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Paranormal World – Chapter 16 - Zenith Novels

Paranormal World – Chapter 16

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Translator: Red Sky

Editor: DogLeading

Chapter 16: That year, Love affair


“How come you are in the store?” I returned to the store and was putting wreaths and paper dolls on display when Liu Jianjun arrived.


“Why can’t I be at the store?” I knew what this old bloke was trying to say. He firmly believed that I was having a fling and supposedly right now……. so how could I be here doing business?


“Alright, as an experienced man, I should give you some advice. Little brother, you need to spend money to chase girls, so your business needs to be doing well for that.” Liu Jianjun made himself at home and poured himself a cup of herbal tea while giving me an earnest advice.


“This is like having yellow mud drop into your pants, but you can’t even explain that it’s not shit.” I was speechless at Liu Jianjun’s advice.


“Alright, I am relieved to see you are okay. I was afraid you would remain stubborn and get beaten to death by people.” I was very touched that Liu Jianjun had come only to check my condition. But this guy’s words are really unpleasant to hear.


“I am leaving. Find a girlfriend through proper way. You are not that young now, don’t just think of other’s wife.” Putting down the teacup, Lui Jianjun said to me.


“How about I ask Xu Hairong to introduce someone to you?” While going out the door, he didn’t forget to put in another word.   


“Brother, don’t harm me!” I immediately rose my hands in surrender to Liu Jianjun.


“What brother, call me uncle.” Liu Jianjun seriously corrected me.


Sending off this guy, I sat in the store, becoming bored while waiting for business to drop in. Selling wreaths and paper servants were not similar to selling other things, you couldn’t attract buyers by shouting. You could shout that your fruits were fresh when selling fruits; you could shout that you are having a discount when selling clothes, but could I write big discount on the door and say buy one wreath and get one free? Ah, life, it isn’t fair.


Even till evening, not one of the wreaths were sold. If it were not for foster father’s savings, I wonder if I would have to move bricks to feed myself. People die one after another, foster father made a lot with this rituals store, but why am I not able to do it?


I looked at the time and it was 8 pm. At such time, people could go shopping, watch movie, go to internet bars, but they wouldn’t check if there were new wreaths. I rubbed my sore back and stood up to close the door.


“Excuse me……” Right when I was going to close the door, I heard a sound from outside.


“Excuse me, is the master here?” I opened the door and saw a man clothed in suit, outside the door. That man was standing in the shadows, his voice was somewhat airy as he asked me.


“Looking for foster father?” I sniffed the air and found a familiar smell, a ghost took the initiative to look for foster father? Looks like the world has changed! I pondered in my heart.


“Do you need something from him?” I put my hands inside my pocket and asked. I had exorcism talismans in my pocket, if this male ghost showed even a bit of evil intent, I would put him down on the spot.


“I have a request for him, can I ask if he is here? If he see me, he will know what it is.” The male ghost stood outside the door, he didn’t enter and spoke in a light voice.


“He is dead!” I shrugged my shoulders and said to the ghost in the shadows.


“Dead? Then what about the agreement between him and me?” The ghost panicked and his body started sending off endless dark aura.


“I am sorry, I forgot my manners. Can I come in?” The ghost quickly suppressed his mood and apologized to me. It seems this ghost was someone with inner quality. At least, he should have been a cultured man while alive.


“Please come in.” I moved to the side and said to the ghost.


“Sorry for troubling you.” The ghost had a pale complexion. He walked in and took a sit on a chair.


“Can you tell me, what agreement you had with my father?” I normally called my foster father as father. I asked the ghost as I poured a cup of tea and put it in front of him.


“Thank you, so master was your father. I apologize, I didn’t know he had a wife, otherwise I would have come to congratulate even if I was far away.” The male ghost picked up the tea cup and took a light sniff, before downing down the tea. If someone were to look into my store now, they would find that the teacup in front of me was moving by itself.


“Would you like a refill?” I looked at the emptied teacup in the ghost’s hand and asked. Everyone that came in was a customer; as long as he didn’t have any evil intent, I didn’t mind treating him as a customer.


“No need, thank you.” The male ghost put the tea cup on the table and looked at his watch. He looked somewhat anxious as he said to me.


I nodded, then collected the tea cup. When I moved the teacup, there was water vapour coming from the table. This showed that the male ghost had drank it down fast. There is a point here, when we offer tributes to ancestors in New Year festival, and the tributes bowls leave behind steam on the table, that showed the ancestors had enjoyed your tributes.


“Can you now tell me the agreement you had with my father?” Taking care of the teacup, I walked to the door and closed it, before asking the male ghost again.


“Alright, I will tell you.” The ghost again looked at the watch on his wrist, then he unstably tidied the crease on his clothes. From his actions, he seemed to be pressed on time and also seemed as if he was afraid.


“20 years ago, I met my wife. The wages were not high at that time. It was not easy to provide for college studies. I met my wife during our college period.” Looking at me peacefully sitting in front of him, paying attention to him, the male ghost slowly told his story.


“My wife’s family was well-off; you can say that after the chinese economic reform, they were one of the first to go overseas to do business. At that time, it was much more easier to do business than now. My wife was very pretty, if we use the modern terms, you can say that she was at the level of school belle.” The ghost had a smile on his face as he recalled his memories.


“But I was just a poor boy. Every month, my parents would have to squeeze out some of their meager wages to provide for my college and living expenses. She didn’t avoid me, and knowing my self-esteem was high, she would use all kinds of reasons to help me.” The male ghost’s voice was full of emotions as he recalled.


“What happened later?” This was undoubtedly impossible to see in the modern times. I was interested to know the follow-up and the ending to this story.


“Later, we graduated. Her family wanted her to inherit their business, but I would have to go to the seas to struggle for my future. What I never expected was she gave up her family’s business and decided to work together with me. I owe her and I have yet to pay her back for it.” The ghost’s eyes started to sparkle when he spoke of this.


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