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Paranormal World – Chapter 5 - Zenith Novels

Paranormal World – Chapter 5

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Translator: purplenails

Editor: DogLeading

Chapter 5: Another death


“What forms of art?” Liu Jian-jun set the chair straight and sit on it as he speaks.


“Human body…. Performance art!” the guilt in him made him gulps.


“I see, performance art. Should I let both of you broadcast it on the evening news? It’s a way that best promote your current project… the performance art?” Liu Jian-jun sneered and asked.


“No, we’ll pay for any fines.” The model hastened to expressed her decision even before the photographer could speak.


Although there’s no secret on what they are doing privately, still, the last bit of dignity and discreet must be protected for the sake of own reputation. If their secret-doings being broadcast through the evening news, it’d be like rip off their last fig leaf. By that time, to survive in this circle will be harder than before. For instance, their pay will be much lesser than before.   


“Where have you been since yesterday evening until afternoon today?” Liu Jian-jun asked and hinted his colleague to escort the model out from the room. As the autopsy report isn’t ready yet, Liu Jian-jun does not know the exact time of death, as such he could only beat around the bushes.


“Where am I? I’m in the hotel all the time taking pictures.” He secretly let out a sigh of relief when he realized that Liu Jian-jun isn’t here to catch him in the act of whoring.


“Who can prove your alibi?”


“The hotel attendants and Bai Jie, the model just now. I paid her $5000 for a whole day gig.” He certainly watch enough TV programmes to understand Liu Jian-jun’s askance, as immediately after he heard his questions, his once calmed mind rekindle with worries. It is rare that a cop ask such question, when they do, it must be some big cases, a homicide, to the least of it. To put it straight, he is nothing but a man who uses photography as a bait to lure and deceive woman. He do not wish to fall under a pit with homicide cases.


“We can mark them off our suspect list for now. First, they have witness to prove their alibi during the incident. Second, they are pure business related as to no motive for killing.” Three days later, Liu Jian-jun came to pay a visit. He had all the three cameramen that were closed to Yang Chui-hua investigated thoroughly within three days period. However, the outcome is rather disappointing, as three of them has good alibi and no criminal intent.  


“Is there anyone who loathe Yang Chui-hua down to the marrow of the bone?” I brewed a pot of tea and pour one cup for Liu Jian-jun as I asked. To nurture a stillborn child spirit is not like an everyday average job. One would have to feed the spirit. Feed it with what? The breeder’s flesh and blood. Who would want to nurture a spirit that kills others and harm oneself if not for the profound hatred?   


“Loathsome? Who would have that much hate to a nice-looking lady?” Liu Jian-jun hold his teacup and sit on a chair which he spotted nearby.


“Wait, perhaps her youthful and beautiful appearance was the root of hates. Could it be from the jealousy of her rivals? But jealousy won’t get as far as to commit a homicide, which in this case, destroy her reputation is at most countable.” Liu Jian-jun felt like scratching his head. As he did the best he could, yet, investigation has led him to nowhere. Should he announce to the public that Yang Chui-hua’s death was a result of suicide and close the case?


“Father’s murderer and infidelity are both recognized as unforgivable misdeeds in life.” I replied sluggishly as I lightly blow my tea.   


“If I presume it right, there will be another death occur.” I slightly sighed as I took a sip of my tea.


“What in hell have you discovered?” Liu Jian-jun flustered immediately after my speech. He grabbed me by the shirt collar and bellowed.


“How many days has passed since Yang Chui-hua’s death?” I grinned and put down my cup.


“Today is the fifth day. I haven’t had the gut to inform her family. As I can’t face the family without clearing out the fact. I don’t know what should be told. Could I tell them that their daughter couldn’t quite figure things out and devoured herself?” Liu Jian-jun felt the burden whenever he speaks of this case.


“You are a good, capable cop!” I straighten the wrinkle on his shoulder pad as I commented, then swiftly slip in a Fu talisman in the pocket of his shirt.


“What is this?” Liu Jian-jun took the fu that folded in hexagram out from his pocket.


“A life-saver. If you sense something is wrong, grasp it with both hands and silently dictate: The heaven and earth’s incantations, the order to exorcise demons and expel ghost.” After contemplated a little, this is how I answered. The Fu Talisman is for the purpose of protection, as for the whatsoever incantations, it was just an interesting line from ‘The Chinese Ghost Story’, a movie I watched earlier.


“Actually, you should spare me a strand of hair. When I’m in danger, I’ll grasp it and shout: His Holiness who equals as heaven! By then, you would emerge and save me from danger.” A joke that  rarely came out from Liu Jian-jun.


“Sure, a strand of hair is next!” I raised an eyebrow and let out an amusing grin.


After a few encounters, he seems to be less annoying. Although he aged 20 more years than me, there’s no trace of patronizing attitude in him.  


“Come by after tomorrow, you and me are going to the morgue.” I said to him right after the joke had eased Liu Jian-jun’s emotion.     


“What for?” He asked.


“The seventh day after Yang Chui-hua’s death, I need to talk to her.” I shrugged.


“…” Liu Jian-jun rolled his eyes at me and leave after he finished his tea.


“Boss, any working girl to offer?” Just when I sent Liu-Jianjun away, before I could step in the shop, a lecherous man came over and softly questioned.  


“Ah?” I gazed at the lecherous man, dumbfounded.


“Quit pretending boss. You fail to bribe the officer, aye? I observed your place for days now, I can see the officer pays you a visit everyday. Say, if your business is operating, you should bribe the officer well, otherwise, how should you continue? But boss you are one smart ass, using a religious goods store as a cover. Now, quick present your working girl for me to examine.” this man has mistaken my shop as those club or saloon kind of place.  


“SCRAM!” I glared at the sperm-driven man and bellowed.


“Is this how you run the business? Chasing customers out? Believe me not, I’ll phone in everyday to report your whoring business, let see how you run the business then!” The frustration in him made him thump his feet at the entrance of my shop.  


“Damn you, go else where far from here.” I kicked him and ignored him completely.


Employ the nunchakus… When I’m about to head over to the attic and burn some incense for the Three Pristine One, the mobile in my pocket rang.


“Chun Tian, Jiang City. Come quick, another body.” I can hear Liu Jian-jun frustrated voice from the other side.


“Damn, Liu Jian-jun. You’ve decided that I’m a free employee which listens to your order, don’t you?” I asked with my teeth gritted tightly.


“Just come quickly. The victim has the similar cause of death as Yang Chui-hua, devoured own flesh.” Liu Jian-jun ignored my protests and hung up after he finished his speech.

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