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Paranormal World – Chapter 8 - Zenith Novels

Paranormal World – Chapter 8

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Translator: Red Sky

Editor: DogLeading

Chapter 8: Getting closer

“Stick this on your windows and door, there shouldn’t be anymore problems.” Looking at the time, it was nearing 9:30. I took out the several home protection talismans that I brought and gave it to Liu Jianjun while instructing him on their use.


“If tonight, you hear someone knocking on the door or window, don’t get curious. By no means, open your door or windows, just continue on with your sleep. Well, ordinary evil spirits shouldn’t have the strength to harm others once they are attacked by my talisman.” Having had my fill and seeing that it was getting late, I made appropriate arrangements for everything. I needed to return to the store to preserve and nurture my energy, waiting for the seventh day of Yang Cuihua’s death.


“You are going back?” That stillborn spirit should have really scared Liu Jianjun as he didn’t seem to be ready to let me leave.


“What, do you want me to stay behind and explore the g*y side? Relax, paste the talismans and you will be safe and sound.” I went to the living room and picked up a cigarette from the cigarette packet lying on a small table. After lighting it up, I said to Liu Jianjun.


“Really?” Liu Jianjun wasn’t confident in the talismans in his hand. Compared to these talismans, he had much more faith in me.


“Won’t you know after you try it?” I winked at him and puffed out a smoke ring.


“Don’t forget to pick me tomorrow evening.” After walking out the room, I reminded Liu Jianjun again as I moved towards the staircase.


“Hey handsome, come in for a health care.” It was already 10 in the night when I left Liu Jianjun’s house. This was the time for those hair salons to solicit business. I was walking through an alley in a one way street; from a hair salon – in the roadside – with flickering pink lightings, came out two young girls who passionately invited me.


Having been familiar with such situations, I swallowed my saliva and shook my head towards these seductive girls.


“Come in and take a look. Our girls are young, beautiful and experienced; the price is also cheap.” Noticing that I didn’t intend to hang out, one of the girls made the final effort.


“No money, do you allow credit?” The girl was nagging on and on, I stopped, rubbed my nose and asked.


Credit was a great weapon, this word could easily repel gods and ghosts. The girl rolled her eyes at me and mumbled few words, then she turned around and returned to that over ten square meters store, waiting for another male to pass by.


The next day, evening, Liu Jianjun drove his car to my rituals store with dark circles under his eyes.


“Didn’t sleep well?” I brought him inside the room and asked as I poured a cup of tea to him.


“I didn’t dare to. As soon as I closed my eyes, I felt something was trying to bore through my body.” Liu Jianjun spoke honestly. He didn’t care about losing his face.


“Ohh, then I will give you a serenity talisman. Put it under your pillow and you will have a good sleep.” I sat facing him and took a sip from the teacup.


“Your store is not doing well, right?” Liu Jianjun took a sip of tea and showed concern towards my business.


“You realize!” I chuckled.


“That wreath has been on the display for more than a month and has not been sold yet. Want me to help you in marketing?” Liu Jianjun might have felt that he owed me a lot, so he thought of helping me in the business front.


“Stop playing around. Are you thinking of going to people’s houses asking if they want wreaths and ritual money? Even if people want to give you face, would they be able to?” I replenished my cup with more tea and laughed at Liu Jianjun.


“That’s true. How about changing professions and selling something else?” Liu Jianjun pondered and felt that it was really inappropriate, upon which he started to persuade me to change professions.


“I only know to tie wreaths, sing ritual songs and so on. Sell something else? Should I learn to operate something like hair salon?” I looked around the room filled with paper wreaths and asked while scratching my head.


“You can’t think of something better, can you?” Liu Jianjun shot me a distasteful eye.


“It isn’t really that bad. At least with these hair salons, those girls who travel at night will be a little more safe, won’t they? Doesn’t your public security bureau have a banner saying ‘Prostitution is better than rape’?” I didn’t think opening a hair salon was bad, everyone is working to eat. Their bodies were their own, they were just exchanging it for money, and it didn’t have too bad of a publicity. At least, compared to those who exploit people’s sweat and tears, it was much better. Those people would use tricks or force to exploit others, but the hair salons at least had clearly marked prices.


“You.. this is a typical case of incorrect worldview.” Liu Jianjun shook his head at me.


“At least, I have a good heart.” I shrugged my shoulders.


“That is true!” Liu Jianjun expressed his approval at this point.


“When are we going?” After drinking two cups of tea and having chatted for some while, Liu Jianjun looked at his watch and asked me.


“What’s the rush, It will be fine if we reach before 11pm – 1am. It’s only a matter of few minutes.” I stood up and stretched my back.


“Let’s go now!” It was about 10pm, I went up to the attic and picked up the coin sword enshrined under the Three Pristine Ones, then I said somewhat agitatedly to Liu Jianjun.


“Notify your colleagues to prepare for an arrest.” Sitting in the police car, I said to Liu Jianjun.


“You are certain of finding the murderer?” Liu Jianjun slowed down the vehicle and asked me.


“I am certain of finding out who the real murderer is. Arresting or not arresting, its your problem. But before arresting the murderer, ask your colleagues to carry these.” I took out several protective talismans and gave them to Liu Jianjun. It wasn’t a problem for the police to capture the murderer, but don’t forget that person had a stillborn spirit beside him.


“Xu Hairong, notify the guys to return to duty.” Liu Jianjun immediately phoned his colleague upon hearing what I said. As for the efficiency of these talisman seals, he had absolute faith in them.


“Captain, what is all these noise for? I had just finished bathing…..” Xu Hairong’s resentful reply came from the phone. Due to the serial criminal cases & continuous overtime, she hadn’t accompanied her husband properly for a week. It wasn’t easy to bring up some excitement today, but now it was spoiled by Liu Jianjun’s call.


“Ah, go back to the station and prepare for an arrest. When this is over, I will give you a few days of vacation.” Lui Jianjun was also embarrassed for disturbing their intimate time. After thinking it over, he said to Xu Hairong.


Everything was ready and we also joined up with the criminal police team. It was approximately 10.30 pm, I got off the car and looked at the slightly misty moon, I then followed Liu Jianjun to the mortuary.


“Captain Liu, you are still working this late at night?” An old man was guarding the mortuary. Upon the knocking sounds, he put on a coat and opened the door before asking.


“The superiors are closely observing the case, nothing can be done about it.” Liu Jianjun passed over a cigarette to the old man and said.


“Ohh, then come on in. Whether the case is solved or not, what’s the use in forcing you guys?” The old man sighed and moved towards the side to let us enter.


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