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Returning from the Immortal World - Chapter 10 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: Insensitive

Han Qingwu only realised that Yuan Chuling was here when she heard his voice.

Seeing that Yuan Chuling had actually brought his table and chair along, she let out a laugh with a mesmerising smile on her face. Her round and ample chest was also moving up and down, causing Yuan Chuling’s eyes to form a straight line.

“As long as Teacher Hu permits, then I would naturally welcome you.” After looking at Yuan Chuling for a brief moment, Han Qingwu turned to look at Tang Xiu at the side and nodded her head with a light smile, “You and Tang Xiu go to the back of the classroom to sit down, I will introduce the two of you to everyone.”

Seeing that Han Qingwu was willing to accept him in, Yuan Chuling was unable to contain his joy as he quickly walked into the classroom.

After Tang Xiu and Yuan Chuling settled down at their seats, Han Qingwu began to introduce Tang Xiu and Yuan Chuling to the class.

When Han Qingwu was introducing Tang Xiu, a hissing sound could be heard in the classroom as everyone was whispering to one another in discussion.

Clearly hearing the discussion happening around, Tang Xiu turned a deaf ear to it, but Yuan Chuling’s face became green in anger. If not for Tang Xiu tugging at the corner of his shirt tightly, Yuan Chuling would have jumped in anger.

Luckily, Han Qingwu was strong at handling situations; with a light cough, the classroom returned back to its former serenity. Han Qingwu gave an apologetic look towards Tang Xiu before asking the class to take out their monthly test paper and go through it.

However, what made Tang Xiu astonished was that Han Qingwu was actually using English to conduct her class without even using half a Chinese word, so much so that Tang Xiu did not understand a single word that Han Qingwu was saying even after a few minutes into the lesson.

It was not that Tang Xiu’s English was poor, or that his hearing had problems, but it was purely because he was not used to it, and that he did not expect any teacher to use English to conduct their class at the high school level.

Yuan Chuling was also puzzled after hearing it. He wanted to cut off Han Qingwu’s lesson for a while, or ask the student next to him on what was going on, but seeing that all the students were eagerly paying attention to the lesson, he could not help but force himself to pay more attention to the lesson.

After three minutes, Tang Xiu had dejectedly given up on listening to the lesson and decided to take out his English dictionary to read. This was because, although Tang Xiu was able to clearly hear every word that Han Qingwu was saying, but he was unable to understand every word that Han Qingwu had said, so he realised that the amount of vocabulary that he knew of was very limited, thus he decided to learn more vocabulary first to fill up his vocabulary knowledge.

When Yuan Chuling saw that Tang Xiu wasn’t concentrating his attention on the lesson but reading the dictionary, he was delighted and immediately followed what Tang Xiu was doing by taking out a very thick Oxford dictionary, and began putting on an act of reading it.

Although Han Qingwu was explaining the solutions to the test paper, but her attention was always focused on Tang Xiu. When Han Qingwu realised that Tang Xiu could not even persist for more than ten minutes and gave up on listening to the lesson, her face involuntarily revealed a dejected expression as her initial high spirits were dropped to the lowest point.

Throughout the whole lesson until it ended, Han Qingwu had took a few glances at Tang Xiu, but Tang Xiu had buried his head in the dictionary the whole time and not once did he lift his head up, causing Han Qingwu to be thoroughly disappointed.

When the bell for the end of class rang, Han Qingwu left the classroom hastily at almost the same time.

Following Han Qingwu’s departure, the previously quiet classroom became lively immediately.

“Listening to Teacher Han’s lesson is both a pain and an enjoyment. Although we could not understand what she was explaining at all, but we have to act as if we understand so as to not disappoint Teacher Han.”

“You’re right, even if we can’t understand anything that she had just said, but just listening to Teacher Han’s voice is a kind of enjoyment. Furthermore, we still have the opportunity to see Teacher Han’s wonderful figure.”

“Yi, why are these two bastard so insensitive by not paying attention when attending Teacher Han’s lesson!”

The students of Class 10 were still discussing the “Art of listening in class” when they unintentionally saw that both Tang Xiu and Yuan Chuling were actually holding up their English dictionary to read, angering them as they indignantly surrounded Tang Xiu and Yuan Chuling one by one.

Yuan Chuling had wanted to join in on the conversation when he heard his classmates discussing the “art of listening in class”, but never would he have thought that the students of Class 10 would suddenly pick on him and Tang Xiu, and felt that he got stabbed in the back even though he was lying down.

“Newcomer, we are talking about you, why are you acting deaf?” Yuan Chuling opened his mouth and was about to acknowledge his mistake as he was in a new environment and did not want to stir any trouble, but before Yuan Chuling could utter a word, a peculiar voice resounded beside his ear as the English dictionary in his hand was slapped onto the floor.

“You!” Yuan Chuling was already hot-tempered to begin with and could not stand this kind of attitude, making him sprang up on his feet, breathing heavily.

The student who provoked Yuan Chuling clearly did not expect that Yuan Chuling’s temper would flare so easily, because when Yuan Chuling stood straight, his suppressive stature caused the student to stagger and step a few steps back. If not because of someone standing behind that student to prop him up, he would have already fallen sitting on the floor.

“Fatty, do not forget the things that you told me when you were at the corridor.” Just when Yuan Chuling wanted to kill the chicken to warn the monkey by properly trashing that student, Tang Xiu’s calm voice suddenly resounded beside his ear.

“Hey coward, they are bullying you and you’re still shirking back, go and fight back if you have the guts.” Just when Yuan Chuling was prepared to cease his actions, a piercing voice resounded once again in the classroom. This caused Yuan Chuling, who had just cooled down, to fly into a rage once again.

However, Yuan Chuling had a weird expression on his face when he stared at the person who shouted, and gave a puzzled look towards Tang Xiu.

This was because the person who mocked and ridiculed Tang Xiu was not a stranger but his cousin Su Xiangfei.

Yuan Chuling would have already slapped him if he was another person, but because the other party was Tang Xiu’s cousin, Yuan Chuling naturally needed to seek Tang Xiu’s opinion.

Only when Tang Xiu saw Su Xiangfei did he remembered that Su Xiangfei was studying in Class 10. Seeing the rage on Su Xiangfei’s face, Tang Xiu couldn’t help but laugh, “Su Xiangfei, are you sure you want to continue playing this game? If you think that it would be more interesting this way, then I don’t mind continue playing this game with you.”

Listening to those words, Su Xiangfei’s body quivered uncontrollably as he subconsciously remembered the scene of him being brought to the police station in the afternoon yesterday.

At that time, Tang Xiu seemed to have said the exact same words to him before the incident became uncontrollable, causing his whole family to be brought to the police station.

Su Xiangfei wanted to retort back, but under Tang Xiu’s sharp look, Su Xiangfei froze and did not dare to utter a word. The incident yesterday afternoon had left a deep traumatic experience on Su Xiangfei.

“Why are all of you still standing there, are you asking for a beating?” A clear and loud shout suddenly resounded behind Su Xiangfei as he was still hesitating whether to continue fighting back with Tang Xiu.

“Cheng Yannan, I didn’t provoke you this time, so don’t meddle in other people’s business!” Su Xiangfei retorted back like a conditioned reflex as he heard the voice from his back.

“If you didn’t provoke me, then what was the broom and dustpan doing lying on top of the classroom door just now? Don’t think that I couldn’t guess it was you!” Cheng Yannan swiftly grabbed onto Su Xiangfei’s collar at the back as she gave a cold snort.

Su Xiangfei didn’t expect Cheng Yannan to take action without saying more as his face turned white the instance his collar was grabbed, and said loudly, “Cheng Yannan, if you continue to touch me I will find people in the society to deal with… ahhhhh…”

Before Su Xiangfei could complete his sentence, he heard a cold snort from Cheng Yannan, and following next, his body was sent into the air as he flew backwards uncontrollably.

After a few seconds, Su Xiangfei landed heavily on the floor with a loud thud with dust flying all around.

“Cheng Yannan, you bitch, you threw me beside the rubbish bin again!” Just when everyone was worried if Su Xiangfei was injured from the fall, two “pui pui” sounds could be heard from him as he started hurling abuses at her.

“If your mouth continues to spew out such degrading words then I don’t mind throwing you into the bin next time again!” Cheng Yannan said harshly as she glared at Su Xiangfei coldly.

Hearing Cheng Yannan’s words, Su Xiangfei seemed as if he was strangled by the neck with his face flushed red, not daring to utter a single word.

With Su Xiangfei, their leader, being dealt with, the rest of the students were angered but did not dare to say anything; the looks in their eyes when staring at Cheng Yannan were as if they spewing out fire.

Cheng Yannan seemed to be satisfied by the effects of her killing a chicken to warn the monkeys and swept her gaze through the rest of the students as she said loudly, “Every single one of you here better remember this, Tang Xiu and Yuan Chuling are my good friends. So if anyone dares to confront or tease them next time, I will definitely go for a good round of sparring with them.”

After she was done saying her piece, Cheng Yannan casually slapped Tang Xiu’s shoulder and said with a clear voice, “As a guy, you must be more aggressive, or else you can’t survive in society!”

“But don’t worry, as long as there is me around, I would guarantee that no one in class would bully the two of you. If there is anyone that bullies or ridicule the two of you, just feel free to tell me and I will definitely help settle the score for you!” Cheng Yannan started talking by herself again even before waiting for Tang Xiu and Yuan Chuling to reply.

Cheng Yannan’s words were like a toothache for Su Xiangfei as he looked at Tang Xiu with eyes filled with jealousy.

Su Xiangfei could not understand why there was always people helping Tang Xiu whenever Tang Xiu was in trouble.

When there was no way out for Tang Xiu at his own house yesterday afternoon, the police came over to help him; when his father wanted to kick Tang Xiu out of school, Teacher Han was there to protect him; even this time when Tang Xiu was transferred over to his own class today and he wanted to give Tang Xiu an unforgettable lesson, Cheng Yannan actually stood out for him.

The farce came and left like the wind. When the bell for the start of lesson rang, the students surrounding Tang Xiu and Yuan Chuling dispersed and returned back to their seats. At this moment, Yuan Chuling had still not reacted to what was going on.

“Eldest Brother, did I become a little more handsome again? If not, why did Cheng Yannan stood out to save us?” After a good long while, Yuan Chuling started to tug on Tang Xiu’s arm with a narcissistic expression.

“Just wait and go to the toilet when the lesson ends and you will know if you have gotten more handsome or not.” Tang Xiu shot Yuan Chuling an eye as he replied with a disgusted tone.

There was a smile on Yuan Chuling’s face after hearing Tang Xiu’s words, and just when he wanted to counter-attack, he realised that Tang Xiu had once again brought his attention back to the English dictionary, so he could only give up on that thought.

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What kind of pretentious teacher is this?
Conducting her class in English when none of her students understands her? WTF even… She should get her head checked or her teaching license revoked.




That isn’t even that unusual even here in Germany the English lessons I had should have been around High school Level and they were held purely in english.

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