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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 103 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 103

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Chapter 103: A Huge Surprise




Skyscraper buildings were as though giants’ feet treading on the ground, with the top their heads up in the blue sky. Inside one of the buildings, Andy walked with her high-heeled shoes and opened an office door. Her height was only 1.58m, with a westerner doll-like face, looking delicate and lovely with the contrast of a bust and uplift magnificent plump chest.


A loli face, but a proud lovable Lolita!


Andy held a folder on her chest as she came to the desk and knocked on the tabletop, saying, “Boss, the lab’s test results have come out.”


Kang Xia suddenly got up from behind the desk. Whilst taking the folder handed by Andy, she spoke with a deep voice, “What of the results?”


Andy said, “No harmful substances. Chinese medicine ingredients with very strong efficacy.”


“Really?” Happiness was revealed on Kang Xia’s face as she quickly opened the folder.


Andy sat down on the chair in front of the desk and said with a laugh, “Of course it’s real. The examination reports have clearly stated it. And according to your orders, I also have registered the company at the Bureau of Trade and Industry. The legal owner is Tang Xiu, and for the shares agreement, you need to sign it privately.”


A thoughtful light of wisdom flashed across Kang Xia’s eyes. After having read the documents, she then spoke with a deep tone, “We might have to move from this city since the new company headquarters will be set up in Star City. The first phase of our work is recruiting cosmetics researchers and scientists, renting factories, registering the trademark brands, and packaging the two products. The company and the first phase preparation must be set up within these 2 months.”


“OK!” Andy made a ‘no problem’ hand gesture as she said with a sweet smile, “I’ve been idling for a few months, so we can start the first phase. I think that those two guys, Jack and Cruise, absolutely will jump over happily. They must be praising the God loudly and our future Big Boss.”


Kang Xia shared the excitement as she spoke in a high-spirited voice, “Big Boss is interesting, extraordinary at that if I may say. Besides, this is the first time I’m this excited and full of fighting spirit in entering a new workplace. I have long been unable to feel this kind of feeling, but it now has come back again.”


About the man who was about to become her boss, Andy was also full of curiosity. Watching a full of fighting spirit Kang Xia, she curiously asked, “Boss, shouldn’t you contact the boss? It seems like you have yet to give him a definite answer, right?”


“Ugh…” Kang Xia’s complexion froze for a moment as she took out her mobile whilst speaking with a smile, “Damn, how could I forget about this matter? I’ll contact him right now.”


After a moment…


A slight anger appeared on Kang Xia’s face as she threw her phone on the desk and said, “The phone won’t get through. I’ll call him tonight! You prep all of our things in Beijing. We’ll leave for Star City in 2 days.”


“Consider it done!” Andy jumped out her chair, and as though an arrow as she rushed to the outside.


South China Sea waters…


The stopped freighter was enveloped with surging torrents of heatwaves. A large number of fishes in more than the 10 kilometer perimeter had all been swimming away to all different directions.


At this moment, Tang Xiu’s mind was bright and clear. He unceasingly meditated and cultivated in accordance with the cultivation techniques’ route lines in the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis.  Although the nine spheres of stars inside his body were motionless, they were constantly absorbing the incoming influx of spiritual qi from all directions and the star force from the stars and universe.


Absorbing, revolving, and transforming!


Grayish and gloomy matter finally formed. Tang Xiu named it, Star Force. This energy was just like True Primordial Qi other cultivators were cultivating and was also similar with Immortal Origin Qi for cultivators who cultivated immortal cultivation techniques. It was basically the foundation and source of energy for cultivators.


The Star Force inside Tang Xiu’s meridians surged and expanded his meridians channels’ width as well as tempered his meridians’ toughness. It was a painful process, but the result made Tang Xiu very happy.


10 meters away from Tang Xiu, Dao Master Ziyi, Miao Wentang, and Shao Mingzhen also sat cross-legged meditating on the deck, going all out to absorb Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi which drifted away in all directions. Although their absorbing speed was very fast, but it was not worth mentioning, and simply a minute was though a drop in the bucket for the rich and thick spiritual qi in the surrounding.




Miao Wentang was the first to open his eyes as an intense surprise stirred inside his eyes. He looked at Tang Xiu with eyes full of gratitude.


Breakthrough! It had been nearly 2 years since he had been stuck at the previous stage. No matter how hard he had been cultivating before, he always hit a wall in breaking through the next stage.


“The spiritual qi concentration in this place perhaps could be compared to the legendary immortal cave in fairyland, couldn’t it?”


Miao Wentang’s heart was filled with satisfaction as he secretly praised with admiration.


Half an hour later…


Shao Mingzhen also awoke from his meditation. Because he also just had a breakthrough in his cultivation stage, he was full of ecstasy, and also felt a deep gratitude toward Tang Xiu.


“Did you also have a breakthrough?”


Miao Wentang’s complexion moved as he whispered to ask.


Shao Mingzhen was astonished and said, “Did you also…”


Miao Wentang nodded and said, “Practicing and cultivating in this environment rich with spiritual qi is really half the effort with double the result. Having been stuck for 2 years, I was finally able to breakthrough.”


Shao Mingzhen turned around to look at Tang Xiu as he said with a smile, “We now owe Tang Xiu a huge debt! If it was not for him, we wouldn’t know when we would be able to breakthrough.”



Miao Wentang agreed, “Previously, I thought that it would at least take a few years of time, so I didn’t expect to breakthrough right now.”


Shortly after, Dao Master Ziyi also awoke from his meditation with a grateful expression in his eyes as he glanced over at Tang Xiu, before his vision finally fell on Miao Wentang and Shao Wentang. He then spoke with a laugh, “Congratulation for the two Benefactors!”


Miao Wentang laughed, “We should say the same.”


Dao Master Ziyi replied with a smile, “Yes, if it wasn’t for Benefactor Tang, this Poor Daoist would perhaps be unable to breakthrough in such a short time. It’s just that, this one is really clueless, what kind of cultivation technique has Benefactor Tang been cultivating? It even caused such a big phenomenon.”


In the evening…


The sunset had fallen in the west horizon, as the sea surface reflected the sunset lights from the red sky in the west horizon. The extremely hot temperature in daytime also gradually receded. Tang Xiu, who was still meditating, awakened from his practice along with his trembling eyelashes.


“The three of you…”


A sudden confused expression was revealed on Tang Xiu’s face after seeing the three people nearby.


Miao Wentang’s figure flashed and appeared in front of Tang Xiu. With a bright smile hanging on his face, he said, “We have long finished our meditation, and were waiting for you to wake up from your cultivation practice. Originally, I thought that you’d need a few days to finish cultivating. I didn’t expect that you’d finish it now.”


Tang Xiu got up and said, “It’s just that I had been struck with enlightenment, so it took me a long time to meditate. Have we arrived at the Evil Dragon Sea Area?”


“We haven’t!” Miao Wentang shook his head and wryly smiled.


Tang Xiu was puzzled and replied, “How long have I been practicing? It is already evening, how come we haven’t arrived at the Evil Dragon Sea Area? Isn’t it only 1,000 nautical miles away?”


Miao Wentang pointed at the sea and was at a loss as he didn’t know what to say, before he exclaimed, “Haven’t you noticed that the freighter has stopped? If you hadn’t finished practicing, the three of us would have been ready to pick up the ship crew dozens of nautical miles away and send them back.”


“What happened?”


Tang Xiu didn’t know what kind of circumstances his practice had caused as he immediately asked curiously.


A while after…


After having listened to Miao Wentang and Shao Mingzhen’s narration, Tang Xiu was dumbfounded and tongue-tied as his mood fluctuated. He had never dreamed that he would even cause such a worldwide phenomenon.


“Ah, yes! My cultivation!”


Tang Xiu immediately used his spiritual sense to observe his body’s condition.


The nine spheres of stars had turned brighter, with dazzling rays of light illuminating the space inside his Dantian. A large number of grayish and gloomy Star Force surged as it linked each unblocked meridian channels inside his body.


Moreover, all the bones, blood vessels, internal organs, and muscles had all been quenched. Whether it was flexibility or strength, all had been enhanced and had a qualitative leap. It was as though every part of his body was brimming with explosive power. He was once a Supreme in the Immortal World and was especially keen in accurately gauging strength. He gently waved his fist and could feel the degree of strength he possessed right now.


It was 6,000 pounds! He nodded with satisfaction. 6,000 pounds of strength meant that his strength had been promoted twice from last time. He originally had to achieve the peak of the Skin Strengthening Late Stage before his strength was enhanced to 6,000 pounds. But even if he had yet to breakthrough into the Skin Strengthening Stage, he already had such powerful strength.


“By the time I have reached the Skin Strengthening Late Stage, to what degree will my strength increase to?”


Tang Xiu secretly looked forward about it inside his heart.


More than an hour later, the four of them used GPS devices and found the crew and cooks who had been starving all day long and took them back to the freighter. They didn’t explain the phenomenon that happened today and only told them that their rewards would be doubled when they had finished the assignment.


The next day in the evening…


The freighter rushed to the Evil Dragon Sea Area and found a small marine trench in the middle of three islands. However, because it was night, they didn’t immediately rush to find fierce beasts but drank and ate to their full in order to conserve their strength and spirit, waiting until tomorrow dawn before they moved again.


A chilling wind was blowing, as the shadow of the moon whirled and danced.


Tang Xiu was standing on the bow deck, looking at the distance toward the nearby islands. He somewhat sensed a dangerous feeling. He couldn’t clearly explain what kind of dangerous feeling it was. But it indeed existed. He could tell that there should be a terrifying and ominous existence on the three islands. It was the kind of fierce existence the present him was unable to face right now.


Moreover, the others might be unaware of it, but he could sense Death Qi nearby, and it was much stronger than any other places. This meant that a large number of humans or beasts had died here.


“The heavens’ blessing is immeasurable! Benefactor Tang wants to see the island?”


Dao Master Ziyi silently appeared at Tang Xiu’s side as he spoke with a smile.


Tang Xiu shook his head and said, “In the next few years, maybe I will rush to the three islands. But now, it’s not that I want to go, but I don’t even dare to go there.”


“Why would you say that?” Dao Master Ziyi asked with a confused expression.


Tang Xiu said indifferently, “There’s a large Feng Shui array formation on those three islands. This formation array is extremely abstruse and wonderfully deployed. If someone landed on the island, he would be fine as long as he moved around the periphery. But once he rushed deeper, perhaps he wouldn’t be able to return.”


“Is that real?”


Dao Master Ziyi originally planned to go to the island to hunt. However, after hearing Tang Xiu’s words, a sense of danger immediately sprouted in his heart. Tang Xiu was after all someone who was able to breakthrough to the sixth layer of the Thousand Revolution Array, which meant that his attainments information arrays were definitely terrifying. If what he said was true, then he really couldn’t go deep into those three islands.


“Yes!” Tang Xiu calmly replied.


For a long while, Dao Master Ziyi was silent, before he spoke with a wry smile, “In that case, we can only move about its periphery. In fact, this Poor Daoist knew from an ancient book that the fierce beasts’ level on those three islands is much higher compared to the fierce beasts’ level in this marine trench.”

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