress evil energy on the bonsai and later place it back to the rack.


What a good night sleep. Although two single woman and man sleeps in different room, we are still staying under one roof. I must admit, some time during midnight, the itch made my heart rippled.


“Ehm~ it’s been a while i hadn’t had such tight sleep!” Next early morning, the radiant Yan Pinmin with her nightwear still on, walks out from her room and made a big stretch.


“Morning, sister Pinmin!” I quietly walked out from the room and greeted the fine figure woman before me.


“Ah!” Yan Pinmin was frightened by me who crept out from the room.


“What are you looking at, boy, you’ll get stye!” Yan Pinmin, now turn to face me, protested and hurriedly pull her nightwear tightly after she followed my leering gaze.


“Lust is nothing, nothing means lust, humble monk… ah no, humble taoist like me seeing you glowing, I thought you must have had a good sleep yesterday?” I sneakily gulped my mouthful of saliva but answered her in a gentleman manner.


“Pffft! At the moment there, you’re a monk and other moment, a taoist? Where are you heading on this early morning anyway? Move away, I need to change in my room.” Yan Pinmin squeeze through me with her hands fending off her chest. I lamented at her moves. Some words from a poem came up in a trance: Most scenic sight came from a perilous peak!


Right after Yan Pinmin done grooming, the time has reached 9.30 in the morning. I got Liu Jianjun’s call right after I left her house.  “You lad, you have heard the news of her husband being scammed and involved in great debts, haven’t you? That’s why you’re taking chance?”


“Yee? Being scammed? Tell me the details!” I glanced at Yan Pinmin through the corner of my eyes, acted nothing but continuing my questions to Liu Jianjun.


“He was in a partnership venturing in Gold Futures trades, when it’s done he gets nothing. In other words, he is now broke. Moreover, he loaned a large sum of money for his startup. One interesting point is,he signed a life insurance for his wife, and he is the beneficiary.” Liu Jianjun briefly report what he had investigated.


“In this case, everything makes sense now.” My mind tweak a little and figure out some crucial points. Zhang Zhong is not only broke, he also owes a great debt, that’s why he sneakily bought a life insurance plan for Yan Pinmin. If Yan Pinmin died, he’ll claim a significant amount of money from the insurance company.


The ugly side of human often value money and interest before love and caring. I hope my guesses are wrong. But judging from now, Zhang Zhong is the biggest suspect to Yan Pinmin’s mysterious ailments.


“Make sense of what?” Liu Jianjun asked.


“Nothing. I owe you one!” I hurriedly end my speech and hang up the phone.


“Who’s on the phone with you? Who is being scammed? Your friend? If you need any help you can just ask me. I have nothing much, just ten thousands that I can still lend it you.” She said, after she roughly heard what I talked about being scammed. What a wonderful lady, could it be that in this world, there’s no perfect marriage, and roses often end up in the hand of a scumbag?


“Just some small matter.” I flashed my grin at Yan Pinmin.


“Take this and keep it with you, I promise, every night will be a good night sleep.” I draw out a Fu talisman for nerve calming to Yan Pinmin. Since her house is surrounded with nice fengshui, it shouldn’t have any problems if she didn’t bring home some jumble of mess. The talisman will soothe and fix her tightening nerves.


“We’re going in separately. You first,” Yan Pinmin halted her step and said as we are approaching to the entrance. A married woman like her going everywhere in pairs with a guy might incite gossips.


“Alright, I’ll go first.” I scratched my head as I smile. I am now having the little feeling of having an affair. It kinda feels good, but in fact, there’s really nothing I can get my hands on.  

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