Paranormal World – Chapter 18

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Chapter 18: Reunion


“I am not your mother, you jinx. Ever since Little Tong got tangled up with you, our family hasn’t had peace. The daughter we raised for twenty years ran away for you. Our only daughter, what life could you give her?” The female ghost got more agitated, the more she talked; her expression started to turn malevolent.


“Uhh, can I put in a few words?” The female ghost looked just about to flip out, so I immediately interrupted them. Not because I was afraid of her, but regarding this matter, they were both correct in their point of view; it would not be right for me to just take one side.


“Speak!” The female ghost closed her umbrella; her face ashen.


“You are correct, from your point of view, she was your life. It was never easy enduring all the hardships to raise her, all so that she could have a good life. If it was me, I also wouldn’t agree if any ungrateful wretch tried to fool around with my daughter.” I said to the resentful female ghost as I ignite three incense sticks in the censer.


“That’s right. After all these years, I have finally found someone who is sensible.” The female ghost took in two breaths of the fragrance and said to me; her mood relaxed a lot. She wrung off the water from her clothes and directly sat beside the censer.


“Of course, I need to speak for both of you. From your point of view, pursuing true love was the correct thing and from your point of view, protecting your daughter and finding a good marriage for her was the correct thing.” I walked in between the two ghosts and said.


“Whose side are you taking?” The female ghost was not happy with what I said.


“You are both correct; except your standpoints are different, so your thoughts are also different. Better to make friends than enemies. Decadeshave gone, why are you unable to let it go?” I sighed and said to the two ghosts. I hadn’t expected the hatred these two had when alive would still continue after death.


“I couldn’t let go of my daughter even after my death; I was really angered when she said she was conceiving this kid’s child. I raised her for over twenty years, that was the first time I slapped her, the bus I took while I was returning home was overturned into the river. Before death, my only worry was my daughter.” The female ghost thought of her daughter; her face revealed a complicated expression.


“So I said that ever since my daughter followed this kid, our family hasn’t had peace. In a year, after my death, my husband also met with an accident on his business trip. If my daughter didn’t run away with this kid and stayed with us, we might have been able to avoid all these mishaps. Our nice home became desolate in an instant. So, tell me how could I not hate him?” The female ghost shouted as she recalled the former events.


“That’s why you went to pick on them every year? Actually, your daughter following him might not be misfortune, but as a head of the family, he might be somewhat lacking and may feel like he has no future prospects.” I fanned the incense fragrance towards the female ghost.


“But, this guy’s luck is good to meet your master. I don’t know what magical potion this kid gave to the master that he actually agreed to defend him and so I had to sign this twenty years agreement. In this twenty years, my daughter would always constantly be in my thoughts. Unfortunately, your guardian star is dead, let’s see who will save you today.” The female ghost took in a deep breath and stood up; speaking fiercely.


It seemed my foster father might have used some force to make her sign the contract. Otherwise with her temperament, she wouldn’t have confined herself to such a troublesome contract.


“Don’t talk about killing in my house. I pity what happened to you two so I wanted to try to be a mediator. Understand each other’s problems and let go of your hatred; enter the reincarnation cycle. Otherwise, do you really think I can’t subdue you?” The female ghost was going crazy; I silently held two exorcism talismans and said to her.


“Just you? Seeing as you let me in and also gave me an offering, I don’t want to trouble you. I will immediately leave after killing this kid and we will never see other other after this.” The female ghost rose from the ground and opened her umbrella; nefarious aura hovered around her whole body. Her face was malevolent as she said to me.


“Hatred has already covered your eyes. Take a look, the person in front of you, is he still alive?” I shook my head and moved beside the male ghost as I said to the female ghost.


“After Little Tong died, I raised our daughter by myself and didn’t re-marry. Maybe it’s fate or maybe I really am a jinx. When my daughter passed the college entrance, I suddenly suffered from heart disease. Mother, you can hate me, I can understand you. Because I have experienced raising her, I know how worried you were at that time. If you want to kill me, then do it. Let the twenty years of grievance end.” The male ghost walked in front of his mother-in-law and said to her.


“You still have the nerve to mention Little Tong? You really care for her so much? Then tell me where she is? Has she gone to enter the reincarnation cycle or is she still wandering around as a ghost?” The female ghost asked.


“Mother, I have always been beside you. Don’t hurt him.” Right at this moment, a misty figure appeared beside the female ghost and gently pulled her arm.


“Little Tong!” The male ghost excitedly moved forward and tried to hold that figure’s hand.


“Dear, is our daughter well? Please forgive me for leaving you guys.” That figure was Little Tong’s ghost. She caressed her husband’s cheek and softly spoke.


“She is well, she is well. She is studying in college and she obtained a scholarship too. We don’t lack money now, but she is able to stand on her own feet. Little Tong, how have you been?” The man felt his wife’s hands that was on his cheek. Why I am calling him a human? That’s because I felt he was more human than many humans right now.


“It has been hard on you.” The woman gently caressed the man’s cheek with a painful and guilty expression.


“Mother, let the hatred go. Your daughter will accompany you and won’t go anywhere.” The woman took her hands back and requested her mother.


The female ghost’s grievance dissipated when her daughter returned to her side. She tenderly felt her daughter’s hair just like she did when her daughter was young.

“So, you were with mother all along. Mother will listen to you.” After a long while, the nefarious aura around her dissipated and she agreed to her daughter’s request.


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