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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 53 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 53

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Chapter 53: The Hero Rescued The Belle


“NOOO!!!” Looking at the desk that was about to fiercely smash her head, Cheng Yannan screamed in desperation. Crystal clear tears flowed down from her eyes as endless remorse gushed out from her heart.


Cheng Yannan knew that this was happening because of her impulse.


Her impulse had courted her fatal disaster.


It was because of her impulse, that her classmates also fell into this hopeless situation.


If time could be reversed again, if the Heavens gave her another chance, she absolutely wouldn’t be tempted to get involved with her older sister’s case investigation. She wouldn’t have had acted impulsively to track the suspect on her own initiative.


Cheng Yannan at first was just thinking that studying was too boring and wanted to experience something to bring flavor to her life.


But never once did Cheng Yannan would have ever thought that she would run into the root of the case that her older sister had been investigating for nearly 6 months’ on surveillance without any clues. However, she had never thought that the gangster would actually attack her back instead, as the criminal was even extremely bold and reckless enough to act against her at school.


Through the information in the case’s record, Cheng Yannan knew that she had failed to help her older sister. She also might have forced the police to be in an extremely passive position. Moreover, she had dragged her classmates into an extremely dangerous circumstance.


While Cheng Yannan was thinking that she would definitely die, she suddenly felt the bearded criminal’s hand that was grasping her body was loosened. Her body softly fell down to the floor as she could see the following sight that the desk which originally was about to hit her, was smashed on the bearded gangster’s cheek.


In the critical second, Tang Xiu acted at the moment the bearded gangster was in his most satisfied mood.


Tang Xiu directly used both of his hand and grabbed the bearded gangster’s shoulders.


Not even for a second did the bearded gangster was able to react to what happened, as a cracking sound then sounded twice as Tang Xiu pinched broke the bearded gangster’s scapula into pieces.


After the bearded gangster’s scapula was crushed, not only did his right hand have no strength to lift Cheng Yannan up again to block the desk that was about to smash at him, he also unable to get a hold of the dagger wielded by his left hand that was about to stab Yuan Chuling. As the dagger fell to the floor, he could only stare blankly at the desk that was about to hit his head.


“F*cking bastard, you dare!” The bearded gangster seemed to be fully enraged as he burst out in curses. He immediately lifted his feet to kick the falling Cheng Yannan that was rolling on the floor toward Yuan Chuling. At the same time, the bearded gangster turned his head and hammered his fist to punch Tang Xiu.


Seeing that this bearded gangster ignored the acute pain his broken scapula brought him and even made a counter-attack against him, an astonished expression flashed in Tang Xiu’s eyes.


Had it been regular people, their face could have been smashed after getting hammered by this bearded gangster’s punch and lost their fighting strength.

This bearded gangster was not only able to deal with the threat behind him, but also able to avoid Yuan Chuling’s threats on him to a minimum.


However, it was unfortunate that this bearded gangster encountered Tang Xiu, who had just completed Vitality Tempering Stage and quenched his body.


Facing the bearded gangster’s swift and fierce attack, Tang Xiu only let out a light shout as he then swiftly grabbed his collar, shouldered him and threw him to the garbage heap behind the classroom. In a quick movement, he stretched his arms out and grabbed the desk and before it hit Cheng Yannan, as he caught and held her body.


But at this time everyone’s attention was not the desk that had broken to pieces or the scattering books on the floor. Their eyes were fully locked on the bearded man’s body on the garbage heap.


The spot where Tang Xiu was standing to the back of the classroom’s corner where the garbage heap positioned was 10 meters away. But he easily dumped and threw the bearded man to the garbage heap.


Looking at the bearded man that was 190cm in height and his bear-like built, and then looking at Tang Xiu’s slim built with a height that was less than 180cm, all of Class 10’s students rubbed their eyes repeatedly. They were suspecting that their eyes had problems.


Class 10’s students would be much more believing had it been Yuan Chuling who threw the bearded man. But never did they want to believe that it was Tang Xiu who threw him out.


But after seeing the astonished and dazed look Yuan Chuling had toward Tang Xiu, everyone realized that Tang Xiu was the one and only person who had thrown the bearded gangster, and couldn’t be Yuan Chuling who did that.


After having been severely crushed into the garbage by Tang Xiu, the burly bearded gangster’s body was severely smashed, causing his internal organs to be crushed, as black blood was overflowing from his mouth.


“Y-y-you… y-y-you … …” With an unwilling expression, the bearded gangster stared at Tang Xiu as he spoke with a weak and faint voice and then completely fainted on the floor.


Upon seeing that the bearded gangster fainted, Class 10’s students subconsciously felt relieved. The previously quiet classroom immediately turned chaotic and noisy, just like at a bazaar.


Some students immediately screamed out loud as some others directly ran out of the classroom to inform the police, while some other students were weeping loudly.


“Tang Xiu, since you were that powerful, why the hell did you not save us earlier, hah? Do you f*****g want us to be trampled to death by that gangster?” The moment Tang Xiu was about to put Cheng Yannan down from his arms, a voice full of resentment suddenly sounded. Tang Xiu couldn’t help but instantly frown.


Tang Xiu was just about to refute it, but never would he expect that other student’s voices also shouted out loudly, giving him no time to even open his mouth.


“Yea! He obviously has a powerful strength. But he was f*cking purposefully hiding it. He was just damn intentionally wanting to see us get beaten. How the f*ck did you have that crooked thought, hah?”


“Tang Xiu, that damn gangster entered the classroom at almost the same time with you. Was it you yourself that had brought him to the school? Or the thing happened just now just a play that was simply f*cking planned by you?”




Having heard his classmates’ words, Tang Xiu was completely stupefied.


Never once did he ever think that his action would be repaid by with such ungrateful curses. Not only were they ungrateful, they were even blaming and questioning him. For a short while, Tang Xiu was speechless.


“Hey! You’ve all wronged Tang Xiu. If you were to pay attention to the Shuangqing Daily News, you will find out that this bastard gangster is a wanted criminal by the Ministry of Public Security. He had committed crimes all over the country and is a criminal that trafficks human organs. He already had committed 30 homicides…” Upon seeing that Tang Xiu was accused wrongly, Cheng Yannan was dumbstruck as she immediately defended Tang Xiu with a soft voice.


“Yannan, don’t be deceived by that Tang Xiu bastard. Since you knew about that gangster’s looks, Tang Xiu absolutely knew about him also. He must have looked for someone with the same looks with that wanted criminal and act like him, right?”


“Tang Xiu’s body has always been frail. He even often faints. Never have I seen him passed the School’s sport exam even once. Do you think that he could even match a murderer’s strength?”


“Tang Xiu certainly wants to pursue you! But he’s afraid that you’ll reject him and made the scenario to play a hero that rescue the belle. He just wants to move and capture your heart.”




Not only did Cheng Yannan’s explanation not make everyone believe, but it even made everyone became more stirred and excited.


“Eldest Brother, you obviously have been accused wrongly. Why didn’t you speak out?” After having faced the gate of death, Yuan Chuling’s face was still palpitating with a frightened expression. But after seeing the complete misunderstanding from their classmates at Tang Xiu, he couldn’t help but speak.


“If they wanted to believe, they would naturally believe it. But if they didn’t want to believe, even if you spit thousands of words, they will never believe you!” Tang Xiu lightly swept a glance toward the students with an indifferent expression. He didn’t speak more and slowly walked toward his desk and sat down.


Tang Xiu might be able to be calm and be unperturbed. But the Class 10’s students were unable to be like him.


Actually, the ones who were questioning Tang Xiu were only a small number of students. Most of the students did not even speak. After all, the vicious and ferocious acts and expression that fiend had done didn’t seem to be an act. Yuan Chuling’s panicked shouts at that critical moments were unlikely to be an act. Let alone the bruises on Cheng Yannan’s wrists and the blood vomiting that the bearded gangster had.


Tang Xiu didn’t speak more. Cheng Yannan also firmly stood at Tang Xiu’s side. Most of the students were silent and didn’t even make any noises. Those of who had questioned and railed down Tang Xiu gradually lost their voices.


10 minutes later, the Criminal Police squad from the City Police Bureau arrived. The police squad was shockingly led by someone who was Tang Xiu’s acquaintance, Cheng Xuemei.


Tang Xiu was preparing to step forward to greet Cheng Xuemei. But Cheng Yannan had stepped forward before he did as she quickly came forward in front of Cheng Xuemei before Tang Xiu.


However, Cheng Yannan did not even say anything when Cheng Xuemei’s palm fiercely slapped her face.


“Cheng Yannan!!! Who allowed you to meddle with my case, hah? Who gave you the permission to take unauthorized actions? Why didn’t you report to me the instant you found clues?” After slapping Cheng Yannan, Cheng Xuemei interrogated her with a stern voice.


“I…. I…  Big Sis, I’m very sorry, I was wrong…” By the time Cheng Yannan was waiting for her older sister to comfort her. But on the contrary, her older sister slapped her face.  She was about to weep because she felt that she had been wronged. But when she saw that her older sister’s eyes were also flushed red with a concerning and loving expression on her face, she had no choice but to hold her tears back and apologize in a soft voice.


At first, when Tang Xiu saw Cheng Xuemei slapped Cheng Yannan’s face, he was quite repugnant and angry. He even almost could not bear to stop Cheng Xuemei’s hands. However, after listening to the conversation between Cheng Xuemei and Cheng Yannan, he could not help but be secretly glad that he didn’t rush to act on impulse.


While Cheng Xuemei and Cheng Yannan were still talking, the Criminal Police squad inspected the bearded gangster’s injury condition. Some of them were also inquiring about the occurrence process to the other Class 10’s students.


“Chief, the suspect Ouyang Haifeng’s injury is not good. Not only are his internal organs damaged, a few of his ribs are also broken. One of which also penetrated his heart. There’s only a slim chance that he will survive.” Hu Wenxu was reporting and at the same time could not help but glance at Tang Xiu.


After having inquired from the other Class 10’s students, Hu Wenxu got the same answers. The one who dealt with Ouyang Haifeng was Tang Xiu. But when he recalled the scene when he last handled Tang Xiu’s case, his body was very weak and he even fainted. He felt that today’s matter was very strange. He couldn’t even believe everything he had heard.


But after he continued asking for a few times and the found that the all the confessions were consistent, Hu Wenxu had no choice but to believe. That was, the slim Tang Xiu really had dealt with Ouyang Haifeng.

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