Paranormal World – Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Unease


“The heck, is eating human sashimi popular these days?” I cursed. Closing the store, I then called out a taxi to hurry up towards Jiangchen garden. If I am not wrong, today’s death definitely has a very close relation to Yang Cui-hua’s case. Or maybe, today’s victim was the real reason for the murderers use of the stillborn spirit.


“Damn, what a sick taste.” Entering the residence of the dead, I looked at the dead male and rubbed my nose. Something different from Yang Cuihua was that this male had eaten his own male part, I even saw a strand of egg yolk on the corner of his mouth.


The scene of the crime was at the building next to Yang Cuihua’s. There was a tense atmosphere in the whole neighborhood due to the serial killings of two people in a week. People gathered and asked for the concrete details regarding the case. But, these two cases were really strange, the security bureau had sent a command to the police officers to not reveal anything.


“A familiar smell!” I circled around the room and took a light breath. Now I am certain that this man was definitely killed by the stillborn spirit, the same one that killed Yang Cuihua.


“What familiar smell?” Liu Jianjun was worthy of being a veteran criminal police officer, he grasped what I had mumbled to myself.


“Smell of the blood along with something else.” I glanced at him and said. “Finish up the search and pack up. Take me to the mortuary the day after tomorrow.” I pushed open the window and took a huge breath. After the ghost aura left behind by the stillborn spirit was dispersed by the sunshine, I turned around towards Liu Jianjun.


“Who reported the case?” As I walked towards the door, I suddenly stopped and asked.


“Hourly worker. This hourly worker was employed by both Yang Cuihua and this victim. Because they had done a lot of dealings, the victim trusted this worker and gave her a key. Consecutively facing two dead people, and they both were her own employers, this hourly worker has really bad luck.” Liu Jianjun pointed at an older lady who was going through the inquiries near the door.

“Hm, the murderer can’t be her.” As I walked past the hourly worker, I sniffed the smell on her body and said to Liu Jianjun.


“Have you looked into the relation between the today’s dead and Yang Cuihua?” I walked towards the elevator and asked another question to Liu Jianjun.


“We haven’t had the time. You say why everyday…..” Liu Jianjun sighed. They hadn’t gotten any clues to the previous case and now there was another dead. This events caused Liu Jianjun – a criminal police captain – to feel great pressure.


“Let nature take its course. Some things will happen even if you don’t want it to.” I could only try comforting such a dedicated police officer.


“Alright, pay attention to your own safety!” As I entered the elevator, I told Liu Jianjun this sentence. The killer had already killed two people. In case, Liu Jianjun’s investigation starts to close-in on the killer, there was no guarantee that the killer won’t make another move.


“No need to worry, I have this!” Liu Jianjun flashed the amulet I gave him and laughed.


“Investigate the relation between the victim and Yang Cuihua.” After I left, Liu Jianjun lit a cigarette and said to a colleague.


“Victim’s name is Wang Yong. He worked as the chief editor of the Urban Beauty fashion magazine.  According to an insider information, the victim and Gong Zhiyuan a.k.a Yang Cuihua were lovers. Yang Cuihua used Wang Yong’s authority to be on the cover of the fashion magazine many times in the past. Because of this, she was able to get immediate fame within the circle; in exchange, she voluntarily became Wang Yong’s lover.” Truly, once the authorities became serious, their efficiency was extremely high. Within a day’s time, the relation between Yang Cuihua and Wang Yong was made as clear as daylight.


“I suggest we investigate these two cases as one. These two cases are absolutely not suicide cases.” The case had made some progress; Liu Jianjun excitedly said to his colleagues in the meeting.


“Comrades, continue with the investigation.  Investigate those that had disputes with the dead Wang Yong and Yang Cuihua. Maybe the real killer is among them.” With the case developing, Liu Jianjun finally found a trail. He decided to follow along this trail and maybe he could catch the killer.


“Dismissed!” After working continuously for several days, the case was finally making some headway now. This allowed the officers of the criminal police team have a chance to catch some breath. They could finally get off work and return home to accompany their family.


“Alright, you have all worked hard. Wait till the case is over, I will treat everyone to a meal.” Liu Jianjun hadn’t seen his mother for several days already. After bringing the old lady back from the hospital, he hadn’t gone back even once. He wondered if he should buy some delicious food on the way for his widowed mom.


“Let’s just go, this phone might ring again if we wait any longer.” A police officer spoke while looking at the red phone on the table.


“Shut your unlucky mouth. Everyone move quickly, it’s been several days since I saw my husband.” Xu Hairong gave a cold glance to that colleague, then left on her high-heeled shoes.


“The weather is not cold, but why am I feeling a chill on my back?” After all his colleagues left, Liu Jianjun gave a final look at the office and the meeting room; after making certain that he hadn’t left anything behind, he closed the door and left. After coming out of the door, he shivered for no reason, then mumbled to himself while looking at the time of the day.


Detouring to the food market to buy some stewed dishes, Liu Jianjun then drove towards his home. Evening 6 pm, it was the rush hour period when everyone got off work. The road was jammed; what would have been half an hour’s drive previously took no less than an hour and half today. It was already 7.30 pm by the time Liu Jianjun reached his home.


“It is getting dark.” Liu Jianjun stamped his foot and turned on the induction lamp on the staircase. Feeling out his key, he walked towards his home.


Liu Jianjun lived on the 5th floor. Some old staircases were plastered with advertisements of lock opening, moving furnitures, repairing the drainage and so on. He carried the stewed dishes and moved up the stairs. With his speed, he would usually reach the fifth floor within few tens of seconds. But today, he felt he had already walked for a long time.

“Shit, I am already sweating from walking, how is it that I’ve only reached third floor?” Liu Jianjun stomped his foot and as the dim induction lamp lit up, he looked at the house number, bewildered.


He looked at his watch and it showed 7:31 pm. But the layer of sticky sweat on his body made him doubt that he had only walked for a minute. Even the old men in their seventies wouldn’t have sweated so much from just climbing the stairs for a minute. Let alone, he was a police officer who would find time every week to train to maintain his strength.


“What’s going on? I am sweating all over from climbing three floors?” Liu Jianjun hung the stewed dish on the door handle, then he took out a cigarette from his pocket and lit it as he thought to himself.


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