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Paranormal World – Chapter 19 - Zenith Novels

Paranormal World – Chapter 19

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Translator: Red Sky

Editor: DogLeading

Chapter 19: Deal with the ghost


“Can I request something of you? It’s okay to refuse if you think it is inconvenient.” After the grievances had been cleared, the male ghost walked towards me and hesitantly spoke.


“What’s the matter?” I asked while looking at the harmonious group of three ghosts in front of me.


“I want to request of you to help me look after my daughter. I know that I am making an excessive request, but now she is all alone in this world. We don’t want her to spend her life in loneliness and get cheated by others. And the only one we can trust is you.” The male ghost and his mother-in-law were the same; they were unable to let go of their children.


“Why do you trust me?” I asked.


“You aren’t like other daoists. You saw us trying to kill each other, but you instead tried to mediate between us. We believe you are a trustworthy person, at least your character is not bad. Have you ever seen a person who burns incense for a lone ghost? You are the first.” The male ghost had sufficient reasons to trust me.


“You know I am a daoist, right?” I asked the male ghost.


“Your father was not the same as other daoists. I believe you are like him; moreover, you also don’t practice normal daoism, otherwise how could you talk with us? If there were some other humans, they would only see you talking to yourself.” The male ghost was able to think much more clearly after the hatred between him and his mother-in-law was resolved.


“Of course, if you agree to my request, I can give you money as compensation.” The male ghost clasped his hands together and said to me. Although it was filled with enticement,


“Money? Ghost money? Forget it, I have a ton of them here. If I want to use the ghost money, it would atleast be decades later.” I shrugged my shoulders.


“No. I have a safe in a bank. I have saved most of my earnings there. When I died, there was no time to tell anyone including my daughter. As long as you agree to take care of her and not allow her to be tricked, all that money will belong to you.” The male ghost hastily replied.


“A safe?” This was the first time I heard that the banks provided this service.


“Yes. You only need password, the safe is unregistered so there is no need for proofs. If you agree, I will give you the password. You could take it as a trade? The amount of money in there will surpass your imagination.” The male ghost saw that I was somewhat moved, so he continued to entice me.


“Please help us.” Little Tong also walked towards me and implored.


“I don’t want our daughter to become completely alone.” Little Tong’s face was filled with sadness.


“Alone…..” Little tong’s this remark made me recall my childhood. If it was not for foster father picking me up, maybe I would have already died! I decided to help them.


“Name?” I looked at the three hopeful ghosts in front of me and asked.


“Eh?” The ghosts didn’t understand me.


“I asked your daughter’s name and I also need her address. How old? Is she beautiful or ugly?” I sat in the chair and asked.


“Ohh, our daughter name is Gu Pianpian, she is twenty, second year student in Jiangcheng University,yes if I didn’t remember it wrong, then it should be correct. As for beauty.. I can only say that my daughter resembles Little Tong seventy percent.” The male ghost’s face was filled with pride when he talked about his daughter.


“I will take this deal, but I can’t take care of her for a lifetime. I will only take of her her till she graduates and has a stable job.” I pondered and decided to agree.


“No, you need to at least take care of her till she gets married.” The male ghost’s mother-in-law stood up and said.


“Whether she gets married or not, I will take care of her at most till she is twenty five. Five years, I will protect her . If we go by your words and she doesn’t marry, do I take care of her for a lifetime?” I said to her.


“Alright, taking care of her till she is twenty five will do.” The male ghost saw that I wouldn’t concede no matter what and promptly agreed.


“The safe is in Jiangcheng Industrial and Commercial Bank. The password is 123123.” Not waiting for me to talk, hastily told the password to me, afraid I would renege.


“We can relax now. We will have to trouble you with our daughter. It is time to report to the underworld.” The male ghost looked at his wristwatch and bowed to me.


“You can rest at ease.” I said to him. I felt Gu Pianpian was quite fortunate; she at least had a loving father,but I was just an abandoned kid.


The ghosts left my store, floating on the silent street.  “Five years? What if my granddaughter gets bullied after that?” The male ghost’s mother-in-law complained to her son-in-law.


“Mother, you don’t need to worry. With our looks and five years of being in contact, I don’t believe this kid won’t be moved. At that time, even without anyone begging him, he would beg to take care of Gu Pianpian for a lifetime. Ahhahaha!” A ghostly laughter floated around the street. I vaguely felt like I had been schemed against.


“Ahhahahha!” The ghosts laughed heartly and stepped on the road to the underworld.


“Old Liu, look after my store for few days.” I couldn’t get a good sleep the whole night. Early next morning, I called Liu Jianjun.


“What did you do? Did you not use protection and the girl wants you to take responsibility, so you are planning to run away?” To Liu Jianjun, I definitely had something going on with Yan Pingming.


“Run, your sister. I am going to make a trip to Jiangcheng. Take a stroll around here when you are free, don’t let anyone rob my store.” I told Liu Jianjun.


“Leave it, only a blind thief would go steal your paper servants, wreaths and other ritual stuff.” Liu Jian said.


“What if there is a thief with such taste?” I yawned and replied.


“Get lost!” Liu Jianjun was amused.


“How about I treat you to a meal later?” I was going to give him some benefits.


“If you invite my whole team, then it’s a deal!” Liu Jianjun seized the opportunity.


“Deal!” Wasn’t it only a meal? Whether in a grand hotel or a roadside stall, eating was eating. Seafood or fried noodles, both were meals. I rubbed my nose and agreed.


“When are you going to Jiangcheng?” Liu Jianjun asked. Joking aside, he was going to be meticulous about this.


“I am going to buy intercity train ticket today and will leave tomorrow. In my twenty years, I have only been to the provincial capital twice.” I replied to Liu Jianjun.


“Country bumpkin. Go around and gain experience.” I could make out the disdainful expression on Liu Jianjun’s face when he said this.


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