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Paranormal World – Chapter 2 - Zenith Novels

Paranormal World – Chapter 2

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Translator: purplenails

Editor: DogLeading

Chapter 02: Spirit Possession


“Your business is quite famous around the neighborhood, everyone says you work miracles. You know why I kept giving you hard times? Because I hate people taking advantage of the ignorant. Today, out of desperation, I came to you. The doctors told me my mom is healthy, that they can’t find any wrong. See for yourself, is this how a normal person eats?” Liu Jian-jun finish what he had to say and walk to his mother, intend to grab the bowl she’s holding, but the old lady spat out a mouthful of chicken soup to his face.


“So, all the while you think that I’m a liar?” I loosen up all my limbs and walk to the old lady with a smile.  


Chee!” The old lady stopped munching, looked up at me and tittering.


“Dust to dust, earth to earth. The gate of hell is closing soon, if you miss it, you’ll stay here forever.” I look her into the eye and speak slowly while I pull Liu Jian-jun to hid behind my back.


“No, I’m not full yet!” She grinned at me and replied in a male voice.


“No? Don’t go! Stay as you wish!” When you try to reason with a person, most of the time that person mistook you as a doormat, much less a ghost. As the saying goes, compromise will make a conflict much easy to resolve. However, sometimes involving some physical contacts is the shortcut to problem-solving.


Therefore, things got physical. I abruptly slapped the old lady’s forehead to slap off the shrouded dark shades, then casually ‘grasp’ the ghost that gushed out of her sensory organs. Liu Jian-jun’s mother passed out immediately after the ghost freed her. The ghost, which already weakened from the sudden slap of mine, is now being beaten up in the living room, by me.


“What are you staring at? Dial 120 now, get the ambulance to send your mom to the hospital for stomach pumping. Oh, I’m almost done!” I alerted the flabbergasted Liu Jian-jun while ceaselessly battering the resistant ghost.


“Oh, Ok, ok!” Liu Jian-jun flurriedly took out his phone and dial 120.


“Scram back to hell! Or I’ll crush you!” The ghost is nearly transparent after a round of battering before I threw it out from the window. It certainly is tamer after some lesson learned, as it vanished into thin air immediately after.  

“Tomorrow, I’ll make my peace with a feast at the Drunken Deity Restaurant.” Liu Jian-jun said. After a long night, he finally settles the admission of his mother, where she finally rested and recovering from all the painful stomach pumping in the hospital.


“You seem like a man of your word. I don’t need you to apologize, just stop randomly visit my shop with your uniform. Goodbye!” Since the old lady was in safe condition, I decided to head back to my shop and get some sleep. Drinking and socializing was never my thing. I wave goodbye at Liu Jian-jun and made my way out of the hospital.


“Do you want me to fetch you with my police car tomorrow?” Liu Jian-jun asked from behind.


“You just want to get in my hair, don’t you? The Drunken Deity Restaurant, right? I’ll be there!” I halted, shot a glare to the chaffing Liu Jian-jun as I speak.  


**** **** ****


“Here’s my friend. Oh, what’s your name?” Next evening, I show up at the restaurant as promise. I entered the private dining room and saw a room full of cops. Liu Jian-jun stood up when he saw me coming in, introducing me to all of his colleagues.


“My name is Cheng Xiao Fan. Greetings, fellow gentleman and lady officers!” I take the initiative to greet them as I rolled my eyes at Liu Jian-jun.  


“Come and sit beside me, Xiao Fan!” Perhaps the designation of ‘Lady officer’ does make an impression, a lady officer in her fifties friendlily beckoned to me.


“Sister, everyone, quit staring at me like that. I may be a good civilian but I can’t stand all of your scrutinizing gazes. Look, I’m already cover in sweats!” I swiftly ignored Liu Jian-jun then make my way to pull out the chair next to the lady officer and sit on it.


“Why are you afraid when you did nothing illegal? Come, whisper your secrets to me. Let’s see which offense you’ve committed.” She is indeed a real police officer, even trying to tease out something from such casual conversation.   


“Listen to what you’ve just said, do I look like I’m a criminal?” I jokingly asked while I arrange the utensils in front of her.


“Criminal or not, it’s not something that can be judge from the appearance. Go ahead, try me. Let’s see what you’ve done? Secretly involved in the oldest profession? Or something out of line? If you tell me now, I’ll consider it as the case of voluntary surrender, rest assured.” A mere trace of glee flash through the lady officer’s eyes as she continues her ‘interrogation.’  


“Now, now. Xu Hai-rong, you have to stop bluffing.” Seeing me being intimidated by the lady officer, Liu Jian-jun, sitting next to me, voiced out to save me from this predicament.  


“Here, order some foods, our squad has missed out leisure for quite some time now. Today, let all of us relax and enjoy this opportunity.” Liu Jian-jun said as he placed the menu before me.


You are my little apple!… Liu Jian-jun’s mobile rang before I could flip the menu.


“What’s the matter?” He took a look at the familiar caller ID then pick up the call with a slight distressing look.  


“Alright, no more orderings. We’ll take some on-the-go on our way!” Experienced officers know the situation as all of them stood up and ready to go.

“Xiao Fan, I am really sorry. We have case that need us to attend. Let’s call off today’s dinner, we’ll change it to another date!” As expected, Liu Jian-jun, much to his chagrin, apologized to me after the call. Embarrassment is inevitable as he promised a treat but later had to cancel because of work, anyone would feel the same way.


“It’s alright, the case is important!” I understand why Liu Jian-jun had to cancel our dinner. As no case is ever easy when the Crime Investigation Department took over. We can have dinner anytime but delays on the case may risk losing critical clue that leads to crime-solving.


“Alright, another date then.” The case seems serious as Liu Jian-jun offers no further ceremony but only nods to end his conversation. He then followed his fellow colleagues that were already stood up and exit the room.


“Boss, one chicken slice noodle!” I settled at a random street food stall after I left the restaurant, ordered myself a bowl of noodle then watching the bustling streets with people coming and going. Perhaps dealing with spirits too often, I felt that I am not part of this world before my eyes.   


Employ the swift Nunchakus, HO HO HAR HEE!  After I finished my meal, I am strolling along the road. Soon after a few steps, my phone rang. The Nunchakus themed ringtone in Sichuan dialect had drawn attentions from a lady passer-by.  


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