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Paranormal World – Chapter 9 - Zenith Novels

Paranormal World – Chapter 9

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Translator: Red Sky

Editor: DogLeading


Chapter 9 Those years


“This old man is also a police?” I asked Liu Jianjun as we walked inside. The mortuary was so quiet that our footsteps and even breathing could be heard echoing in the place.


“His son was a police officer but he died while carrying out a mission. The old man didn’t have pension, so the bureau later arranged him to work here. Anyways, getting few tens of dollars allowance a month is good enough to live in the country, it can also be considered as a justification to his son’s sacrifice.” Liu Jianjun spoke with a sigh. Considering the whole country, a police officer died in the mission almost everyday; this old man’s son was just one of them.


“Ah, a beauty while alive, but not so pretty now.” Pulling the cold cabinet, the zipper of the bag covering the corpse was opened up. I sighed while looking at the bluish white complexion of Yang Cuihua.


“Wait a while. Eh, aren’t you afraid of ghosts?” I pulled a chair beside Yang Cuihua’s corpse and picked my ears as I asked Liu Jianjun.


“……” Liu Jianjun pointed his middle finger to me.


“Creak” As the time neared midnight, the two sliding doors of the mortuary opened by itself. Liu Jianjun, who was dozing off in the corner, was startled. He was about to get up when I signalled him to stop.


“Yiiyii!” A faintly discernible mist began to condense beside Yang Cuihua’s corpse, which seemed to be crying as it looked at the corpse in the cold cabinet.


“Why are you crying, young girl?” I said to the ghost, to get along with it. When people died, their spirit would have a lot of inner grievances. And if you were to agitate it, who knows if it won’t make a mess of you. So, even while knowing this spirit was Yang Cuihua’s soul, I pretended to not know. Why would I use force when I could solve this peacefully?


“Ahh, you, you can see me?” The ghost was startled upon hearing me; it looked at me and asked.


Here was a startled ghost, and over there was a startled Liu Jianjun. In the ghost’s eyes, I was talking with her. But in Liu Jianjun’s eyes, I was talking to myself.


“Young girl? Where is the young girl!? Is this guy seeing a ghost?” Liu Jianjun looked all around the mortuary under its pale lighting and thought to himself. When he thought of this, he couldn’t help cold sweat running down his back. He suddenly recalled my purpose in coming here, that was to meet a ghost!


“How could I turn a blind eye to such a beautiful girl?” I discreetly glanced at Liu Jianjun, indicating him to not make a careless move. Then, I looked at the ghost in front of me and softly said.


“Hehe~you are such a smooth talker.” The female ghost laughed; unexpectedly, her face contained some shyness.


“Ah, you are here waiting for me, right?” After joking around, the female ghost gave a light sigh and asked me. She knew in her heart that ordinary people could not see her, let alone look at her corpse and joke with her.


“Yes. I want to know who killed you. You are also not willing to enter reincarnation like this, right?” I pushed the cold cabinet shut and said to the female ghost.


“A lot of things come to mind. There truly is karma; I didn’t believe it before, but now I believe. Actually, I don’t blame him, after all he paid a lot for me. But in the end, it was me who harmed him. Thinking about it, if I were him, maybe I would also be bent upon taking revenge, by hook or crook.” The female ghost slightly frowned and said.


“I and him, we were born in the countryside. From young, he used to always protect me. When someone bullied me in the school, it would be him who would stick out for me. My family was poor, I had to use a pencil till it couldn’t be used anymore before I could ask my family. Even then, sometimes, I would be subjected to their scoldings.”


“He would always copy my homework, then in exchange, he would give me a pencil or a notebook or eraser. I knew he was doing this to help me because he knew that I had a strong pride; I would never take something given to me for free.” The female ghost sat in the dissecting bed facing me. She spoke softly while swinging her legs.


“Slowly, we both grew up. His academics weren’t as good as mine, so he dropped out early to look for a job. And me, I passed the entrance to an university in this city.”


“My family disapproved of me studying, girls would get married off in the end. To them, this was a bad transaction. Even if I studied better, the profits would all end up in the husband’s house.”


“He knew my situation, so he gave all his earnings to me for the tuition fees, only then was I able to go the university.” Yang Cuihua looked at the ceiling and slowly spoke.


Her eyes, right now, were clear.  I thought to myself that her eyes at those bygone years should be as clear as this, right?


“We involuntarily became together. He said he would get me through university, then save enough for betrothal gifts to marry me. I was convinced he was telling the truth and I agreed.”


“Actually, I only felt grateful to him and didn’t have any feelings. But at that time, I needed money, needed him who was willing to provide it to me.”


“Am I not shameless?” The female ghost spoke till here and then suddenly asked me.


“From your standpoint, you had no other choice. From his standpoint, you were using his feelings.” I shrugged my shoulders and replied to the female ghost.


“Later, I entered the university. A girl from a village. Do you know that if you don’t wear good, eat good, you would be discriminated against and receive unfair treatment? My parents gave me nothing, but unfortunately, they gave me a good face.” The female ghost mocked herself.


“This is your fortune, and also your misfortune.” I spoke. A girl from poor family growing up beautiful wasn’t always a good thing.


“Right, it is my fortune and also my misfortune. When those guys saw my beauty, they would pursue me relentlessly, or maybe it is temptation?” The female ghost pursed her lips.


“As a result, you were not able to resist those temptations.” I added to the female ghost’s words.


“Yes, I couldn’t resist. Perhaps I had never thought of resisting. You know the feeling of a sparrow suddenly leaping to be a phoenix? I have never had anyone pampering me, following me.” The female ghost didn’t deny, after all she was already a ghost, why would she not accept it?


“You neglected to mention him. All along, that man had pampered you and followed you.” I looked at the female ghost and said.


“Yes, there was him all along. I actually forgot about him.” The female ghost lips parted in a mocking smile.


“Then I started to sink down. According to him, I had depraved. I would follow those guys to rooms. They gave me money, bought beautiful clothes and even bought me a car. Even those classmates who looked down on me before started to flatter me.” The female ghost leaned her head and looked at the incandescent light above her while recalling her memories. Recalling her life that stood out from the rest, but also led her to depravity.


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